The Last 2018 UFO is a Quilt Top!

I have finished my version of Brinton Hall. It looks NOTHING like the original or the remake in Quiltmania Magazine Numbers 107 and 108!

Here she is. I tried another border with QST blocks but the quilt just needed a plain border to end it. The border will on be quilted as a 4″ finished border.

I have found a wonderful Long Arm Quilter who will quilt this and York Lodge for me. I also have 4 other Quilt Tops for her to do edge to edge quilting.

I am tired but so happy to not have to continue wrestling with ‘what is next’ Nanette?

Have a great week. I will now turn my attention to 2019 project list.


32 Replies to “The Last 2018 UFO is a Quilt Top!”

    1. Thank you Gretchen. Scheduled for April/May so it will probably be June before it is completed! It feels good to know that someone else is going to catch me up on my quilt tops and leave me to make more! Hugs


  1. Hi Nanette! And what a beautiful finish it is! What a great feeling to have all those UFOs wrapped up, isn’t it?! Now to have them quilted, which is a relief as well to have found someone that you like. I think the solid border on the edge was just the perfect choice! It kind of brings some calm or a place to rest while enjoying the inner beauties. Happy Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Tia, it is a quilt from the 1800’s. It caught my eye in Quiltmania magazine and in a Quilters Newsletter magazine from years back. I did mine in batiks. You can google Brinton Hall and find a picture of the original – it is fascinating!

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