HQAL – Nesting Progress

Greetings, well as we enter the lovely month of August, I am beginning to become accustomed to the horrible heat and humidity!  If only I could quit cheating on the Celiac Diet, I would have more days with high energy!  Oh well.  Today is a great day!  Walked and the cool towels really do help!  This week was busy and not with my York Lodge blocks.  Tuesday was annual ‘fun and games with the Mamo’ and on Wednesday the Den A/C went belly up!  We were sooooo blessed when this happened!  We found a Handyman who lives around the corner and Thursday afternoon he came over, drove to Home Depot and picked up a new unit, and by 10 AM Friday we had a brand new A/C in the Den.  No fuss, no hassle, and a great person that we have now available to help Clay as he needs assistance!  So life is good, and better if I am a good girl and do not stray off my very very limited diet!

Now to the important thing!  I tried to have Nesting completed today, but still have a couple of evenings to applique the Red Birds and a few more leaves on the top center of the quilt along with some embroidery for connecting twigs to leaves.  This is going to be one of my very favorite quilts that I have made when completed.  I will hand quilt it and enter it in the SA Show next September!  Here is a peek at my progress!  On the top left, the quilt is not laying flat and the stem looks crooked, it isn’t.  I see I may have to add some embroidery stems in the top 2 blocks!  Oh well!

Update on York Lodge – I have now completed 11 blocks and have 5 in the preparation stage.  I ordered a new 1/4″ foot for the D1 Husqvarna and that has made a difference.  I also ordered a new Creative Grid 6.5 x 12.5 ruler and they now have changed the rulers where my fabric is not slipping on me when cutting the 45 degree strips.  My blocks are taking less time and fewer mistakes in matching strips that make each quadrant.  I am hoping that I do not have to remake anymore, but if I do it will be when I am finished with 30 blocks total!

Have a wonderful week – we start our Monday off with our annual eye checkup and bone density – we are hoping to be home by 2 – Hum  wonder if this will happen!  One never knows when heading off to San Antonio!


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24 Replies to “HQAL – Nesting Progress”

  1. The quilt is just lovely and I never noticed the imperfection, my eyes instantly took in the whole quilt, drawn into the center actually. I would worry about it. Hope you feel better, safe travels in San Antonio and yay you were able to beet the heat. Thank goodness for the ‘handyman’ in our lives!


  2. I do love those birds! You will soon have this top completed, I vote for more twigs, they really do add to the charm. Safe travels as you head to San Antonio, and hope you get home sooner rather than later! Celiac is no fun, but if it makes you feel better the diet hassle is worth it! 😊


  3. Yay for the good neighbor handyman! He is a precious blessing…better bake him some cookies! 🙂

    Love the bird quilt! I also think more embroidered twigs and maybe some berries (oops…did I say that?). This will be so special when you hand quilt it!


  4. Your quilt is lovely and hand quilting will be great.

    Are you on a special “food plan” only for celiacs or do you have other “issues ” that further limit your food choices.?

    I am interested as I had my gall bladder removed so I have to have a special food plan for that, then I was diagnosed with diabetes so my food plan limits carbohydrates. Both of these food limiting issues are new to me so I am learning or trying to learn to not eat foods I have to enjoy my entire life.


  5. That was great good fortune on the A/C! I hope you are sticking to your diet and feeling better today! That would be a favorite quilt of mine, too, and your appliqué is so close to finished!


  6. Your quilt is so pretty! I can understand your problems of adjusting to a special diet as my daughter in law and grandson are gluten intolerant. I like to cook so that the grandson can eat what everyone else is as he so little and can’t understand why he can’t have what the others are eating. I cheer you on to stick to the diet!😀


    1. I really need to use more self discipline! Paying the price for eating a comfort food is just not worth it. It must be so difficult for the younger generation to not be able to eat like others. I wish I had known that I had this issue when I was young. But it is mostly the generally modified food that is really making people sick! I am going to try! Have a great week and apologize for the late response! New glasses coming next week and it will help with the close work I am doing!

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