RSC 2018 and York Lodge Update

Texas is experiencing the hottest summer since 1925!  Now I was not around then, but last night Clay and I were trying to think when our weather pattern started to change.  In 1996 when I came back to Texas from Virginia I knew I would miss the seasonal changes.  But during Fall of 1996,  the trees in our area were changing colors just like VA!  Well that was the last time I had that experience, and since then we have had 3 years of floods 1998-2002 and then in 2005 the water spicket turn off and it has been nothing but hot hot hot and drought.  This year is the worst!  We are happy that we did the new roofs this summer as there is not one place I would want to travel in this heat!  We will wait until Fall (if it ever gets here).

There will be no more RF back treatments for me.  This time the Twilight got me real good!  So my back brace will be my bestest buddy forever!  This set me back a week or so and time spent on my Yoder Lodge quilt project.  Well, OK, I cannot blame it all on that!  This time a week ago I had 10 finished and 4 ready to sew.  I was a happy camper.

Remember when?

The last step in making these 10” finished Lone Star Blocks requires a triangle be sewn on 4 of the 8 corner to make a square block.  Of course, like a dummy, I did not do this last step until I had the 10 blocks made.  Why worry, I had made a practice one and thought that would be the least of my worries!  What an eye opener and talk about absolutely sick when I realized the one part I had not completed would set me back on the hard work I had done to complete 10 of the 30 blocks.

Long sad story short – 8 of the 10 became rejects!  At first I tried to salvage them, but decided they would be difficult to remake the block because of the bias.  So they went into the mesh trash bin.  They stayed there 3 days and I decided to move them to the “never will be finished” drawer!  They are now back in the mesh trash bin!

I quickly pulled the same fabrics that I used in the rejected ‘8’ and recut the strips.   (Hell, I thought I would be through with this quilt by the end of July!)  All went fairly well UNTIL I started on the last 5 of that batch!  Somehow I had done something wrong because after making 3 blocks I realized that I had screwed up somehow because all the blocks were flaring beyond repair.  It takes up to 3 to 4 hours to make a block.  Precision is imperative I could not figured out what I was doing wrong!

Yesterday Clay and I performed an autopsy on the last two blocks that had not been sewn together, of course they had to be pulled out of the mesh trash bin, and the first strip that Clay checked for me was NOT CUT ON AN ACCURATE 45 degree angle….. Another Nanette error!   I then rechecked all strips and half of them were off.  This problem began when I cut the strips from the last 2 strip sets!  Duh – that was were the problem was!

I now know all pitfalls of this project and hopefully things will go smoother.  With all the problems I have experienced, I am still going to finish this quilt!  There is a plus side to the project – I am able to focus and look forward to working on it each day.  It is a challenge and one that I have needed to get back my passion for quilting!  At least this part is a success!   Here are the 9 blocks that are finished!  (I refuse to count the total number of blocks I have made counting the ‘throw away’s’!). I am so happy now that I purchased all the batiks I have through the years as I am using them now. Each block only uses 1/3 of a fat quarter so it is only time that has been wasted!  When complete there will be a sashing’s between each block!

Yoder Blocks (20 more to go)

Yesterday I sewed my 3 blocks for RSC and compared to what I had been working on this month they were so easy and a breeze to finish!  The color for the month of July Red!


Nesting is coming along nicely!  I have 2 Red Birds and 1 Blue Bird and some leaves and it will be a finish.  My goal is to finish by mid-week.  I will post when completed.

Other than still burning up here in South Texas and watching our beautiful 50’ pines starving for water, I will be working on my Star blocks.  Hiccups happen, and there were a few this month, hopefully August will be better!

It will continue to be in the 100’s with a possible chance of rain on Tuesday – I will believe it when I see it!  My walking took a hit for 7 days due to the heat and humidity.  I solved that problem by ordering a ‘cool’ hoodie cape that I wet, wring out and then keep it on my head and shoulders – makes a difference for me!

Have a great week!


30 Replies to “RSC 2018 and York Lodge Update”

  1. I know what you are going through. I just finish one that was cut on the bias and I did wrong. Thank goodness for my long arm quilting gal. She help with her quilting then I finish the rest. It is know as Nancy’s “Grief Quilt” by everyone. I like your colors on the stars.


    1. Even with all the problems, after 3 years of Hell, I am back to how I used to quilt! One at a time! Hope the heat is not getting you down. I am finally getting used to it! Hugs


  2. Oh no! Sorry about the back issues and all the issues with your quilt. Sounds like you have figured out the problem… and are back to what makes you happy…. a challenging quilt one at a time! Stay cool… I’ll have to try my cooling towel with my walks. I tend to forget about it but it was so hot yesterday I didn’t get a walk in at all.


    1. I did not walk for 6 days and it makes such a difference to get outside even with the heat and yes the cool towels really work! I am not getting near as over heated as I have been! Back is OK but they cannot fix the 2 discs without a massive surgery. I do fine with braces! Better than surgery number 5! Yes the most important thing is the ability to really REALLY stay focused! Have a great day!


  3. I am with you on traveling in the fall. This is what we do also. I love it. I moved from SE Texas to Missouri and fell in love with the weather changes, but when Texas is hot is is so much more intense with the humidity. Good luck


    1. I really hate the heat – and I was born in SA! But our weather has taken a drastic turn since 2005- we used to have 4 seasons! Darn! I would love to move, but we love our 5 acres and our House and Studio too much! Hoping to stay put here until the end! Now I am ready for a nice trip, but will hang on until Fall/Winter! I love snow!


  4. Sorry to hear that the treatment for your back pain is not going well. I would imagine that makes it difficult to concentrate on your quilting. Those blocks are gorgeous!! I have to say that you possess more tenacity than I do when facing a frustrating situation. My blocks would most certainly turn into a 9-block wall hanging!! LOL


    1. The only thing that did not agree with me was the Verstad (sp) that they give you now in a Twilight sleep. The older we become the harder it is to get those brain cells firing on all cylinders. I do not like anything interfering with my memory! LOL. Thx for the cudo’s on tenacity! I am just bound and determined to give in! Have a great week!


  5. These 10 with the corners look marvelous, and the gold one is really helping Mr. Orange fit in beautifully now. Your tenacity has been a life long gift, Nanette, I can just tell. I do hope you get some much needed rain, in amounts that your soil can soak up! Hope that your treatment lasts for you, I’m sorry it is no longer an option, so hope that your back health improves as you continue your walking and movement. Hugs!

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    1. Thank you Kathy. Yes, I have always been a pit bull on projects when I worked! Never gave up. So I am happy now because I am back where I was in 2014. No problems, No drama, etc!
      The treatment works, it is that it took me over a week to get over the knock out shot they gave me. Way too much this time! I will probably just wait a year before I do it again if needed.

      Have a wonderful week. We MIGHT get some rain Tuesday! I love your garden, trying to do that down here would be a “failed” garden with this horrible 100-106 heat days!

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  6. I’m sorry you’ve had such a struggle with the blocks but the blocks that have turned out nicely look lovely. Hopefully you’ll get the rest of them perfectly. Happy stitching! Hope you do get rain on Tuesday, a quiet gentle all nighter and all day rain!


    1. Thank you Gretchen. It has been the up and down struggle, hoping now that I know all the pitfalls and possible mistakes. Wouldn’t you know I have 2 afternoon doc appts on Tuesday? I love being at home if it rains, but maybe it will be late and come on Wednesday! LOL

      Have a great day!


  7. 101 degrees here yesterday, but humidity is very low, so I think we can tolerate it easier (she says as the heat sends a co-worker to the hospital). No rain in the forecast for quite some time.

    You love a challenge, Nanette! Ha, ha! Your Yoder Lodge quilt is going to be outstanding! The orange block is my favorite!

    I am sorry about your back treatments! Thanks goodness the back brace helps!


    1. The humidity is usually 100% when we get up around 6AM. By 11 it is down, but then the heat is up to 100. The cool towel is great!
      Yup – I am also a gluten for punishment! LOL.

      The brace has really helped me because the bulging discs are at L1 and T12 – they cannot fix that one without redoing all the other fused and putting in a rod – At 73 think I will keep the rotten back and love my braces! I look like a walking brace!

      Keep cool, maybe August will go to just 95 (wishful thinking). As long as I can walk each day my little endorphins are doing great and keep my spirits and keeps the ‘summer cabin fever’ away!


      1. So it doesn’t cool off at night in Texas? Mercy! It cools off at night here; I open all the windows to let that cool air in! I’ve never had summer cabin fever. Well…there was that time when I had the measles and all my sisters could play, but I was isolated in a dark room. But that’s it. LOL!


          1. 104 today, and now can’t open the house at night. Too much smoke from surrounding fires making it difficult to breathe. Sounds like we both need that rain!


  8. I am not a big fan of strip sets but they are necessary for some block designs to keep the work down. It is easy to get a bit off on cutting the 45 degree angle. Been there. Done that.


    1. I am doing fine, I am late in responding – sorry such a non-quilting busy 4 days! They are difficult but only because one has to be so precise on the strip piecing, cutting, pressing, sewing, etc. But it is getting to be worth it. Hope all is well! Hugs


  9. I love your determination to figure out what went wrong, and fix the errors – kudos to you for sticking with this project. The blocks now look fantastic complete, and with their corners on.


    1. By the time I finish this quilt I could have made 2. I have now figured out the problems and things will go well as long as I do not mess up on cutting on a 45 degree angle. That shot the last 5 I had ready to sew! Have a great day! Hugs


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