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Greetings!  I will not have to find a sauna to sit in – just take a 30 minute walk in 75 degrees and 99% humidity!!!  The good news is that we probably have about 20 more days of the hottest month!  Maybe we will settle into the mid-90’s, but that humidity will still be here.

York Lodge is coming along.  The new foot for the HQ D1 is really working great!  I have found that some of the errors started when I did the initial strip piecing.  It is imperative that each strip set must be checked before cutting to ensure seams are an accurate 1/4”.  I cut the strips in 11” strips rather than the 22” now to prevent other issues   The longer the strips the easier it is to have issues with wavy seams, or accidentally moving the fabric as I am sewing.  Additionally the new Creative Grid rulers are working great!  Keeping the fabric stable when cutting the 45 degree angle strips.  I am concerned that a few may have to be re made but I will deal with that problem when I finish the 30 blocks.  I have now finished 13 blocks – back where I had hoped to be 3 weeks ago.  But looking back is not worth the time so I am going forward and enjoy the process – besides – it is too hot to do anything else so I am making ‘hay’ while the sun shines.

I do believe that I am addicted to this quilt project!  I have no idea how it will be quilted, but I will not hand quilt it for sure – Batiks are not conducive to that!

Nesting is down to 2 red birds and some embroidery work!  I am so pleased with this quilt.

I follow Tazzie Quilts Blog and she has just finished Phoebe!  What a masterpiece.  This quilt is going on my Quilt Bucket List.  She Is now going to finish up her Honoring Our Quiltig Heritage Quilt which is a BOM stated last year using Reproductions and Shirtings only!  Lori Smith designed the quilt.  I miss working with my Reproduction fabrics so either this quilt may be the next piecing project.

Tummy Update!  I have now realized why I felt so bad with the tummy!  One who eats 2 flour tortilla tacos, 2 pieces of ham, a peanut butter with jelly sandwich, bacon, and eating Cheetos two times in a period of a week  = Not feeling so well.  I did not eat all in one day – it was spread out over a week and I really paid for it as it affected my breathing this time.   Now this is a normal diet for some people, but not me, and it can be so difficult at times to just live on eggs, chicken, yeast free rice bread, Lays Lightly Salted chips, and Almond Breeze milk, but if I do not want anymore days where I feel bad, I just have to become more disciplined again and quit thinking I can eat normally!  It is not fun, but better than where I have been the last week.  Celiac and Gastroparesis and food intolerance’s (corn, wheat, sugar, salt, dairy and preservatives) are just not fun to live with but IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE!  I wish that they would not have started the GMO food supply in th early 1990’s because it has really impacted my ability to eat the foods that I love like Salads, vegetables, and other heathy foods but fiber is not my friend.  I have never been a junk food eater, but now that I cannot eat them it seems that I crave them.

This morning as I am writing this post I have been enjoying watching our Deer eating.  We have 2 young babies (who are growing fast) and one of them is the instigator!  It loves to jump up and down and then run off and do circles around the Mothers, and then it will get the other baby to start chasing her.  This morning the Doe’s were even feeling frisky!  So much fun to stop and just watch them!

Have a great sewing day, I am hoping to finish more than 1 block today as they go together much faster now.


18 Replies to “York Lodge”

  1. Wow! Phoebe is one ambitious, gorgeous project!

    The Yoder Lodge blocks are looking great! I am happy that you found what works for you, so that you can enjoy making these blocks now! I like the tip about cutting shorter strips. I think that is a very good idea.

    Plenty of deer here, too. Fun to watch, and I don’t feed them on purpose, but I have fruit trees and flowers that they really love to snack on. 🙂


    1. Yes the shorter strips are working, but then I have realized that I need to sew those stupid strips at a scant and that is really going to help. I have named 2 of our Doe’s – Daisy and Pinky!
      Love your flowers –


  2. Hi Nanette! Yoder Lodge is coming along so nicely. Seeing all of them on your design wall – it must give you inspiration to keep going because it is sure tempting me to start. I wonder what colors are yet to come – I cannot wait to see! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. If it wasn’t for the ones I have completed, I might give it up, but I am so determined to finish this most advanced and difficult quilt! I want to show my quilts in 2019 and hoping this will be one of them! Happy Thursday – I am so late in posting my replies! Hope all understand! Thx for your comment!

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  3. Yoder Lodge is looking great and I can see why Phoebe has you thinking about a new top!! Wow!!! It has me thinking too, though it looks out if my league.
    Glad the tummy “mystery” is solved, boy I feel for you. I know celiac, and it sounds like you have some verticulitis type stuff going on too. Are you allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant?
    We have a small buck and doe in the neighborhood, and D H saw a very large buck on the golf course last week. We’ve not seen the mamas for weeks, they used to hang out in the back yard, but not lately.


    1. Yup I have 13 finished now and hopefully I will finish this one by the end of August – Nesting did not get any attention last night – ran into an issue with YL and after working until 6PM I was tired!

      I have a horrible (inherited I think) immune system! Gastroparesis, IBS, GERD, Celiac, and all those lovely food intolerances. This is day 3 that I am being a good girl and am feeling a lot better! Now to just continue on. I guess I need to join an AA group for people who can only eat paper! LOL

      I still love your garden and wish I could those things.
      We have 4 bucks, 4 Doe’s, and 3 babies this year. The bucks are the triplets that were born here last year!

      I love watching them, and they do not run as much from me, but when Clay tries to talk to them they become skiddish! Probably the lower voice.

      Have a great day and thx for the cudo’s.

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  4. Wow – you have 30 blocks total to make? You are really addicted to this project! Good to hear your figuring out some of your tummy troubles. I do hope things calm down for you.


  5. Great progress! Sorry to hear of the tummy issues. We deal with that in our house with my daughter and dairy intolerance. She has been bad recently and is paying for it. Trying to get her back on track before school starts. We just made an oatmeal energy bite – no dairy…. kids loved them!.


    1. Thank you Deb! Well, I was getting back on track eating my “safe” foods until yesterday afternoon! I had 1/2 cup of yogurt (you know good for one) and was miserable with bloating for 9 hours! So I will scratch that off the list along with all the other dairy! Darn! But guess this is why I am working on a difficult quilt – keeps my mind off food! Maybe now I will lose this extra weight (mostly reaction to the foods)
      Hard for children. I know I must have had my problems most of my life and just did not put things together until 2000.


  6. That’s a beautiful set of quilt blocks, but I see what you mean about the diamonds (from your comment on Bobbi’s blog). It will be worth it in the end, but it does seem there has to be an easier way. =)


  7. The strip piecing method is supposed to be easier…………Making these blocks come out perfect is a challenge. I kept having problems and each time I would figure out the problem. It seems for some reason that adding the last diamond saves me from have to rip and adjust. I am dealing with all bias! But if it turns out as nice as I think it will it will be worth it!
    Thx for commenting.


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