Hearts and Mountmellick!

We have received almost 2 inches of rain and more is coming!  We are hoping for another 3 inches (dreaming).  So nice to have the rain as we head into Summer.

Here is my Heart for May 20.


I made up my mind this morning when I walked to start a new quilt, but ended up deciding to work on the flowers for Mountmellick.

I started preparing the nice little EPP 1/2” hexagons, only to realize after 3 hours of work that when I fussy cut them somehow I (ME?) screwed them up!  There were 196 hexagons to make for the next border because I did not want to do anymore Broderie Purse!  OK, trash can time!

I then had to make a decision to totally give up on this quilt, or put my big girl pants on and start over with the border.  I have decided to continue on with this project.  I am going to use some of the same fabric that is in the medallion to make at least 12 flowers (fussy cutting) and the remainder are already cut but they are not fussy cut hexagons (whew).  I have 9 more hexagons to cut out.

Then I will try to continue on and make this quilt!  I have no reason not to other than I want to start a new project and that is just stupid since I am trying to clean up my UFO’s.

I had a great day in spite of this issue, and my focusing is now back on track.  I do believe that I made the error in cutting when I was not really feeling well!  Lesson learned – do not work on an intense project when not feeling well!!!!  Of course, in past posts I have repeated this over and over, guess I just did not listen to self!

OH you ask about the last 2 blocks of Section 5 of Stonefields – well they went to visit the trash along with the hexagons that were cut wrong!  I have decided I will do something else as I start Section 6 later this year! (BUMMER).  I do not know when I will learn that when I continue to not work on certain things that there is a reason!  Obviously I made errors on both of these little things, just waited too long to figure it out!

We were expecting more rain this evening, but think it is breaking up.  We are grateful for what we received!

Have a great week!


10 Replies to “Hearts and Mountmellick!”

  1. Keeping focus is hard for me, too. There is so much fun to do, and not enough time to do it. That is frustrating. A challenge is good…helps me to grow, but sometimes (most of the time) I don’t want to go through the challenge. However, if I stick with it, the end result is going to be great. Or if it isn’t great, it is at least satisfying that I made it to the end.


    1. I am now working on finishing the flowers. I have changed the border background fabric and it is all marked (again) and the bias stems strips are cut – I do not use glue, etc. I applique one side down and then turn the other side down with my needle and applique! Thx for encouragement. Today was another productive day! I fixed 7 flowers to where I could get an idea if this will look good and it does!

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    1. You have said a mouthful Gretchen. It would have been easier to just throw it all away, but I know that I want this quilt finished! So I have re-cut the border, marked it, cut more bia strips, and have 7 flowers just about ready. So I will try to work on getting those paper pieces covered tonight! think I am inspired! LOL


  2. Bummer on the disappointing day in the studio. Any way you can just ‘finish off’ the two quilts as they are now (small versions?) to call them done and then move onto something that you enjoy? Hope you find a solution that makes you smile.


    1. Well, now I am thinking that I need to get the 3 1/2″ (1/2″ hexagon) flowers completed – 28 total, and get this border finished. The next border is Quarter Square Triangles….. After that I think there is more hand work. Will see if I do it by June – Have a great day


  3. I’m glad you are back to normal Nanette! I think this border will be show stopping in the end, I’m glad you have decided to persevere! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!


  4. Thank you Kathy – not sure if Clay is happy to have the Scorpio mouth back (LOL), but am doing fine. I am making progress, but today has stopped all in its tracks – working on getting bids to re do a roof that should not have to be done……………………………Unforeseen requirement!


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