Your Cheating Heart!

Here is my May 21st Heart Block.

And I have cheated on making tomorrow’s Heart as I have 2 Doctor appointments in San Antonio tomorrow

Here is my Heart for May 22nd. The color has changed to a Turquoise

I am redoing the border for Mountmellick that I screwed up. I am happy with the new one. All borders are cut and marked, bias strips cut, and only 30 more Hexagons left to cut. I am a Happy Quilter with a cheating Heart!!!

Have a wonderful week.


11 Replies to “Your Cheating Heart!”

  1. I like the fabrics used for both of these hearts. They co-ordinate with each other and colors that I am fond of.


    1. I am hoping that if I do 9 patches (have to decide on the size of the heart block, that I will have enough to make them out of the remaining odd pieces of the fabric I have – Heck may turn out to be a good scrappy quilt!

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