Catching Up on My Heart’s!

I have had a weird week!  I do believe that I am now over any negative effects on my ole’ body from that darn Testosterone and DHEA that I voluntarily took for 4 months!!!!!  I do not recommend it to anyone!  I was trying to balance Hormones and hopefully help with my Fibromylgia – what a joke – the T&D turned into more Estrogen and therefore I became Estrogen Dominate.  Never Again!  The good news is that I am back to myself after treating all the damage that it did to me!  What a trip!

Obviously I have not posted my daily hearts for 17, 18 and 19 (today).  I am back on track to do that again!  I am now caught up with my daily posting of Hearts – excuse the pictures as my iPhone camera is not doing well on the colors (or it could be the Operator).  Remember this project is being done with fabric samples that I purchased.  The hearts are in 3 different colors (well maybe 4) but the same pattern.  Next week I will post the 2nd set of 12 when completed on the 24th of May!  Here is the first 12 that I had completed on 12 May!

I applique each heart on the grid as it makes it much easier to handle a 6″ block with a 3 1/2″ heart!

Here are pictures of my 17 through 19 May Hearts.

May 17
May 18
May 19  On this one I used a darker thread than I should have – oh well!

Have a wonderful week – off to applique other projects and some EPP!  Maybe MAYBE if Stonefields is lucky I will finish those 2 blocks from Section 5!




6 Replies to “Catching Up on My Heart’s!”

  1. You’ve stolen my heart with your hearts 🙂 You have reminded me of this quilt, which I did give as a gift. Some time back I participated in a ‘friendship quilt’ project working in hearts, each person created a heart square and then we swapped and created our own quilts.


  2. Nanette – I would like to make mention of your page and your beautiful hearts on my blog. I would put a link to your page and wanted to know if that would be alright with you. Your beautiful hearts reminded me of two heart quilts I made. Sharon


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