Circa 2016 – 2nd Time Around and Summer Is Here in South Texas

No longer will I have to wonder how the summer will be here in Hotsville,Texas.  Yesterday it reached a 100 with some high humidity to go along with it, and this is just mid-June!  Oh, for some more rain and less humidity.   Walking is early in the AM and in the air conditioning for the remainder of the day!

I am excited because I am completely caught up with Circa 2016!  I started around the end of May but when I finished making the Medallion there were issues with fabric and color that I had to deal with.   I learned a great deal about making small blocks and small quilts while working on this quilt.  For some reason, I tend to learn by doing and then re-doing!  I have learned some important lessons when making small quilts, such as,  pressing all seams open, precision in sewing, and of course being provided the perfect cutting instructions really helps.   Did I press all seams open and watch my sewing and not “trail off” when making each block on the first Medallion?  NO! Based on that the first medallion part of Circa 2016 has been retired to the “bottomless” drawer that holds those REAL UFO’s.  The ones that never will ever get finished!

(Note:  “trailing off” means that when sewing two pieces of fabric together one starts off great with 1/4″ seam allowance and by the time they get to the end of the block, or square, the seam allowance is down to maybe 3/8″.  I learned that I have a problem with this when I first started quilting, so when a block does not turn our correct I immediately look for that issue.  To aid me in not having the problem, I set my Husqvarna to the slowest speed and it helps.  Of course I probably would be through quicker if I sew at a higher setting, but I do get tired of correcting my “trailing off” problem!)

I started on the 2nd version of the quilt on the 4th of June and finished the new Medallion and all of the blocks (34) on the 12th of June.  I really do like the change in fabrics (that was one of the problems in the first medallion) because I was not happy with the 2000 reproduction fabrics!   So here we go with the “new” Circa 2016.  It makes me feel good to start the project and be current with the group.

Cudo’s to Temecula Quilt Company who has  provided great cutting requirements!  I never had to worry about that, as my blocks always came out perfect at 2 3/4″ or 3″ as stated in the instructions.  This project is a “mystery quilt” so all of the remaining blocks that I have made will be used in the quilt.  Temecula has a picture of a portion of the finished quilt on their Blog header.

For the 2nd time around, I chose to use an Moda Antique Muslin fabric that seemed to really add to the quilt.  I had used Michael Miller Krystals in the first one and the fabric was stretching and giving me issues, and you know how I love “issues” with quilts!  The Krystals fabric is great for applique background but not for piecing (another lesson learned).

Here is a picture of the first Medallion that is now in the UFO drawer.  After I took the picture I immediately realized that I had not paid close attention to the placement of the light and dark quarter square border blocks, so I knew that I had 2 choices – rip and repair, or redo.  Since I did not like the Michael Miller setting fabrics in the center nor the 2000 reproduction fabrics, the decision to just start over was the best for me.

First Try - Mistake in border
First Cut of Circa 2016 – Mistake in Border. Finished Size 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″

Here is the 2nd Version.  I think the cheddar fabric really makes it pop!  Also I love the cheddar squares in the middle of the 9 patches.  This gives the eye something to follow and really showcases the pinwheels.

Circa 2016 Medallion
2nd Circa 2016 Medallion with Borders – Finished Size 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″

Here are the remaining 34 blocks that I made in order to be ready for tomorrow’s 2 new blocks!

Block Group 1
Circa 2016 Blocks – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 2
Circa 2016 Blocks – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 3
Circa 2016 Block – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 4
Circa 2016 Blocks- Blocks are 3″ Finished

It is amazing how blocks look great on the design wall until I take a picture of them, and then all the flaws show.  The rail fence blocks look like they might have to be re-done, but I will do that later.  The bottom blocks in the picture above were something else to make to me they were the most difficult.  I think they finish out at 1/2″ HSTs.  Selection of fabric when making something this small is important.  The first one I made is in the trash can!   Again, precision is so important in working with the small blocks, but now I am becoming addicted to them!

Next thing for me to do is to finish the 4 quilts that will need settings designed and then sew the blocks together.  I am hoping that within the next 2 weeks I will have them completed and can start again on Stonefields.  My CWB is coming along – almost finished with block 3 and will post it when I finish it.  I still have 3 other blocks prepared and ready to go.  I finally feel like I am accomplishing something in my quilting world!  I am back to my little corner of the world with minimum interruptions and my little routine!

Have a wonderful week-end and stay cool!  My favorite day in the year is 21 June because it is Summer Solstice and the days will begin to shorten and to me it means that Fall and Winter are not too far away!  YEA!  I am hoping for snow this year in Hotsville, Texas!

Enjoy quilting!

8 Replies to “Circa 2016 – 2nd Time Around and Summer Is Here in South Texas”

  1. Good blog. I do like the cheddar snap you added. It is always better with cheddar is the rule in my book. I know I need to start mine here in Sequim. Keep up the good work. You have been busy.


  2. I never did start on making the Circa 2016 quilt project. I knew it would be a good one but just no time. You did well.


    1. I really did not need to jump into this one, but I learned a lot from doing it so it made it worth it – now to keep up with it! I have so many that I want to do. Have a great day


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