MY 100th POST! – Jaydee’s CWB Blocks

This is my 100th Post and today I am happy to bring you Jaydee’s  CWB (The Australian Pattern) blocks that she has completed.  Jaydee has added embroidery to the blocks and it really makes a difference.   She is following the pattern without any changes, except for adding the embroidery on the leaves, which really stands out.  The blocks really pop with all the different colors of leaves and flowers. Her blocks have a lot of movement and gives the effect that you could reach out and touch the birds.   I hope you enjoy looking at her work.  She is ONLY 7 blocks ahead of me (darn).  Have a great day!

Jaydee's CWB Block 2

Jaydee's CWB Block 1

Block 8

Block 7

Block 6

Block 5

Block 4

Block 3


6 Replies to “MY 100th POST! – Jaydee’s CWB Blocks”

  1. An interesting fabric choice for the bottom of the pot in the apple block. I like seeing how people fussy cut for a more eye appealing looking block. So many blocks done and well done! I just finished my fourth block.


  2. Thank you Nanette for showing my blocks and I see I have to do the embroidery on the block with the apples and tulips. Missed that one now that the pictures are all in a row.


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