Progressing with CWB Project (Lost Boy Quilt and A Bountiful Life)

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers!  Looks like we will have another banner day here in Hotsville!  By this time I do become used to the heat and humidity AND it is ONLY 3 more months to Fall!  YEA!

By now I should have 6 blocks completed, but only half way there.  Cathy has completed Block 4 and I bring up the rear with Block 3.  Lynn has postponed working on the project until September.  Jaydee is soooo far ahead – she has 10 of the 20 completed!

Cathy changed her Block 4 to put a dog and a squirrel!  I just love the way she did it as the dog is looking up at the squirrel in the tree and one can imagine the barking going on!l  Cathy is doing a more “scrappy” for her leaves.  Very unique to have different colors for each leaf, and remember she is doing her blocks in 10.5″ X 10.5″…..


For my Block 3 I changed the strawberries.  I did not like the pattern so I used fabric to provide the effect of the red and green.  This was an easy block, but for some reason I slowed rolled its progress, but as usual, now that it is finished I like it.  My blocks are the traditional 14″ X 14″.


I am still trying to have some progress on my UFOs.  Today I am working on a lap quilt called Bell of the Ball.  There are 4 Southern Ladies with their Civil War era dresses and umbrellas.  I made it for a Wanda over a year ago.  So it really needs to be completed.

Have a wonderful day and week.

PS.  This is the first post I have done 100% on my iPad!  Neat!


6 Replies to “Progressing with CWB Project (Lost Boy Quilt and A Bountiful Life)”

  1. I so have enjoyed your blog since I have found it. The civil war bride has been one of my favorite quilts and I have 19 blocks done including two I changed…..I added a civil war soldier in uniform as a groom and a church scene. However I have been waylaid with new grandchildren and my sons wedding coming soon. I am hoping your inspirations will get me going again


    1. Why thank you Carrolyn. Do you have a website/blog? I would love to see your CWB blocks. 19? WOW if I would have started mine when I purchased the Australian pattern I might have been through with it. You are welcome to participate anytime if you need a place to post your pictures of your CWB. Have a great day and thank you for your comments and taking the time to read my Blog.


  2. I like the way you did the strawberries. A realistic look with the green caps.
    I was looking at your Southern Belle pictures. Oh so nice done in the different colors.


    1. Thank you Karen – wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I finally have a vision on the settings for the Ladies and heading in the other room to finish putting the blocks together! Those are some fabrics I purchased from Connecting Threads about 3 years ago before I found the “real” nice reproduction fabrics and spent a small fortune building up a stash!


  3. Thank you Gretchen. You know, sometimes I do enjoy the morning walk even with the hot weather. This morning was not as bad – at least there was some air and the humidity was only 86% LOL. If I still were living in Virginia, I am sure I would not be looking forward to hose long 6 months of “winter” days. I always had cabin fever by the end of February!


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