Circa 2016 and Down Computer Memory Lane

Computer technology has advanced to the point to where I can take a picture on my iPhone, pick up my iPad and here I am doing a quick post!  I can remember when we had absolutely no instant gratification for anything especially computers!  Remember when we had to fire up the Computer Processing Unit (CPU) and it would take forever for the software to load and then we definitely did not go to “email” or the “Internet” because that had not been developed.  In addition before the 1990’s I had to learn Disk Operating System (DOS) commands in order to access my files.  This was 1980 technology.  Again, technology is absolutely wonderful and I am so blessed to have grown up with the computer and having this ability has been a wonderful blessing throughout my working career and now in my Quilting.  I remember when the “server” required an entire building as large as a warehouse! Now this was 1960-1970 technology!

OK, enough of that and on to my short post of progress!    I have completed the last 2 segments of Circa 2016 one week late for 2 of the blocks, but on target for the 24th!


I am really enjoying this project mostly because it is so easy to keep up with the weekly blocks.  I can still remember when I first started quilting and I would have probably pulled my hair out trying to figure out how to make 3″ blocks.  Most of the blocks are made with Half Square Triangles (HSTs) VERY SMALL, but such an excellent way to become a perfectionist in precision.

We received some wonderful rain yesterday – almost an inch!  This morning the humidity is 97% and in the high 70’s – I must think just how badly I want to do my 30 minute walk this morning.   Since the end of April I have walked 507,275 steps, which is 229 miles, and enough for 8 marathons.  My goal is 6,000 steps each day, but am averaging 7,000.   This has been my best month because I have only missed 2 days.  Walking has always been important to me since 1986 and my first back surgery.  If I had not been true to this program for all these years I would not be as active as I am for my age which is now 71!

This morning as I am working on my post, I happened to look out the window of my Studio and there was mama deer with her 2 new twins!  We have been waiting for them to come out and play and eat with their mama.  Hopefully I will be able to snap a picture of the babies and post it.  We look forward to June each year when new babies are born.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the day, whatever you do.

3 Replies to “Circa 2016 and Down Computer Memory Lane”

  1. Thanks for the reminder from your last post to slow down and not trail off. I am working with small squares and was getting frustrated when points didn’t match. The ladies looked like a fun block to do. Nancy


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