To Do Tuesday – 25 October 2022

My report for Tuesday was done Wednesday, but a neighbor needed some book work assistance and that stopped my progress of everything!

We are now 4 days away from November and 12 days away from RELIEF from the Idiots! October has brought us cooler weather, yet no rain! Walking has increased to 1.5 miles – yea, but still not at my 20 minute mile. Humm! Halloween is 5 days away and I will be celebrating being on this earth 78 years! I am wondering when I turn 80 if I will still be walking the 1.5 miles! I certainly hope so!

Last week I had set some goals.

  1. Prepare the backing for My Summertime Blues.  Done!
  2. Pack and send 12 quilts to be mailed to Rebecca for quilting. Done
  3. Prepare “A Quilter’s Dream” top for hand quilting.  Open
  4. Prepare the remaining 5 blocks (applique) for In My Garden. Open
  5. Make a design decision for my Churn Dash SAL project (I will not meet the October deadline). Open
  6. HAVE FUN! I will be working on Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Hand Quilting, knitting, long arm quilting and mostly just have some fun as the stress of designing and making the quilt began to be stressful! (Especially with Life getting in the way of my fun)! LOL. In Process!

OK back to yesterday (Tuesday). Monday Clay and packaged up the quilts going to Rebecca!

Moda Holiday Stitch-A-Long – I have finished 6 blocks and working on Block 7:

I am also working on the border for Boo’s and Bats cross stitch. I did not want to do the same border that they had on the pattern. I will be using black, grey, beige, and orange as a border. I will do either 2 rows of each color, or 3 rows of each color. I am not sure, but this won’t be done quickly!

I will be preparing 5 more blocks for In My Garden for applique. Once I start on the blocks, they are easy and should be finished in November also. But for next week I want to have the blocks prepared.

Next and last, I will be thinking of how I am going to do the setting for my Churn Dash blocks. I will target November as a completion date for this project. My blocks are 6” finished and made with 1930’s fabrics. I would love to have the project done by the 31st, but do not think it will be doable. LIFE!

Well, maybe I will have more accomplished next week, but right now I am just in my relaxed zone!

Have a wonderful week-end, and a fun Halloween – Everyone celebrates my Birthday – so lucky!

Hugs, Nanette

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10 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 25 October 2022”

  1. So loved this cheery post with so much great stuff in it. You have such a wonderful group of projects at the moment and making good headway with each. I love moving from one stitching kind to another, each suiting my frame of mind at the time. I too try not to stress about anything stitchy…enough other things to take up that mind space. LOL Anyway, you are inspiring in your fitness goals too. That is a wonderful birthday number!


    1. Thank you Jocelyn! I did not think that the Blue quilt would stress me but each border required a lot of time and there were just too many interruptions. I am still not getting all my emails on blogger’s post. I am trying to catch up. I will get there! Hugs and yes, our moods depend on what project to work on.


  2. Wow that’s a good sized box of quilts! I know that is a weight off your chest. Good luck with your churn dash blocks setting. I wish I had put some sashing in mine, but I was in a hurry to just sew it together. Now my daughter is enjoying it, and she likes the back of it better anyway – lol! Glad you are in your relaxed zone. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


  3. Lovely ,lovely!😍 perfect eye candy to go with my coffee this morning! Oh you’ll be stepping off those steps still when you past 80 up. Happy birthday!🎉


  4. Hi Nanette! Is your birthday on Halloween? Happy early birthday to you! Your churn dash blocks look so cute – what a fun project to work on. That is one of my favorite blocks. Good luck with this week’s list. {{Hugs}} a bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. You were definitely right about that box being heavy — Wiley Coyote could have dropped that off a cliff to kill the Road Runner! ;-). Your work is even more impressive in person than the pictures convey on your blog. I can’t wait to get started on these quilts for you!! I love seeing the hand stitching you’re working on now, too! Happy birthday weekend to you!


  6. How exciting to have all those quilts not only out the door but safely delivered to Rebecca! The bunny quilt is going to be so cheerful, I am excited to see the first of those flower blocks.


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