Slow Sunday Stitching 23 October 2022

Happy Sunday! I finally finished My Summertime Blues! It was a great challenge but well worth it. I am now going to (try) to just catch up on hand work and long arm quilting now through New Years! Rebecca will be quilting 12 quilts for me I have 7 more to quilt and 7 more to hand quilt. Lots of work to finish and no more new tops until 2023!

I am now going to focus on hand quilting, needle turn applique, and embroidery projects I have not hand quilted in the last 2 years, so I will need to start with a practice piece. I decided to quilt the first Feathered Star block I made about 10 years ago. There will be 4 other stars in the corners and diagonal lines in the half blocks. The remaining will be done with Stitch in the Ditch.

Radiant Feathered Star
Radiant Feathered Star

I have also been working on Moda Holiday Stitch Along ( very slowly) . I have finished 6 Blocks. I finished Block 6 this morning.

Moda Holiday Stitch A Long

The weather has been much better (cooler) so I am walking my 1.5 miles each morning. It really feels good and I have lost the 5 pounds the Indoor Bike caused during the heatwave this summer. So I am Happy as Life is peaceful and calm!

We are so happy that the Mid Term elections will be over in 16 days. I pray for a tidal wave of Red to stop the craziness. Today we found out that there is only 25 days of Diesel reserve. So look to see the food and fuel supply to be in short supply. And Brandon keeps draining our oil reserves to keep gas prices down for two more weeks! Check it out!

Well no more happy news today, have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Nanette

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18 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching 23 October 2022”

  1. Summertime Blues is gorgeous! It feels so good to say something is finished, doesn’t it?! I’m right there with you with regard to the upcoming elections.


    1. Thank you Jayne. I can tell I am not worrying about it and starting to just do whatever each day.. Glad I have finished it. I predict 250 in the House and at least 53-55 in the Senate. Some people in DC will be looking for jobs – watch for the mass exodus from the administration now if they want to continue to work in DC! Love it


  2. Thank you so much. We voted early and after I voted I felt – “OK I have done all I can do”. Maybe then Congress will be able to get back to where they should be in starting a Bill in the House, then send it to the Senate and Conferences should start up again before voting. Obama and Evil Nancy killed the way Congress should be working together. Long time In coming, but I have seen a lot in my 77 years, but this is the worst! Hugs and come back again!


  3. I think your crafting plans for the rest of the year sound great…handwork is such a serene activity (most times, anyway)! Can’t wait to see your personal quilt show after all the flimsies are quilted! 🙂


  4. So glad to have found a fellow Red Wave person amongst quilters! Love your Radiant Star quilt. Is it “big stitch’ quilting you are going to do?


    1. GO BRANDON – TRUMP 2024 to save America! There are not too many of us around! I have given up 3 friends who were so nasty about Trump and I wonder how they like the high prices, supply chain problems, fuel prices, and of course now shortage of Diesel! Lovely world (for them)! I am doing a regular quilting with the Radiant Star. I need to learn more about the “big stitch”. Hugs


    1. Thank you Susan. Yes – Red is the color! Oh I hope that you can get to the polls. We vote over 65 (Texas) by mail. We are in a very small county, so we have lots of faith in our area. BUT do not trust the USPS so we drove to Floresville and they date stamp it and put it in the County Voting Mail Box – it is there – I called and confirm! So our 2 votes will count – PAPER BALLOT! HUGS AND GET WELL!


  5. Always happy to read you’ll be doing some hand quilting 🙂 I can’t imagine all the quilts you have in your quilting line up to be done. Awesome on losing those 5lbs 🙂


    1. You made me miss it. Now I can HQAL without guilt! LOL. I have quilted some in the past 6 years, but kept making tops, and many were done before I started blogging. I think I had a total of 35 or more. I have 7 to hand quilt (not large) and 8 to do on my long arm (smaller ones). This is why I decided – no more tops until I catch up from the last 8 years. Hugs – Love your quilt (Red, White, Blue) – you are doing a super job on it! Hugs


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