To Do Tuesday – 30 September 2021

I am always late for my To Do Tuesday post, but that is OK. Celiacs who eat 1/3 of a Bear Claw should suffer!!!!

OK, so time is speeding towards Christmas and 2022 and it is interesting that the first 8 months of each year tend to be a little slower in passing than October through December, so watch out for 30 September! I am making great progress on UFOs (finishing up the last 2) and will be starting new things in October. I am excited!

But for the time being, Here are my small goals completed in the last week.

Completed with the border on Dresden Heaven!

Waiting for Buttons!

The last UFO is Beautiful Life quilt border! I have the vines appliqued on the side borders! but I have a problem with the vine on the right one. Looks like Jack the Ripper will be here today to correct that! I have never done a border like this before so Lesson learned – FOLLOW THE LINES STUPID that is why you drew them the same and marked the top and bottom of each side! LOL

A Bountiful Life

Goals for 5 October 2021:

  • Have buttons sew on Dresden centers
  • Complete vines on top and bottom borders for ABL (above) and all flowers and leaves prepared for applique

It has been a long 9 months, but I finally have arrived at a point where I will be able to start a new project and I am looking forward to retiring these quilts to the “To Be Quilted Que”!

Have a great rest of the week and the week-end and hoping we receive about 5″ of rain. Then cold weather can come anytime.

Hugs, Nanette

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15 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 30 September 2021”

  1. I’m straining to see the issue with the vines! I hope you’re getting your rain. We’ve only received about 1/3 inch so far – but it is cooler! I agree, those first months crawl by, then my favorite months zoom by.
    Sorry about your bear claw reaction. I had a severe stomach ache after I ate roasted broccoli a couple days ago, and my stomach is still recovering! Broccoli has never bothered me before, but now I don’t care if I ever see another stalk. 😀


    1. Well, I have never made one and I thought I had made the markings identical. BUT forgot about reversing the one on the right hand side. Either way, I need to make the vines as if they are going to be one continuous vine all the way around the border. Last night I ripped out the one on the right and hopefully feel better later today or tomorrow and remark it by having them side by side – Is this statement clear as mud? LOL

      I a still having issues. The Doctors have come up with a new name that I may have AGID.

      I think that my panic attacks are back from the death of Melissa and the shock that BAMC should not have made us pay that money last year, and ran me through hell doing all that paperwork.

      I feel we really need to get away NOW! A change of scenery would be great!

      Anyway life as it is in the Country might get better with time. Hugs and watch out for that broccoli. I understand. It will be a L-O-N-G time before I want pizza, cake or a bear claw. So no cake for my 77th birthday on Halloween. Maybe a handful of Chocolate Kisses! LOL


    1. Your are welcome – thx for hosting. Guess it is good I did not volunteer, Maybe next year I will do something like a Linky Party for something! LOL – like How to stay Sane when all around you is going nuts. Hugs


  2. Nanette! You are so hard on yourself. Not stupid — just HUMAN. :-). Your Dresden Plate is so pretty; I love the combination of larger plates surrounded by small ones. A Bountiful Life is just glorious. I adore appliqued floral/leafy vine borders but they intimidate me — the appliqué on a small block feels so much more manageable than a big long border piece.


    1. I am really trying to finish these quilts. I do believe I am very close and need to truck on, but a Squirrel got into the room and starting to work on Boos and Bats! At least starting the cutting out process – just for a change of scenery! Hugs


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