SAHRR – I found my Quilting Mojo!!! 1-19-2021

I was just not myself this morning and I knew it.  I do believe that I am suffering a little “boring” “burnout” from OMIGOSH.  But I am happy that I have 10 blocks cut out and ready to start sewing, BUT, not every day!

Yesterday, Gail posted the first round for Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR)!  The first round is to make a piano key border.   I have 3 different blocks that will make great quilts using SAHRR technique, which to me offers a challenge and a chance to work on something others are doing.  Makes one feel like they are working together with other quilters.

I decided to start with a Sashiko center block that I made about 2 years ago that measured 18″ x 18″.  I did not want an ‘odd’ size, so I added a cream border (2 1/2″ strips) to bring it to a  21  1/2″  x  21  1/2″ square (unfinished).  

At first I thought about adding a blue and white border, but started looking through my stash and found this mixture of fabrics.  Years ago when I started quilting I went for the “focus” fabric and then tie into other colors that blended.    If you have issues with selecting fabrics, try starting with a “focus” fabric that has different colors and go from there!  It really will help in selecting fabrics that blend well together.

I cut 4  1/2″ strips of the Blue and my Focus Fabrics, then I sub-cut them into.   2  1/2″ x 4  1/2″ rectangles and sewed the keys together.

I am just beside myself since it has been a long time since I felt “creavity” in my quilting vocabulary.   I really needed this SAHRR!  Thank you Gail so much!

With that I give you Kay’s Sashiko Quilt!  I named it after my Cousin Kay (more like my Sister) whom I lost in 2019.  I knew that I had posted a picture of the block after I had finished it.   As I was looking through my Media Library there it was – 2 pictures of the block with Kay in the middle!   She always remembered my Birthday.  This was taken on my 70th Birthday – I really miss her!  

 Kay’s Sashiko Quilt

I am thinking about going ahead with the other two blocks that I want to do something with, but not making a dedicated “have to” at this time.

I made this block and finished in on 7 Feb 2013!  It has been around for quiet awhile.  I love Southwest so this one will be a Tribute to Clay and his Choctaw Heritage!

This is a block that I made when I belonged to the Baltimore Applique Society.  It is from a quilt called “Captain Aust”.  I really wanted to make the entire quilt, but somehow I lost the desire.  I also had not migrated to Civil War Fabrics.  Maybe some day….I will make a quilt top and send it to the Greatest President this country has ever had!

I have had a great afternoon working on this project.  It has boosted me out of my depression from the loss of a fraudulent election and back into the love of quilting.  It is time to move forward to 2022!  God be with the Trump family!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Hugs, Nanette

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25 Replies to “SAHRR – I found my Quilting Mojo!!! 1-19-2021”

  1. Hi Nanette!
    Your Sashiko center block is absolutely stunning with the piano key border! This is going to be one beautiful quilt!
    And glad to see that you linked your block to ChrisKnitSew’s linky party!
    Happy Quilting!


  2. Nanette that sashiko block is just gorgeous! Love the piano keys you added, it really makes it even more special. I’m so, so happy you have your sewjo back! 🙂

    I’m already doing a Christmas block, but now that you’ve mentioned doing another one, I’m going to have a look around my orphan blocks and see if there are any I want to add to.

    Our new administration is depressing, but like you (and unlike the Dems) we have decided to try to make the best of the next four years.


    1. Sorry I am late in responding. Crazy week. Thank you on the Sashiko. Things are quiet now after the Termite treatment and a night away at the local Best Western.

      I have a Christmas quilt that I am trying to finish – maybe next month. 4 blocks, but a couple of them are real big!

      We have quit watching all of the news. Clay’s BP keeps going up and it bothers me and I get angry. We now live in Communist USA I guess. Sickening.

      Have a great week. I am on a good roll yesterday and today – hoping for an entire week of the same as today.


  3. Hi Nanette! Aww, the Kay block is just perfect and it brought a tear to my eyes. Not only did that cream border bring the block to a useful size, but I think it also really pulls out the beautiful stitching in the medallion. I’m so glad you are joining in the SAHRR. I think you’ll have loads of fun with the next rounds. I’m sorry you lost your almost-sister. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Well that was fun! The piano keys looks great and really set off the sashiko perfectly! I finally starched my red and white this morning; I did the super starch with 1/2 cup of starch, and they are hanging in the bathroom, dripping into the shoe tray from the front door. I think taking those three large blocks and making something fun and creative will be great fun for you!


  5. How nice to find a photo of your much-missed friend. I love the blue block with its first border! Well, I loved the block to start with anyway. =)


  6. Oh Nanette! I’m so happy that you have found your quilting mojo again and playing along with us with the SAHRR. I like what you’ve got going so far, and can’t wait to see what else you come up with.


  7. Hi again Nanette! I’m having blog issues and wasn’t able to reply to your comment on my post, so I’m thanking you here for your kind words. I hope your termite treatment worked! Take care/hugs – Linda


  8. How sweet to find a photo of a dear one. Love that deep blue with white stitching,so beautiful!I smiled when I read your have your mojo back,my heart was made glad.❤️


  9. Your SAHRR start turned out beautifully. You’ve got some fun other blocks to pay with if you need a bit of a pick me up between other projects. Hope your mojo hangs around for a while (and you don’t have any more not fun surprises for awhile).


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