Happy Birthday America!

Good morning and for those who are still in the work world I hope you are enjoying a long weekend holiday!

It was a nice walk this morning as I am getting used to all the heat and mostly the humidity!  We have been blessed with a lot of rain the last 2 weeks – about 5 inches and to have all the pretty green grass going into July is wonderful.  Now we will warm up again into the 90’s and 100’s but maybe we will have another break with rain.  I do not mind a summer like this.

I have been recouperating from all the carpet laying and downsizing and getting back into the swing of things so I decided to play with a Log Cabin quilt.  I made one made from Moda fabric that was designed by a Choctaw Indian designer back in 2008 and it turned out OK, but I never made another one.  Lately I have been viewing all the beautiful Log Cabin quilts on different blogs, thought it was time for me to partake.  I have made such highly technical quilts and one would think that a Log Cabin block would be so easy.   It is just strips sew together in the round.  I knew that I would need to really study this technique so it could be mindless sewing (that has not happened yet).

I had taken a class with Marti Michell from Craftsy so I decided I would watch it again and see if I could get a handle on making this block without a lot of mistakes.  I use Marti’s Log Cabin Rulers for cutting the different lengths!  I also have her Log Cabin Book. One thing I do not do is cut 8 pieces of fabric at one time as she does.  To me this can cause problems for precision cutting.  After watching the majority of her lessons I realized that for me I needed an organized method that would speed up the process and cause me less heartache (of which I can certainly bring on myself).  So with that, here goes the pictures.

This one was the first and a big BOO BOO!

Another problem! This is due to not pressing each round especially with this fabric – Moda Marbles Stars.  Center off and I tried to fix it but did not work!

Next I worked on how I would place the strips in some method of order to prevent me from going the wrong way.  I go Clockwise around the block. I came up with this elementary method.

Then I took a picture of a sample from Marti’s book!

Then I labeled each piece to make sure I was going to do it correctly!

And Bingo!  A correct Log Cabin Block!

Four  8″ finished Blocks made!

The other day I loaded a quilt on the Long Arm and dug out my rulers.  I am going to enjoy playing with them while I quilt a Barbara Brackman BOM reproduction quilt that I made in 2014 timeframe.  It was the first time I had used reproduction fabrics in a quilt.


Eleanor Burns  sells the neatest storage bags.  I have never seen them before she sent out an email with them on sell.  3 for $10.00 and I bought 6 to hold some bolts that I keep in the Studio and they can quickly gather a lot of dust.  I love them.

I keep them behind my Elfa units and ironing table and now it is so neat and organized!

Well, I do hope that everyone can enjoy the celebrations of this great day celebrating our Freedoms and our beautiful Flag.  Stay safe and enjoy.  More to come later.


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19 Replies to “Happy Birthday America!”

  1. I’m sorry log cabin is so challenging for you. It’s weird how we all have our problem patterns. For me it was dahlia, for you log cabin. Oh well, it all works out in the end. Love those bags for the bolts! what a great idea! Happy Stitching!


  2. Think it is like paper piecing to me. I will probably get the hang of it after a few more blocks. But it does help to set them out! I really like the bags and now I cannot not figure out what they are called on her web site! Too funny! Hugs


  3. I am in awe of everything, the whole process, your quilting supplies and room….I really like the idea of the log cabin in the red white/beige and blue fabics. Patriotic colors in a pattern that says 4th of July celebration for sure 🙂 Sharon


    1. You are so sweet Sharon! I was going to mix the blocks up with blues but now have decided that I will get bored with this so I am going to make the quilt about 60 x 60 and quit! On to something else. Hugs


  4. I have only ever made Eleanor Burns’ quilt in a day log cabin, which is pretty forgiving, but now I don’t recall how she managed the fabrics….I’ll have to look. I have a paper piecing mini log cabin that I have yet to make. Someday……:) Yours will look great in the red, white and blue. Glad to see you are going to play with your rulers and long arm…this will be a treat to watch!


    1. Hi Kathy! I am ready for Sunday HQAL!!!!! Well, I like the way Marti has the rulers to cut each piece without me having to do the math, OR trying to do it with strip pieces and then have issues like I did with the first and only one I made.

      I will probably dig in and quilt tomorrow. Clay figured out what had been happening – a wire needed to be soldered and I think it will be more fun now that I won’t have to put up with tension problems! I need to get at least 3 done this month – NOW THIS IS A JOKE!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your blocks are lovely. Keep up the good work. Love your samples. Hope you had a good fourth. Quiet here. Hopefully I will get to some sewing soon. Think I will go to a log too.


    1. Thank you Lisa! I am now in the swing of things – they are going much faster. I have narrowed down one problem – I cut the first set of logs with 4 layers of fabric, this is not the best fabric to do that and I had problems with 2 blocks. So I narrowed it down to that. Marti cuts 8 layers at a time. If I were using batiks that might be doable at 4 layers, but not with this Moda Marble Stars – it is just not the right fabric! Have a great week-end and thx for commenting. .


  6. Wow, Nanette, I am surprised good old log cabin would be challenging to you…the only one I made turned out so wonky I never tried again. But it looks like you have completely conquered it with those lovely blocks. But it seems to depend on a method of organizing the strips which is interesting.
    Love those bags and how they do take care of things in a very neat and tidy fashion.
    Happy Stitching now!


    1. Well, that is what I thought, but now I am enjoying the process. I do like pre cutting the logs and laying them out like I am – so much easier for me they go much faster!

      I ordered 3 more for future use! Eleanor has them on sale still 3 for $10.00!


    1. Thank you Deb. I like the pre-cutting of the logs. I can lay each block out and it sews up so fast! Have a good week- my Monday was a long day with so many things going on at once! So I am late in responding! Thx for commenting


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