And the Answer Is….

Yesterday in my Post I discussed that I could not for the life of me figure out why I did not finish the quilt, and why there were so many pieces in another bag that had not been finished.  I figured it out today.  The fabric line has a piece of fabric (see below) that Nancy Odom used in her Apricot Lilly quilt and I tried to copy the pattern with the same fabrics she used.  Obviously I did not like the piece and changed mine to a nice tea dyed background fabric that blended well with her fabrics.

This morning I decided I would just sew up the HSTs and make something.  I tried to use the above fabric for the middle of whatever I was going to make and just did not like it.  So, here is what I have made with a portion of the pieces that were originally cut out and not used.  A pretty table runner.  I wish the camera would really show the beautiful bright pink Azelea’s and nice muted green that blends with it.  Oh Well.  I am going to bind it in the green fabric.  I have not decided how I will quilt it.  Either on the long arm or domestic.

I put the remaining fabric up for now as I do not want to get tired of using it in another quilt at this time.  I want to finish up Section 6 of Stonefields (piecing) and move on to another project.  I will have to review my 2 year “list” and make a decision as I am ready to immerse myself in a more challenging project.

Have a wonderful week!


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13 Replies to “And the Answer Is….”

  1. Your bright azaleas with the muted green is very lovely. Much prettier than the other fabric you showed that came with the kit. I’ve been admiring your tenacity in getting every room of your house moved back and forth while the lovely new carpeting was installed, what a huge undertaking. We only have carpeting in the bedrooms, but I think we would have to move the furniture out onto the open deck, or all the way to the barn if we decided to get new. Not something I’m interested in doing at this age – let the next owner figure it out!


    1. Let me tell you at 74 and 75 we are probably still worn out but love the carpeting! I purchased this fabric when I was a newbie quilter and would buy 2 to 4 yards of fabric. Can you imagine the nice stash I have and will never use it all unless I make it to 95! LOL
      Have a great day Pat!


    1. Well, the Long Arm is a HQ16 that is on a 10 foot long quilting frame where the quilt stays stable and I operate the machine standing up and move the machine to quilt. A Domestic is a regular sewing machine where you use the attachment for quilting and then I would move the fabric and the machine stays put! Does that make sense? LOL With a Domestic one has to baste the top, batting, and bottom. Long arm you pin the batting on rollers. One for the backing and one for the top, and you lay the batting on top of the back – no basting! Even more mud!
      Have a great day Sharon


  2. Hi Nanette! Really nice table runner and that design surely lets that azalea fabric shine. I’m glad you found a use for some of the fabric, and it’s something you will use and enjoy. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Yeah! Another UFO almost finished! For the center, how about outlining around some of the flowers in the bunches, then stippling in the remaining area?


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