HQAL Week-End

Happy Week-End!  Hope all had an enjoyable 4th.  It has been quiet here and I really am enjoying it.  My house cleaning service did not show up last Tuesday (I had a feeling), but was very lucky when I contacted Home Advisor and they gave me the number of a cleaning service in San Antonio.  I am hoping this company does decent work as their prices are reasonable.  They start this Monday – 2 ladies for 3 hours.  I am extremely impressed with the owner so let’s hope the workers are good.  If so, then I won’t have that problem anymore.

Surprise!  I have completed French General!  I have it on the Design Wall and will decide what to do with it.  Either a border, or just put it in a frame.  If I do a border I will have to look for a few fat quarters in the FG fabric line.

I am now working on the stems for Apricot Lilly.  I need to get it finished because I am ready for some needle turn applique on Stonefields and Jacobean Christmas.  Lilly is a buttonhole stitch as the flowers are fused.  There are only 4 blocks so if I would do the ‘big push’ it could be done by Sunday!

My Log Cabin project is coming along and I am now enjoying it!  So far I only have 3 that have not made the cut!  When I was cutting the logs I cut 4 layers of fabric.  This fabric sucks  is not the best that Moda has ever sold and the cutting is not precise when using more than 2 layers.  I hate the grey that they use – it is stretchy (?) and difficult to deal with even though I cut all strips lengthwise.  I am now spraying with the heavier sizing that comes in the green can and it may solve the issue.  I would like to make a 60 x 60 (or close to it) quilt and then be done with Logs.  I will be making other types of quilts with the remaining overbuy of this Moda Marbles Stars fabric.  Maybe I just need to sell it and be done!

Julie made Monterrey Medallions by Atkinson Designs and it is so pretty!  Check it out at Check out Julie’s version I purchased the pattern sometime back when I saw her quilt in blues.

Have a wonderful week end and enjoy stitching and check out the HQAL hand stitchers!  They do some beautiful work!


Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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25 Replies to “HQAL Week-End”

  1. Oh I just love the header photo 🙂 I really want to try the ‘T’ with the just 2 solid colors – but that’s tabled for now. The log cabin looks awesome. Hand clap on the French General which is gorgeous! you did a beautiful job. Apricot Lily is so delicate and her curved stems – perfect. Here’s a great big quilters hug for you ~ Sharon ~ hoping this cleaning service does the trick


    1. thank you Sharon! I really do like the quilt and will always think of Bella when I look at it!
      Thank you on FG! I bought it in Dec 2017, the day I came down with the Flu….. Think I tried to start it but left it there for a long LONG time. When I did the downsizing and cleaning it surfaced and I made myself finish it! I am using a variegated
      green thread – not sure if I like it may change it to match the green!
      Fingers crossed on cleaners!


  2. French General is a beautiful piece, defitely frameworthy! I love you log cabin, it’s just the right amount of color to be crisp and clean. You are really making a dent in your UFO’s found during your clean out session, your buttonhole stitch is so even, love the soft colors of those lilies. 😘


    1. Thank you thank you Kathy! I am glad to have finished FG! I am going to change thread on Apricot Lilly stems! I do not like the variegated thread! I am trying. The Log Cabin is fun and not stressful, but think I am getting bored! LOL

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  3. Congratulations on finishing the French General!
    I will be putting a binding on a quilt this week using a blue French general fabric. You’d be more than welcome to have the scraps but you might prefer a red fabric to go with this project?


    1. OH how sweet Kathy, but I need to somehow keep it with red and white. The background fabric is a heavy something with pre-printed design. I may check ebay for some cheap fat quarters in FG! Have a wonderful Day!


  4. Your French General stitchery is lovely, Love those log cabin blocks though it’s sad to hear you are having difficulty with the fabric.


    1. Thank you Deb! I should have remembered that Moda changed their fabrics about 5 years ago….. but I just spray heavier sizing after I wash the fabric and had to re-spray some strips! This is why it will only be red and beige! I will find another pattern to use with the remainder


    1. Thank your Robin. I found some fabric on Etsy and it is in the mail. I will make a nice wall hanging with the yard of fabric! It is from the same line as the Embroidery -French General.


  5. The French General is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the next step. Your log cabin even with all its difficulties is looking lovely!


  6. French General is gorgeous and I really like your quilt blocks. I am sorry that you aren’t enjoying the log cabins and that the fabric is problematic.


    1. Thank you Cathie – sorry for the late response – crazy day today. I am now enjoying the process that I came up with. I have 18 made so far – none today – hopefully more tomorrow and Wednesday! Thx for the comment! I am now using extra crisp fabric sizing and it has stabilized the fabric.


  7. That French General embroidery is fabulous. That promises to be an heirloom piece! The appliqué looks like so much fun. And ho, furrows I see. The fabric is really pretty, even if it’s a pain. =)

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