York Lodge, Mountmellick, Austin BOS, and HQAL

Good Sunday afternoon!  A surprise came this afternoon – RAIN!  Of course we have been under a High with 75-79 degrees in the morning (early) with 100% humidity – Walk – NOPE! Not until the humidity and dew points become lower!  Hopefully the cool front coming in Tuesday evening will begin the cooler weather and I can walk each day!

I have finished sewing all the blocks together of York Lodge!  I will be adding a 1” border to frame the quilt and a 3” border to complete it.  I have decided to use a dark purple and a light lavender for the 3” border.   I was so happy to complete this quilt top and I do believe my body is glad!  The stress that I put myself under to do this “challenging” quilt was well worth it.   After pushing on a project it usually takes me a week to ‘relax’ and start another UFO.

York Lodge Blocks sewn together!
Borders for York Lodge

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a comment from Lisa on one of my posts, one of the designers of York Lodge.  I had asked if they had experienced any issues when working on their quilt.  Here is her response:

Lou made the quilt in the book. I did one block as a test block to make sure our maths worked. we did not have any issues with it sorry. It does require very accurate cutting and piecing though with so many diamonds. we were both given 3 antique blocks from a cut up quilt so the block was drafted from them. Not for the faint hearted this quilt, and we think you have done an amazing job.”

It made me feel so good that they took the time to comment!  I do hope they are pleased with the top when I have completed the borders!

I have been working on Block 20 of A Bountiful Life – NO I only have 6 blocks completed it is one of the blocks that I had prepared last year!  The rose buds it will make the block.  For some reason I chose a light and dark brown for the bird.  I may revisit that choice as the green is very dark I think that I may make the bird a different color.

Block 20 – A Bountiful Life

I have now changed my mind on Brinton Hall and decided to continue on with Mountmellick and not just add a border to make a wall hanging!  I am now going to make the flowers for the border, but changing  the flowers to blue with a red center and not the red flowers with a contrasting center.   The corner flowers will match the flowers in the center medallions and they will be intermixed with my blue flowers.  I am going to dedicate my day sewing time to finishing the flowers this week.  Then the remainder of the quilt will be the different borders that will be pieced!

Just could not stop with Mountmellick!
Looks like fun! Hope to be through this week with the flowers.

On 28 Sep we went to the Austin, Texas Quilt Show.  This is the Best of Show.  I was so happy to see this quilt won!  It is a Sue Garman quilt pattern and done very well.  There was one issue that my eye immediately went to and it was on the left red border.  It was either the long arm quilters mistake, or the top was not square.  Either way it did not detract the beauty of the completed quilt.  It is not for the faint of heart also!  Cudo’s to the maker of the quilt!

Well, I do believe I am caught up on my post for the week!  Hopefully this week I will have completed my flowers and Block 20 will be an easy finish – not difficult at all!  (Especially compared to York Lodge – of which I am almost ready to ‘check out’!

Have a great week and enjoy stitching!


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42 Replies to “York Lodge, Mountmellick, Austin BOS, and HQAL”

  1. How could they not like your York Lodge, it is fantastic. (not a purple fan as you may remember from my posts about Wishing You Good Will) but I absolutely love your purple border with this ~ Sharon


  2. Your York Lodge is stunningly beautiful. What an amazing stitcher you are! I am fascinated by your hand applique…..so lovely. As for the “Best in Show” quilt; my beady li’l eyes would just get lost in all that astonishing detail. What a masterpiece it is.


  3. The borders are perfect! The dark is so rich and the lighter border still has enough weight to carry the whole quilt. 👏🏻 Those hexies are so soothing to make, that’s probably what you need after York Lodge!!! The BOS quilt is beyond belief! There is so much to look at, ad then you suddenly realize how intricate some of the shapes are, yikes!
    Enjoy the cooler temps, we are in the 30’s much if this week, then a week of 50’s again, hopefully we’ll have enough nicer days to get all the outside work done.


  4. Hi Nanette! Wow, your York Lodge just looks stunning. How wonderful that Lisa as one of the designers actually commented on your post! I do love the purple borders, it looks great with the darker as the thinner one. Really will pull out that color or shade from those stars. Such a nice job – kudos to you for tackling such a difficult pattern. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I had sent the email to her during July and just received the response as a post! Thank you for all the nice words and I was very excited to have Lisa comment! I remember Jaydee told me ‘you picked the most difficult pattern out of the entire book’. I thought, hummmm, but went ahead anyway and so glad I did! Have a great week – Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so sorry we missed your email. darn technology sometimes! We did send you an email after you left a comment on our Blog so not sure what happened there. I am pretty bad with keeping up with blogs also. Need a few extra hours some days for social media lol. Will you be going to Houston Quilt Market? If so would love to meet you. You can email me starshollow@iprimus.com.au. I’ll definitely get that email. Love your border choice too.


    1. OH send the cool air here! I would love to come to SV this winter! We might make a trip – need to find a place to stay for a week. Doug and Jean are heading that way – they are in the 80’s and 90’s and not doing that well. We would like to visit with them one more time.

      Thx for the comment on the border! I was going to go with a dark one, but then I realized that a dark would override the stars and i did not want that!



  5. Loving the York Lodge! You have make great choices for it! I also think that it as a great choice to continue on with Mountmellick. I do believe that you have got your quilting mojo back!

    I am on vacation this week…headed to a lodge at Mt. Rainer…no internet, cell, or tv. I am so looking forward to this! It will be cool and probably wet…I believe I will like my weather better than your’s. Ha, ha!


    1. OH – no TV, phone, internet – You know, maybe I need to turn them all off for 1 day a week. I know that I had to get off the computer and blogs in order to stay focused when making YL. There were days when I wanted to sell all my fabric and get out of the hobby – Hubby always laughs at me when I get that way!

      Enjoy that vacation – taking any hand work, or taking a break from quilting also?



    1. Thank you so much – Lots of 45 degree angles and diamonds. All intersections on the 1 1/2″ strips had to be perfect. I am sure there are a few that might be off 1/16th of an inch and hoping the judge is blind when the judge it – LOL!


    1. I was so happy to finally see a Reproduction quilt win! The modern quilts are just not for me and some of the shows – like last year in Dallas – had the Modern quilt as their BOS – UGH!
      Have a great week! Surprise rain yesterday! More today. Looking forward to cooler weather!


  6. Your stars are stunning and I love the choice for borders. Your hard work shows and the stars are lovely. I like the arrangement of color too. Good job. The quilt that was best of show is lovely too.


  7. York Lodge just sparkles….like diamonds! The simple purple makes the ideal frame. Any hexie project catches my eye. And a quilt show, too. What a great week!


    1. Thank you Nann! It was a fun week! Especially since I had finished all the blocks a few days before the show and then last week I finished sewing all blocks together. Taking a few days before I tackle the borders! Have a great week!


  8. Good to see you doing so much sewing and making good progress on your quilts. Your work with the diamonds was a challenge but done so well in the end. Always good to hear from a pattern designer to know that they appreciate your workmanship.


  9. ooo – yes, I really love the purple/lavendar combo for the York Lodge borders! Your Mountmellick center is so gorgeous, it’s very nice to see that you’re going to continue it – love the change to blue flowers.


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