October Progress in Quilts and Life

Greetings from South Texas where it will be 40 degrees cooler in less than 24 hours.  I am going to be so happy when the Canadian air hits us in the morning.  I may even break out the sweat pants!  Prediction is for the next 2 weeks to be almost ‘winter’.  I am happy, Clay is not so happy, as he is cold natured.

On October 3rd, my life changed.  During our 6 month checkup I was advised I was a Diabetic!  WHAT?  YUP!  I have learned that as much as I watch over my health I missed asking more questions on Diabetics.   (Father was Type 2). I have been in shock for the last 12 days!  I knew that this last year that some days I felt great, some not so great.  I ASSUMED it had been other issues.  My NP understands all my “stupid” issues – and now this is not a “stupid issue”!   I am very frustrated with ME and my NP because I was not warned early enough about the Glucose going up and up.    March my A1C was at 6.7 and was NOT advised that I was now a Diabetic.  Heck I thought that I was just at risk!  I DID NOT PAY ATTENTION!   It was a wake up call for me.  I checked on my BCBS insurance account and found that the diagnoses was reported in March, but they did not tell me until the 3rd of October!  The good part of this news is that it is under control and no medication required, but in my book that is not enough.  It is time to correct my eating habits.  Exercise is not a problem for me as I have been a walker for 30 years.  I must also remember that stress plays a large part in this game of Diabetes.

Now 12 days later, I am now almost 6 pounds lighter, and do not eat any of those Hershey Kisses and potato chips for a long LONG time!  I am eating low carb foods (although I cannot give up the morning potato because I need potassium).  I have always watched the sugar and salt but never counted carbs!  Well, I am counting them now – as few as I can get away with!   I have an appointment with a Nutritionist on 23 October to try to figure out how to manage things with the limited list of foods I can tolerate, have a glucose monitor on order, and tomorrow I receive two books on diabetics!  I am NOT playing around with this.  I want to lose another 15 pounds by the end of the year and I will do it!  I have a goal!   Now this Diabetes is a gift from the Chopin side!  BUT LET’S MOVE ON TO QUILTING!

I have been planning to be in the Studio every morning for the last 2 weeks at 10:00 AM!  Here is proof that I finally made that goal this morning!  LOL  This is the clock that My Buddy Lori gave me this year – I love it!  She is a neat buddy to have and I love her posts.  She is an open book and that is so rare these days!  Thank you Lori – things will get better!

9:50 AM – 15 October 2018

I had been remiss in keeping up with RSC 2018 blocks since August while working on York Lodge quilt.  This last week I have finally been able to catch up with everyone else.  Here are my August, September, and October blocks.  I have enjoyed making simple easy blocks for a change after York Lodge.

August, September, October Blocks

I now have all the blocks on the design wall – and need to decide on the setting.  There were only 10 months this year for different colors.

I am progressing on my Bountiful Life block and should finish it tonight or tomorrow night!   Check out

Slow Stitching Sunday

Bountiful Life Block

Last year at the San Antonio Quilt Show I purchased a Cutterpillar Glow for craft projects.  It was the smaller one.  This year at the Austin Show I purchased the larger one.  I love both of them.  They are a wonderful tool for cutting, trimming, and tracing applique patterns on background fabric.

Goals for the next few days will be to complete the borders on York Lodge and my RSC 2018 flimsy!  I am beginning to feel now that I can complete more of my UFOs by the end of the year than I thought I would be able to!

Have a wonderful Sunday and week!  I know I will because it will not be hot and humid and because with each pound I lose I feel better!!!


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27 Replies to “October Progress in Quilts and Life”

  1. My daughter is coming in the morning and we are emptying the attic. So being just a tad north of you I am looking forward to cold air to keep us making decisions fast. There are 18 cartons of xmas stuff that have not come down in 7 years plus…. so I am thinking it should go fast. If we finish before lunch and have not frozen then we can do the 18 cartons that are in the garage!!! Less xmas will be good. Point being so thankful for way cooler weather. Would love to know how you lost 6 pounds in 12 days???? How much do you walk a day? You are doing a great job of making the changes needed.


    1. I eat my 4 eggs and a potato for breakfast. Then I snack on cashews (peanuts do not agree). Then I eat a few chicken tenders for supper. I was eating chips and kisses for my snacks. I am Celiac so I cannot do wheat, corn, dairy, etc. Very limited list of food as I have multiple food intolerances. I seem to be tolerating mozzeralla cheese – it has low carb count and not aged. I walk 30 minutes every day. The heat has interferred with that the last 6 weeks, but I am very active during the day. Only sit and relax in my nice recliner after supper. The walk is so good for the endorphins. I think this is a modified Atkins diet. Hubby lost 20 pounds last year he will start eating some carbs and then cut back to stay at the best weight for him. I should have tried that last year. High Fat/Low Carb. Meat is no carb, peanuts and almonds are good, but I cannot tolerate them. For some reason the Cashews agree, but they have more fat! I keep something in my tummy even if is a bite of cheese, a couple of cashews, etc. But all low carb. No more goodies. I do not want to go on any medication for this.


  2. Congrats on losing the weight! You are disciplined enough to reach your goal, for sure!

    I guess I am the slug now…haven’t made my RSC18 blocks this month. I hope to do that this coming week.


  3. Your RSC18 quilt is going to be a stunner!! Sorry for your diabetes diagnosis. It’s definitely a game changer! When DH got his, A1C level was 13. He hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time and relayed the symptoms to his GP. They sent for a blood test rather than doing a finger stick right in the office. The on-call doc phoned him when the results came in HOURS later and told him to get to the hospital ASAP. When we got to the ER, his BG was over 600! FYI… check with your insurance company about that appointment with the Nutritionist, as they charged him $300 out-of-pocket for the visit.


    1. Wow! That is high. I will adjust easier than most because of Celiac and food intolerances. Trick is to figure out how to get adequate carbs. I cannot tolerate any fiber. Hope your Husband is doing well.


  4. Sorry for the diagnosis. Strange the dr did not tell you as that is a big diet lifestyle change. I know it is small meals throughout the day to keep the glucose even without the big ups and downs. The nutritionist will help I am sure.


    1. I have reached acceptance and not angry at my NP anymore. That helps a lot. My food list is very limited due to Celiac. I kept thinking this last year that I needed to go to a Specialist but did not do it. Figured all was OK. LOL fooled me! I needed to lose weight anyway. Hugs


  5. Your appliqué block is so close to being done…I hope you managed to have some slow stitching time to finish it today. Diabetes is a big lifestyle change for sure. Sounds like you are on the right track. Exercise, weight close and portion control are key. I’ve had diabetes for 27 years. Still controlled with just diet and exercise


    1. Being Celiac and the already limited food list I just gave up the chips and candy. I am beginning to feel so much better. I eat eggs and chicken. No bread, etc. pushing to finishing the block.


  6. Love your determination and attitude, it will see you through this hurtle…I really like the simpler blocks myself. They have that rural pioneer feel for me; love your progress with everything ~ Sharon


    1. Thank you Sharon. I smoked for ten years and in 1989 I just quit. Not many can do that but I did. I still have a very strong will and self discipline at 73! Going on 74 soon!

      I really stressed over the York quilt but I am so happy I did it! Now to find a quilter that won’t screw it up!

      Hugs 🤗


  7. I think the visit with the RD will be encouraging to you, and she will have have some ideas to mix things up a bit when you need something different. I had gestational diabetes with Girl #1, but after my system got over the shock, It was actually a very reasonable diet. Yours will be more challenging, but it sounds like you already have a handle on your necessary changes. Losing those pounds already is a good sign. 🙂 Your RSC blocks are so pretty, and it seems that your energy is increasing by the day!


    1. Thank you Kathy! I wish I did not have problems with fiber! I would be eating salads for supper each night! I want to lose 5 more by Halloween – it is my 74th birthday and would like to be back to where I was a couple of years ago. After I lose 15 more pounds I will be able to have ‘treat’ days, if it is food I can tolerate!

      My walk was great today! it is 52 with winds and mist, but I loved it – no sweating!!!! After 5 months of horrible 99-110 degrees it is heaven for me.

      Thank you on my RSC blocks. And the energy is increasing! I look forward to really doing so much better. Funny how this got me, I thought the tiredness was coming from my back issues – I was so wrong.

      Have a great day – Hugs

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  8. Hi Nanette! What a surprise, that diagnose coming out of left field. I love your attitude about getting this under control and not taking meds. Your RSC blocks all look so beautiful. I look forward to seeing how you combine them into a quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne, Yup it was a shocker! I keep away from medication if I can. Thank you for the nice comment on my RSC blocks. Check out my 2nd post from yesterday – I am now getting ready to cut out the setting triangles and it will be done! Hopefully today! Hugs

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  9. Forgot to say that you gave me the Clock! Darn! I wanted to show I made it to the Studio on my scheduled time!!!! Thank you so much Lori – be sure to check out the Snowy Days QAL for the setting – so pretty!



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