A Warning to Bloggers on Rebot Spam

Please take the time to read what has happened to Bella.  I am not sure how Blogger works, but if you use WordPress you might want to take heed.  I change my ‘re-blog’ as Anita stated (copied from Bella’s latest post entities Help Please!!!!)

This information is from Anita and is posted on Bella’s blog post that I have linked to:

FROM ANITA:  “You’ve been hacked by a content robot. This is how it was explained to me. What has happened to your site is done by a robot system that searches for vulnerable blogs then exploits them for “visitor counts”. The blog owner probably doesn’t even look at their own site except for the numbers because they get paid per visit. When you send your readers to make comments that just ups their numbers even more. I believe it works similar to other spam sites that grab content and email addresses to make it look like the emails are coming from you.

In order to stop this from happening you need to re-set the “re-blog” button to NO.
1) go to your wordpress dashboard
2) click on the settings
3) click on the sharing
4) Scroll down to the wordpress re-blog button
5) change it from show re-blog to don’t show re-blog
6) important that you save the change
7) Change your wordpress password

This should stop the re-blog robots from grabbing your content. At least for now until the criminals find a way around the fix. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about what has already been stolen. I learned from experience when this happened to me a few months ago. It would be a good idea to change your email password too. My email got hacked soon after my blog got hacked. A message was sent to every single one of my blog readers that I was stranded in a foreign country and needed money to get back home. How embarrassing! I was at home and safe.

I don’t believe any of your faithful readers would dream of re-blogging your content. We would rather post a link for readers to see your site for themselves. The re-blog button is for hacker use only and should be destroyed by wordpress!

I forgot to say that those links on your post to other blogs are now vulnerable to being hacked too. Content robots look for any links within your site as another possible connection. Please warn them to reset their re-blog button ASAP”


Have a great week-end.

7 Replies to “A Warning to Bloggers on Rebot Spam”

  1. Thank you for this blog post Nanette. Unfortunately removing the Re-Blog button does not always work. It is so easy to cut and paste the content. Unfortunately these thieves are much smarter at getting what they desire, then we are at preventing them from doing it. With that said, I would also like to add that removing the Re-Blog button is a great idea. Thank you for posting about this. I hope it helps to prevent someone else work from being stolen.

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    1. It really is a shame that our world is in such a state that even quilting is being affected with idiots who want to cause problems. I hope that this does reach a lot of quilters!


    1. Hoping your machine continues to behave. it is so frustrating to have those stupid long stitches that jump when something is on the rail (like a little piece of thread) or your issues! So happy that all is fixed!


  2. Thank you for posting this! I turned that re-blog button off! I ran into this problem once before and was able to find out who the host was of the site that was publishing my content and, after proving to them it was my original content and that it had occurred more than once, they shut the offending site down. Of course, that doesn’t mean these places don’t go get new hosts but when I become aware of one of these places reposting my content I try to do the same thing every time.


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