York Lodge and RSC 2018 Challenge for June

This has been a great week for productivity for me and my quilting projects.  Even with all the pounding going on with the new roofs.  They should be through by tomorrow (Saturday).  I hope when they start on the Studio I can still work with the noise.

I have completed my RSC 2018 blocks for June – almost did not get them done.

RSC 2018 Block – I chose a turquoise and picked up on the green for the cross pieces.
Three blocks together On-Point

On to York Lodge I feel now that I have mastered this block.  I have completed 4 5 blocks – only 26  25 more to go.  It is taking me less time now to make one.  Here are the steps I go through (minus the strip piecing part)

I have discovered that if I draw a 1/4” line on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pieces that things go together great.  Now this does not mean that I do not have to rip a few to get them perfect, but this is much easier to pin than other ways this technique can be mastered.

A section before sewn
This is how I draw the 1/4” line which really helps in getting the seams perfect.
As shown, all seams are pressed open. The section on the righj shows how the seams/points are perfect!

Here are the 4  5 blocks that I have completed (without the Corner HST’s which will make the block Squared)

York Lodge Blocks – First 5 – 25 more to go!


I am now enjoying making this quilt!  So much fun to work with a different color and background.  At first I did not like the Orange Block, but it is growing on me.

Have a wonderful week-end!  Hot here and by Sunday the roofing project will be complete and it can rain rain rain!

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23 Replies to “York Lodge and RSC 2018 Challenge for June”

  1. So pretty, the RSC blocks and those stars! What colors are you doing next? I hope you can stand the noise and be in your studio too! Tomorrow we measure, then the final number crunching begins.


    1. Well, I updated the post this AM. It is #5 and the fabric was a violet! Next is turquoise! Having fun and enjoying the ‘sameness of routine’ during this horrible heat. They are putting the roof on the Studio today – hope they are through with it all this afternoon! TOMORROW is Nightshirt day! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All of your blocks are very pretty! Love your fabric choices! And your meticulousness has really paid off with those wonderful star blocks!

    I’ll not be productive in the sewing room for a week or so. Instead, I am going to play with family. I am so looking forward to this!


    1. Thank you Laura. Enjoy the family! For once I am enjoying the peace and quiet of no interruptions or problems and am finally back to my quilting like I used to do everyday! YEA
      Have a safe 4th!


  3. The orange is definitely the dominant color right now but I find it good to have a few more dominant places on a quilt of multiple colors. Draws your eye around the quilt layout. Or a resting place for the eyes as some people say.


    1. There are so many other colors that are dark. What makes this one stand out is the background. We will see…. hope I do not need to replace it! Thx for commenting! Hope you guys are not burning up like we are! Horrible here in South Texas!


  4. Isn’t it funny how the darker background makes the orange star appear larger? This is going to be a spectacular quilt. I’m glad you found a method that works for you. A78mandel at yahoo dot com


  5. Productivity is always a nice thing! Your blocks are gorgeous! I don’t think I would ever tackle a block like that, but I certainly admire you for doing so! What a challenge…and one you seem to have mastered!


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