Happy Memorial Day – Chasing Hearts and Mountmellick

Hoping all are enjoying celebrating Memorial Day, a day to honor the fallen and brave heroes of our great Military! Thank you also to all the military families who support their families who currently serve and have served our Country in the past.  Thank you for your service!

I thought I had a weird week 2 weeks ago…. This week did not go as I planned either, so now I am 4 days behind in my May goals! If things go quietly the next 5 days maybe I can catch up!

Here are my hearts for 24, 25, 26, and 27 May. There are 4 more hearts left to complete and now I need to work on the alternating blocks! The easy way would be to incorporate a 5″ block of the remaining and matching fabrics, or to do a 9 patch block like Deb has done.

May 24th Heart

May 25th Heart

May 26 Heart

May 27 Heart

Here is a sample on how I will make the alternating 9 patches.  Each heart will have a matching fabric 9 patch.  I thnk this will really make my quilt pop!  No telling what borders will look like!  This is a ‘go as you go along’ quilt!

Now on to progress on Mountmellick.  I still have a lot of EPP to do to finish the flowers and have now changed the border fabric and vine fabric.   I am going to add more of the EPP flowers that are in the Medallion using the same fabric.  Then I will add red and blue flowers and no leaves!  Here is a picture of the border.  There is only one completed flower, the rest are ready to be sewn together.   The vine will be about 1/4” wide!  I applique one side down and then trim and applique the other side down.  No glue, etc!

To give you an idea of what I am working with on the size of the hexagon papers, here is a picture of a completed flower next to a Hershey Kiss!

Nesting is still not complete – darn!  I may be able to do a big push this evening and finish it, but there is some embroidery for both Blocks 3 and 4, so it may be Tuesday…. It depends if I feel like working on Nesting or driving myself nuts with covering 1/2” paper hexagons!

The other day I was thinking about Brinton Hall quilt.  I could not remember where I had put the remaining hexagons to sew to the Medallion – found then yesterday. This may become a June Goal!

We are in the process of getting bids on a new roof so that will mean stay home – no traveling for about 4 months – I do believe I can catch up with some of my projects that have been ignored, as long as there are no more ‘life’s little interruptions’ for me!

Have a great week.  I love weekends and long holiday weekends – the phone does not ring and give me issues to handle!!!


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Your Cheating Heart!

Here is my May 21st Heart Block.

And I have cheated on making tomorrow’s Heart as I have 2 Doctor appointments in San Antonio tomorrow

Here is my Heart for May 22nd. The color has changed to a Turquoise

I am redoing the border for Mountmellick that I screwed up. I am happy with the new one. All borders are cut and marked, bias strips cut, and only 30 more Hexagons left to cut. I am a Happy Quilter with a cheating Heart!!!

Have a wonderful week.


Hearts and Mountmellick!

We have received almost 2 inches of rain and more is coming!  We are hoping for another 3 inches (dreaming).  So nice to have the rain as we head into Summer.

Here is my Heart for May 20.


I made up my mind this morning when I walked to start a new quilt, but ended up deciding to work on the flowers for Mountmellick.

I started preparing the nice little EPP 1/2” hexagons, only to realize after 3 hours of work that when I fussy cut them somehow I (ME?) screwed them up!  There were 196 hexagons to make for the next border because I did not want to do anymore Broderie Purse!  OK, trash can time!

I then had to make a decision to totally give up on this quilt, or put my big girl pants on and start over with the border.  I have decided to continue on with this project.  I am going to use some of the same fabric that is in the medallion to make at least 12 flowers (fussy cutting) and the remainder are already cut but they are not fussy cut hexagons (whew).  I have 9 more hexagons to cut out.

Then I will try to continue on and make this quilt!  I have no reason not to other than I want to start a new project and that is just stupid since I am trying to clean up my UFO’s.

I had a great day in spite of this issue, and my focusing is now back on track.  I do believe that I made the error in cutting when I was not really feeling well!  Lesson learned – do not work on an intense project when not feeling well!!!!  Of course, in past posts I have repeated this over and over, guess I just did not listen to self!

OH you ask about the last 2 blocks of Section 5 of Stonefields – well they went to visit the trash along with the hexagons that were cut wrong!  I have decided I will do something else as I start Section 6 later this year! (BUMMER).  I do not know when I will learn that when I continue to not work on certain things that there is a reason!  Obviously I made errors on both of these little things, just waited too long to figure it out!

We were expecting more rain this evening, but think it is breaking up.  We are grateful for what we received!

Have a great week!


Catching Up on My Heart’s!

I have had a weird week!  I do believe that I am now over any negative effects on my ole’ body from that darn Testosterone and DHEA that I voluntarily took for 4 months!!!!!  I do not recommend it to anyone!  I was trying to balance Hormones and hopefully help with my Fibromylgia – what a joke – the T&D turned into more Estrogen and therefore I became Estrogen Dominate.  Never Again!  The good news is that I am back to myself after treating all the damage that it did to me!  What a trip!

Obviously I have not posted my daily hearts for 17, 18 and 19 (today).  I am back on track to do that again!  I am now caught up with my daily posting of Hearts – excuse the pictures as my iPhone camera is not doing well on the colors (or it could be the Operator).  Remember this project is being done with fabric samples that I purchased.  The hearts are in 3 different colors (well maybe 4) but the same pattern.  Next week I will post the 2nd set of 12 when completed on the 24th of May!  Here is the first 12 that I had completed on 12 May!

I applique each heart on the grid as it makes it much easier to handle a 6″ block with a 3 1/2″ heart!

Here are pictures of my 17 through 19 May Hearts.

May 17

May 18

May 19  On this one I used a darker thread than I should have – oh well!

Have a wonderful week – off to applique other projects and some EPP!  Maybe MAYBE if Stonefields is lucky I will finish those 2 blocks from Section 5!




A Partial Completion of Dresden Heaven and May Hearts!

It is definitely summer here in South Texas!  It is time for the wet hand towel to be around my neck when I walk my 30 minutes each morning.  Even at 8:00 AM it is close to the high 70’s – more like 80 degrees (at least it feels that way) with humidity in the 90’s.  I do believe that I am over all the nasty side effects of that horrible Testosterone and DHEA that I tried – NEVER AGAIN!  Talk about losing time for quilting….what a trip!!!!!!

This morning I was determined to finish the 16 large Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven ! I was able to accomplish that goal before my walk!  It is always a good feeling to get to a stopping point on a project (even better when it is completed).    Even though this project now becomes a Fall 2018 (maybe before) UFO I am happy.   Dresden Plates will have to wait its turn before I complete it. There are a total of 105 Mini Dresden’s and 16 9″ Dresden Plates that make up this quilt and they have to be appliqued on a background fabric!  I used the 1930 Reproduction fabrics I had purchased a couple of years ago for Farmers Wife (1930) and did not make that quilt.  Anyone interested in purchasing the 1920 and the 1930 Farmer’s Wife books by Laurie-Aaron-Hird, let me know.  $10.00 plus shipping for each book!!!

Mini Dresdens for Dresden Heaven

9″ Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven

I have been trying to continue working on Nesting, Mountmellick, and Brinton Hall, (cannot believe that it has not been touched since August 2016!  Then there is A Bountiful Life and Stonefields!  I have had 4 blocks of A Bountiful Life prepared for applique for a year now and it is time to get with the program!

Block 4 of Nesting is going to be completed this week one way or another!  I need to quit playing around with it.   And poor Stonefields – I have only 2 small blocks for Section 5 to finish and I will be ready for Section 6.  I really need a heavy HEAVY dose of focusing and hard work to finish them!

Lest I  forget my Heart SAL.   We are now into day 16 which is half way finished with the project!  I was unable to do a post for a few days so I am catching all up on my progress!  It is a fun project that Deb started!

May 14 Heart

May 15 Heart

May 16 Heart

The only excuse I have in being so far behind on hand work is the 6 months of hand surgeries from May 2017 and then the lovely December Flu – Can I get a pass????  LOL

Have a great day – this has been a very productive day for me!

Mother’s Day and HQAL

Happy Happy Mother’s Day.  I do hope that you are now enjoying time with your children and family!  Such a great day for it.

I give my Mother and my Father credit for who I am!  Both the good and the bad!  Mother for the encouragement and desire to obtain a college degree even if it took me 30 years at night to complete and my Father for the Common Sense and ability to talk to just about anyone that would listen.  Mother was brilliant and an accomplished piano teacher who played the piano and organ for the Methodist Church every Sunday and I was always there with her so she gave me knowledge of God which has sustained me through the years with my good choices and bad choices.  She taught piano lessons for years before starting a 2nd career as a school teacher.  Mother received her degree in the 1930’s along with her Sisters.  I loved her younger sister, Rosabelle, who was my idol and I loved her dearly!  Aunt Rosie was a hard-working woman, farm wife, school teacher, and raised 3 great children.  I miss my Aunt Rosie so very much!

I always teased my Mother that she was a Mid-Western Yankee and of course being a Chopin, my Father was a crazy French Cajun all his life.  Life with these two was a trip.  So I am a mixture of both of them, and therefore you get a woman who is totally outspoken, loves life (at times) and inquisitive on all things!  It was not a Beaver Cleaver household, but evidently I learned a lot – especially how to be an independent woman at a VERY young age!  My parents were good hard-working people as they suffered through the Depression.  Mother was not a “Susie Homemaker”, in fact she was not home much at all! But I am thankful that they gave me a chance for life!  My parents were in their mid and late 30’s when I was born and it makes a difference when your parents are older.  When I was in high school they were close to 50 – hum… no wonder they went to bed so early!

OK – enough of that – Happy Mother’s Day again to all!

Here is what I have been up to this week as far as hand work and some machine piecing!

Large Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven

My first 12 Hearts for A Heart a Day in May!

And here is my 13th Heart for the month of May.  This small project keeps me on my toes each day.

Check out the other ladies who are participating in the HQAL every 3 weeks.  I am afraid I do not have much to show for this time, but something is better than nothing!  LOL  I may do some hand quilting tonight on Indian Summer!

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