A Modified Soho Quilt – It is a 2019 Flimsy Finish

Earlier this year Jacelyn made a Purl Soho Prism Quit.  I really liked the pattern and thought that I would make one before the end of the year and I did! EXCEPT, after cutting out numerous (too many) HSTs and the smaller blocks, I decided that I would use the remainder of the year to prepare applique and embroidery blocks that I was behind on.  SO with that I present my simplified version of a Purl Soho Prism Quilt!

If you are interested in making A Soho quilt click on the link above for the free pattern!  It is a very very easy pattern to make.  I made my HSTs 4” unfinished and 3 1/2” finished.

I must admit, I became bored with it, but am glad I made it and for once I just zipped through the process – something I usually do not do!  Only 1 boo boo but I caught it in time to correct it!

I will quilt it and Clay suggested that I use it cover my new iMac computer that I am THINKING of purchasing in January.  I use my Desktop PC for all of my quilting software and they will no longer support Windows 7 and I am NOT going to move to a new PC with Windows 10!  I will set my Desktop PC in the old computer room in the house and if I need to access something it will still be there!  I would order one this week, but that means there will be no stitching when it arrives – takes a few days to get one set up and learn it!  So Glad I am proficient in Windows and Apple!  BUT there is still a learning curve!

As you can see from my 2020 Goals Post, I have a busy schedule to work from in order to catch up from the “C” delay the last 3 months!

It feels good to have about 6 days to do some prepping work and start the New Year off with a BANG!

Happy Stitching


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2020 Planning Party Goals!

I have made my plans for 2020!  I will be working projects within quarters (i.e., Jan-Mar; Apr-June; Jul-Sep; Oct-Dec).  I hope to have my 2019 UFO’s (mostly hand work )finished, or further advanced than they are today.  Here it is!  I know it is an aggressive schedule, but what the heck!

I will be preparing Sweet Stitches and Stonefields blocks for embroidery and applique before 31 Dec 2019.  I will be working on 3 pieced quilts during the day and in the evening I work on my handwork!  I would like to have my hand work completed by the end of June – may be dreaming though!

Quilt Projects for 2020

Pieced Projects (3 for January – March 2020)

Omigosh   Target date for completion – November 2020


Country Baskets or one of Lynn Wilder patterns 

Applique in (SAL) 2020

Celebrating Mary Brown (2020+ Project)
Applique 4 blocks (right corner)  (23-31 Dec 2019) I will be caught up with the group.  This is a continuing project probably past 2020

UFO’s – Applique

Jacobean Lights   –  4 blocks to be appliqued remaining  (23-31 Dec 2019) 
Prepare for applique  Sections 7-10 of  Stonefields. (23-31 Dec 2019)

Applique in January/February 2020

Dresden Heaven (2020)  – Prepare a grid to stitch the Dresden plates to. (23-31 Dec 2019)                                                                                                A Bountiful Life Border – Design and prepare border for this quilt!

UFO’s – Embroidery

Sweet Stitches – Prepare last 4 blocks for embroidery (23-31 Dec 2019)
Work on them in January 2020

New Embroidery Projects

Happy Little Things 13 Blocks (The Art of the Home) Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Aunt Bea’s Parlor Baskets – Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Lap Weaving Refresher – Work on projects through the year


Work on pre-printed panel in (January 2020) 

Well, this is my 2020 Plan.  I hope for everyone to have a healthy year for 2020 and complete all stated goals!  I know I am hoping for one!  At least there won’t be anymore cataract surgeries – only have 2 eyes!  LOL!



A Sunday Duo – HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching!

Happy Winter Stolice and Merry Christmas week!  Clay and I will be enjoying a peaceful and quiet Christmas.  I will always be wishing to be in Arizona during the winter in our RV from now on, but that is OK, just think of the quilt projects I can do this winter (joke as I am sure there will be some sort of interruption that will continue to keep me behind the power curve).  I have not accomplished a lot of hand work this last cycle or the last week!  So here goes a repeat of a repeat!  Well, I did finish one block for Celebrating Mary Brown – the Pineapple.  I did not like the original and changed mine – you can read what I did HERE.

Old Pineapple

New Pineapple

IF I would only stay away from foods that I KNOW my body does not like, I would probably have more completed, but that piece of sausage and those wonderful corn tortillas were just too tempting.  Guess my new 2020 goal is to eat paper!  Just think if I felt great each day I could make more quilts – FASTER!  LOL  Back to eggs, chicken, and potatoes and lots of decaf coffee and water!  BORING!

Have a great Christmas week – maybe I will catch up with more of my UFO’s while everyone is either traveling or visiting this week.  Stay safe and stay healthy!



This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretEmmaTracyDebSusan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinConnie, Bella, Gretchen, Daisey , Kathie.

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To Do Tuesday – 17 Dec 2019

Hello all!  Are you ready for Santa and a brand New Year?  Well, it is coming.  I am always excited about having a new year!  I can put all things behind me and start over and it is such a great feeling!

The weather is my type of weather – except we really need rain!  Maybe next week!

I will be looking at all the UFOs and all the quilt tops that need to be quilted before New Years Eve, so that on  the first day of January 2020 I can get started with my project list! (Updated from last year)

So for this last week To Do Tuesday –  I have finished Alexander Bean Pot!

After quilting the binding will be red and the border will probably be less than 3” finished! I am relieved and happy that I am finished with it!

I am also excited about finishing 4 blocks for Mary Brown (less the vines).  One of the blocks in this quadrant of 4 blocks was a pineapple.  I almost finished it but then realized I hated the block pattern and wanted to have a real pineapple rather than one that was mostly leaves.  I searched and searched for a picture of a pineapple that I wanted and found Cheryl Lynch designs!  She has a beautiful mosaic wall hanging of a pineapple!  So now I have a “real” pineapple ready to go!  I purchased one of her other patterns that caught my eye and the ruler for cutting the small strips!  It is the Terra Potta.   We love the Southwest and this will be fun to play with!

This is the original one from the pattern – you can see that I stopped with the middle leaf!  UGLY – maybe I chose the wrong fabric but either way I did not like it!

This is the new one and the prettiest (my opinion).  I want to thank Cheryl so much for the support!

Here are the 4 blocks that I have completed that were to be done in September – I am slowly catching up!  Only 12 more blocks that I want to finish by the end of this year – 2019!

There will be a vine that runs through the leaf and bird blocks.  I am happy now with where I am going with this quilt!

I am linking up with Roseanne’s To Do Tuesday Linky Party.  She has kept me grounded for the last 2 weeks!  Check it out!

For 17 –  24 December I will be working on applique blocks for Celebrating Mary Brown and might slip in some piecing on a quick project that I had signed up for but have not been able to work on.


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Alexander is Finished!

Greetings!  I am doing a Happy Dance!  I finished Alexander Bean Pot designed by Carol Hopkins!  I started about a year ago with 16 blocks, then put them in a drawer and it became a UFO!  So from the end of August 2019 until yesterday I worked on making an additional 48 blocks and the 9 patch sashings!  I am glad that I did have this project to work on while I recuperated from Cataract surgery as it was easier to work on them as I could.  There were other issues that delayed my ability to finish earlier, but I have made myself a promise to not look back anymore and go forward (thank you Jaydee!!!!).

So without further ado here he is!

Another view:

Now for a tree update!  We hired someone to prune all of our pine trees.  Then we hired a great company to come in and remove dead trees and all the limbs from the pine trees.  They both did a wonderful job.  Now Clay is left with getting all the leaves up!  He uses a Leave Vacuum system which helps him a lot.  We are in a serious drought here in our area of South Texas.  I believe we have had 5 inches of rain since June or July!  It is horrible as we did have some green grass before this drought started.  It has been well worth the $$ to have this baby!

These are pictures of the view I enjoy looking at through my Bay windows in our Studio!


You can easily see the damage that was caused by our feeding the Deer.  They are now gone to other places to eat.  We quit feeding them when they ate our little pine tree that Clay had nurtured and planted in the area so I could look out my windows while sewing.  Hopefully if we have a lot of rain in the next 3 months our grass might come back!

Friday we purchased another tree to replace the other one to put on the tree stump where a tree outside my window had to be cut down this week (boo boo) due to the possibility it could fall on our new roof in the Studio.  So Clay had them leave about 3 1/2’ of the stump and we placed the new tree on it.  I love it!

OH – you want to know what the poles are for?  WELL, it is a hot wire to keep any Deer from eating my tree!!!!!

AND we purchased a Bird Bath and placed it where our other tree was located (the one the Deer ate).

I am now putting all my quilting time into catching up Celebrating Brown.  I am at the point in my quilt life that if I do not like a block, I will be changing it.  I have found one that really needs to be changed.  More to come this week as I spend the majority of my day time appliquéing!   It would be so wonderful to have all blocks completed by the end of the week as I have one other small project that I want to work on – Hum – maybe I will mix them up rather than sitting all day doing hand work!

So for my Slow Sunday Stitching and other links I am working on Mary Brown!



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To Do Tuesday – and Alexander is on the Design Wall!!!

Greetings from South Texas where we are having my kind of weather – cold and rainy!  What more could I want you ask – TO BE FINISHED WITH ALEXANDER BEAN POT!  I am rather tired of it since I started finishing this UFO in late August and that went out the window.   I am HOPING to finish it into a flimsy by Thursday (if I beat that day I will be very happy!)  I am not sure, but think it will be a 65″ x 65″ quilt!  We shall see!

I have decided that this quilt is a lap quilt and will not have to be perfect so lets see if I can just put the quilt together even if something does not match perfectly!  Now you may ask “What is that on the right side in the picture?”  the last row of 9 patches and strip piecing sashings will go on the left side of the quilt!  I am not sure about the border fabric I will use – it is a wait and see game!

I never thought that it would take this long to finish it, but I guess one needs the eyes to work well to sew!  LOL  I have never counted pieces in a quilt but here goes a count as close as I want to get!

There are 64 Blocks @ 5″ unfinished.  Each block has 5 ea – 2″ squares;  16 ea – 1 1/4″ squares; and 4 ea – 2″ strip set consisting of 1 1/4″ x 2″ of light and dark fabrics!     For a total of    320 – 2″ squares;    1,024 1 1/4″ squares;     AND    256 of the 2″ strip sets!

For the Sashings there are 81 ea – 2 3/4″ (unfinished) 9 Patches and 145 ea – 5″ strip sets of 2 darks and 1 light strips @ 1 1/4″ x 5.   I am tired, are  your?  LOL

Have a great day and enjoy stitching.

Hugs to all and if there is a quilter in my little space south of San Antonio Texas who wants to join me in quilting one day let me know – I need a quilting buddy!  Anyone outside of Texas is also welcome to come over although it may be a little longer commute!  LOL  I miss my sister/cousin Kay she was my best buddy!


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Alexander Bean Pot Upate (Really?)

OK – Things were going good until Monday morning!  This is thanks to BCBS screwing up on Monday (cost me more time to get it cleaned up). Tuesday it was our Credit Union who screwed up our IRA RMD (another couple of days to get that fixed) and by then I was screaming at them!  Then by Thursday I did not feel good (Hum wonder why)  Is it me or am I having another bad month???? What am I doing wrong – breathing?????

Thursday I had interruptions most of the day and did not feel well due to having to deal with the 2 companies listed above – think it was a little left over STRESS? But I was determined to sew on Alexander!

But then I had problems with my eyes and could no longer stand it!  My eyes have been giving me fits ever since the surgery with swelling of the eye lids and bags under my eyes which I had never had before!  I hit the brick wall!  I called the eye doctor and got an appointment for yesterday – Problem Resolved – she put plugs in my eye ducts which has helped immensely.  My eyes are not near as puffy from the dry eye.  These are temporary plugs and I have to go back in January to get check to see how I am doing.  Oh Yea!  I will now have her put in permanent silicone plugs as soon as she can!

Additionally, those pesky eye lashes were growing back into the eye – and that is really fun!  She took care of them but I will probably have to go in every 6 weeks or so to make sure they are not doing it again!

I am done with this mess – why didn’t I go in sooner – well because I listened to them telling me it was dry eye and it would settle down.  Why do I listen to anyone? No sewing for 2 days – can you hear the frustration??????????????

Then this morning I was going to be on a roll UNTIL I realized that I was not receiving email from my Gmail account into my MSN account. I could not figure out why this was happening and I have been around computers since 1966!!!

Here it is 4:15 and I have found the problem after numb nuts from Microsoft drove me nuts for over an hour trying to figure out the problem, and of course there are no humans that work for Google, so I finally figured out what was happening because of ME!  We have been receiving so much Junk Mail that I guess I just blocked the wrong people.  I have now corrected that.  That was not fun either!  But before I did I manually sent all emails from the last 2 days to myself so now I have 63 emails to go through!

It wasn’t bad enough that I had this type of day, Clay called Home Depot to see if they had a 5′ gate to add to our chain link fence so he could get his mower and leaf vacuum machine in and out easier in the front yard.  Poor guy – the lady told him that she would hold the gate for him ##### BUT did not tell him that he needed to pay for it over the phone in order to hold it!  I was immersed with my Karma Saturday so he wasted over 3 hours at HD.  They could not find the gate that the lady was holding for him and wanted him to buy a double gate – he stood his ground and they finally found it!  What a ZOO!  If she would have given him the right information as to where it was being held AND that it would be better to give her a credit card to hold it!  Another company employee who doesn’t know their job! This was a 60 mile round trip – standing on cement for 3 hours for someone who has Neuropathy in his feet!  You know he is HAPPY with his Karma Saturday!

I think if we were drinkers we would be drunk and smoking a pack of cigarettes OR if I did not want to be sick tomorrow I would eat a whole pizza!

Thank you for listening – I feel better – do you!

Here is were I was on Wednesday afternoon and so happy because I had changed the way I was cutting my strips thank you to the Blogger who suggested that I cut a 10 1/2″ strip WOF and then cut the 1 1/4″ strips lengthwise – she was saving my bacon!

Clay and I know that we need to be thankful for our health at 75, financially sound, and have all the toys in the world, but this week was another week from Hell for both of us.  It is no wonder that I am not meeting my goals with my quilting.  I wish that the younger generation were not so ill informed about how to do their jobs – it is costing me precious time that I do not have at my age!

Does anyone else ever feel this way???????????  Where is Pizza Hut when you need a FIX?

I will make no promises to when this quilt due to stupid people who cause me problems, and tomorrow at 10 we have someone coming to give an estimate to do some clearing of dead trees – there goes my spending spree which usually gets me out of my depraved state of mind!  That is another issue that is not worth talking about!

Hoping that everyone comes back tomorrow for Slow Stitching Sunday – I MAY have something to show, but do not hold your breath! I promise to be nice!  I guess I should call my Blog – The Complaining Quilter!



It does pay to vent!!!  Unless everyone quits following me!  LOL