Fun and Games with Celebrating Mary Brown SAL

Greetings!  We still have wonderful HOT HOT weather to deal with – last week we had 3 days of 100+ and still in the 100 range as far as I am concerned and no rain in sight!  We MIGHT have a cool front in mid-October, but not looking good.  If we ever get winter I am going to never wear a coat – no matter how cold I get!  This has been a brutal summer since August!

On the Cataract front – after Friday we will be down to only 9 more trips to SA for eye issues – 4 November is the last one!  Clay has completed both eyes.  Other than the dry eye problem that the daily drops cause, he is doing great and will be completely finished with them on the 16th of October!

I will have my right eye done on 1 Oct and the left eye on 8 Oct.  We have the greatest surgeon!  We have been going to her for 5 years and each time she is bubbly, happy, and always lifts our spirits.  She is one of the best in San Antonio.  The hospital staff is also great.

I will be so glad to get through my surgeries since I now know the process.  I will also have 2 weeks of no lifting or bending over.  Hum, maybe I can get back to sewing quicker than I thought.  And those lovely 4 times a day (8-12-4-8) eye drop are really fun as they begin to take over one’s life.   But it is best to do as instructed because the alternative is not good!

I wanted to let all know that this month I have joined the Celebrating Mary Brown SAL with Karen, Cathy and Julie who have just completed Dearest Boy quilt.  I am really looking forward to working with the great quilters who have signed up to participate.

Corliss Searcey has provided such an excellent pattern for this quilt and the cost of the pattern is well worth the money.  Corliss is to be commended on her excellent work!  I have been working on preparing 16 blocks for this project.  I will be behind everyone for a few weeks but I know that I can catch up!  Here are the participants and on the 30th of the month take time to visit them!

I really do miss my little quilting world but realize that I do not need to try to work on my projects with so much going on!  Less stress is better for Type A idiots!


This September Karen and Cathy selected Celebrating Mary Brown as their next project and invited anyone to join in the fun!  The following quilters are participating.  We will be showing completed blocks on the 30th of each month!  Take the time to visit them to see their completed monthly blocks!  If interested let Karen know you are interested in joining the group.

Karen – Log Cabin Quilter (Lead) Karen
Cathy – Biglakequilter
Jennie  – Overthehillandrunning
Julie K –  Juliekquilts
Robin –   solsticestudio
Nanette – Doitrightquilter
Jan –  I will post her pictures with mine

16 Replies to “Fun and Games with Celebrating Mary Brown SAL”

  1. Sure am glad to read Clay is doing well and then there’s you …up next 🙂 I really enjoyed taking a look at all the links you posted. Beautiful work by everyone. Thanks for sharing that 🙂 Sharon


  2. You are so positive and upbeat. I know I have that surgery in my future but I’ll put it off as long as I can. Also, my blog name is “I like to Create” but your link works so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


    1. Well, I will say today I am positive and upbeat, but driving those 4 days the last 2 weeks to SA was not fun! It has kept me from my quilting! But those new eyes will certainly be worth it! Hugs


  3. Mary Brown is a beautiful quilt, you’ll have fun with your sharper vision after the surgery. I’d love to join in but I canNOT add 1 more thing. Hope you get some cooler weather, maybe you should move to the Dakota’s, ha ha! Happy Stitching!


  4. Glad to hear Clay is doing so well. Maybe you should take a trip up north before winter wonderland arrives….lows next week will be 34! Thinking of you next Tuesday. If I ever finish at the campground (trailers are still coming in to spend the winter!!!) I’ll pop you a note and we can FaceTime while you are recovering. We can hope, but don’t hold your breath!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Monday is officially my last day! I’m glad I had the job, but doing it and a full piano studio was wearing me out! Next year will be easier, as I’ll be in the office most of the time, so no more heavy lifting.


  5. Hi Nanette! I’m so glad to hear that Clay has both eye surgeries behind him and is doing well. The annoyance of having to put in drops every four hours is minimal. I hope your surgery goes equally as well. I’m sure you’ll be happy to have it behind you as well. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I am ready. Today we did not have to travel the 100 mile round trip to SA! 4 trips last week, 4 this week and for the next 2 weeks – 3 times – A total of around 1900 miles from start to finish!
      Today was just wonderful!


  6. I have this pattern (I bought it a few years ago) but it is in to do in the future stack. Maybe I will start it. Sounds like fun.


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