To Do Tuesday – 24 May 2022

Greetings from a cooler South Texas! Cloudy, North wind, and only 66 degrees with Humidity at 69! Great for power walking. This week will be cooler and maybe we will be out of the 107 degrees for at least a week or two. Today is voting today in Texas Run Off! Hoping all Republicans and Independents headed to the Polls today!

I have met my 2 goals for this week! I finished my Southwest Texas Style Quilt on Saturday (beat the Tuesday goal!). This quilt is based on a picture of an Antique quilt that I saw on line about 4 years ago. It was easy to replicate it in EQ8. I searched for this block in all the block books and could not find it so not sure what the actual name of the block is. This is the 2nd quilt that I did not have an issue with and it was a great. When I use EQ8 to print out instructions, if rotary cutting I add a 1/8” on all measurements for cutting and have no problems with making the quilt. Stars in the Garden was one of the best designed and pattern directions that I have worked on in a long time. Hats off to the Designer.

My other project to finish was to remove the existing border on Bats and Boos* quilt and remake a pretty border. Done! The longer I looked at the BIG WHITE BORDER, I just knew I had to redo it. (*Note I had the names reversed)

This how I finished the quilt in 2021!

Sunday and Monday I worked on the design of the new borders. I started by cutting white lightening border down to 2” inches finished, then decided on doing HSTs for the next border. I tried using all black HSTs and thought about another border with Orange HSTs, but that went out the window and decided to alternate between black and orange! Notice the corners, I added a cornerstone of the white lightening fabric for each corner which allowed the opposite corners matched! Clay liked the black fabric to finish it off, so I used a 4” border of the black lightening fabric. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome! Thx Clay – you always are there to be the 2nd pair of eyes on my work!

The New Bats and Boos!

Here is a picture of the quilt pattern by Fat Quarter Shop

I am now caught up on projects again. It is time now to turn my attention to my applique projects. I am going to prepare Lilly Rosenberry, Lori Smith’s quilt, and In the Garden.

Lori Smiths Pattern 7616 and 7613, and

In The Garden by Dawn Heese

My next pieced quilt will be a Wedding Ring Quilt either using Shar Jorgenson’s templates, or Marti Michell’s. I am ’thinking’ about using some French General fabrics called Papillon. I

I will not start on the Wedding Ring quilt until I have prepared the applique work. My goal is to have that finished by this week-end. I will be prepping one block for LIlly, 4 blocks for In the Garden, and 6 blocks for Lori Smith’s project with Jaydee. For me it takes time to select fabric, copy the patterns, and trace the pattern on the backgrounds. It is a fun process!

I just head about the 14 students and 1 teacher were killed in Uvalde, Texas this afternoon.. Uvalde is about 90 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. We are located East of San Antonio. This country has absolutely gone NUTS! What would cause a man go to this school and kill the children – elementary children. I wonder if he is an Illegal……. I wonder if the President feels that it would worth his time to come down here to comfort the parents….. I just wonder who the President of the United States really is? Obama behind the scenes? Susan Rice who is in charge of Domestic Policy? It sure is not Joseph Biden – he doesn’t even know where he is! Maybe it is the Evil Hillary Clinton who put this Country in absolute chaos since she and Bubba moved to Washington DC in 1993! Think about it – The original Evil Drama Queen and I mean Evil!

May God welcome the precious children and their teacher into his arms in Heaven!

Hugs, Nanette

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19 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 24 May 2022”

  1. The Southwest Texas quilt is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see how it’s quilted. Your Bats & Boos is the pretties one I’ve seen. The fabrics for the wedding ring quilt are so pretty, can’t wait to see all those lovely rings. Good luck with all the applique prep, happy stitching!


    1. Thank you Gretchen! I am so glad that I waited to finish the 2 quilts. I guess I am in a great quilting creative mood like I used to be! I think the French General will work well with the Wedding Ring quilt. Lilly will have batiks….I am in the middle of preparing the projects. I am giving myself until Sunday to have all that I have stated ready for applique – it will be nice to have a choice and not just working on one applique. Hugs


  2. Your new Bats and Boos is perfect. The border just sings! Southwest looks fab all together; that is a great design, Nanette. Praying for Uvalde, such a horror.😢


    1. Thank you Vicki. I am so glad that I just left the pretty quilt with that plain border. I think I was not in a creativity mood in November. Pays to put things away for awhile. Hugs


  3. I love your new version of Bats and Boos – Clay did good in his recommendation. 😉 I prefer yours to Fat Quarter Shop! The French General Papillon is gorgeous.
    You know I feel the same about our country and such heart-breaking news from Uvalde.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


    1. Thank you Linda. Yes, sometimes when I need a 2nd pair of eyes he jumps in and gives me his 2 cents. But remember he loves black! LOL.
      Gov Abbott has a problem. If you have kept up with the press conferences they have a serious problem. I called his office and left a message that he needs to get things cleared up! Hugs.


  4. Oh my word Nanette. No, the Uvalde shooter is not an illegal immigrant. YES, the real President of the United States of America is arriving in Uvalde on Sunday to be with the grieving families. You share so much hate for so many people, and then move on in another sentence asking God to embrace the children and teachers from this tragedy. Perhaps it’s time to truly open your heart and mind to make room for God’s presence.

    I’ll be hopping off of your blog, just too much craziness for me!


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