To Do Tuesday – 1 November 2022

Greetings from a still drought stricken LV! We have rain to the North and Southeast, but none here – Darn! It is cooler and that is nice though.

Yesterday was my Birthday and we decided that it would be better to cook my special day breakfast (which meant to go off the rails on the strict diet) at home so I would not overdo on the sodium and eat MSG. So off to HEB get the ingredients to make chalupas for brunch/lunch. They turned out so good, refried beans, REAL cheese, and avocado on a corn tortilla! If I would have stopped there I would probably have been better off, but on the way to the store we stopped for some Apple Fritters at the Donut Place. I ate half of one, well, OK almost all of it, and boy did I go on a sugar high! Supper was non-existent and today I will be back on the ‘No food diet’!

Clay and I always give one another cards on our birthdays and anniversaries, but lovely Chinese mess got us off track for awhile. But we are back on schedule and he gave me a great card! My present was sending 12 quilts to Rebecca for quilting! Tomorrow she and I will go over patterns that she will use to quilt them. Yippee!

I have not produced very much in the last week. I thought that starting last Wednesday life would be quiet. BUT NO, a phone call came in from my neighbor and I had the funniest feeling when I saw who was calling and boy was I correct on that one. Bottom line, sometimes is pays to know so much about Contract, Lawyers, the way Government works, and how to use technology to assist in resolving a problem. Sometimes it is better to be stupid! I feel for her, at age 72 her husband of 48 years decided to file for a divorce and marry my her sister! I thought that the one thing she asked me to do would be the end of it! Not my luck. For the last week a call every day. She hired an Attorney and paid a lot of money. She needs to call him! Thank you for letting me vent and today if a call comes through, Clay will run interference!

During this time I started losing emails, and emails going straight to the Trash bin, was not coming through either. It took me 2 days to figure out what had happened. Somehow along with some WordPress emails were blocked. Yesterday I finally figured that out I needed to clear the blocked section out and add Follow,it to safe emails. That stopped it and this morning things are working. Another issue was all the junk mail from political emails wanting more money! In I went to settings in “Subscriptions” and deleted about 100 that were listed! This morning there were only 3 Junk emails. So happiness is peace and quiet today!

The other day Jaydee sent me a picture of a quilt that she just finished. She will be hand quilting it. I really like it and thought you might enjoy seeing it also.

I started working on the border or Boo’s and Bat’s cross stitch which will match my Boo’s and Bat’s quilt. I finished (after tearing out one outside border that was on the wrong line) the black and working on the orange line. I believe today I will have a lot more done. I am going to add black and orange rows ending in either black or grey!

For the next week, I HOPE to start quilting on my Feathered Star and also work on 3 quilts that need to have the binding sewn down. These were quilts that were sent out to be quilted in 2013 but still waiting on me! I will take pictures of the quilts for next week. But mostly my goal is to unwind, relax, watch President Trump’ 4 rallies, football, and watch the election returns in 7 days! I will probably embroidery some, and finally I really want to get those 5 blocks for In My Garden.

Oops forgot – 2 new iPhones and a new Apple Watch are on the way by 4 November – so that means a day or so to get the phones changed out. Finger’s crossed that all goes quickly and with no problems.

Have a wonderful week stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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9 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 1 November 2022”

  1. Glad you had a good day. If you see your neighbor’s number, just let it ring. She might leave a message, but probably she will find another person to vent to, or call her attorney. 😉


  2. Happy Birthday Nanette! It sounds like your day was a good day over all. Your feathered quilt looks good and your Bats & Boos stitch looks pretty darn good. I am working on the same project. Good luck with all the items on your list!


  3. Happy birthday my friend! I get it on the breakfast donut – we just had homemade cinnamon rolls this morning, and I already feel the sugar rush. 😀 Jaydee’s quilt is pretty. How do you and Rebecca decide on quilt patterns? Crazy about that gal and her friend and the jerk husband, but I hope they stop bugging you. Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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