To Do Tuesday – 25 January 2022

Today started out with an IRS issue. Yesterday we received a letter from IRS telling us we had a credit of $626.00 and that they had not received our Tax Return and to send another copy. I pulled my files and confirmed that I had submitted our taxes on 1 May 2020 and as always I send in a priority folder for tracking.

IDIOTS!!!!@@@@ took me two hours to talk to someone who immediately apologized and told me to tear it up!!! She said that this is a system problem and we were not the only ones. We always have to pay and in 2020 we got the Stimulus credit which lowered our tax liability. I always submit a paper submission to IRS. THE CREDIT was their money for our taxes owed. The Lady advised me that because they are so far behind and short staffed that they have not processed our return. So if you receive a weird letter like I did trash it or it will take you 2 to 3 hours to be told what they told me. Now that is if you punch the right Option to get to speak with a person.

Now on to where I am in 2022! Nowhere with quilting that is for sure.

But I have completed the outline for Love

I am really enjoying the Cross Stitch project.

I spent time on Dresden Heaven and am about 1/3rd of the way through sewing on buttons. I had to take 2 rows apart when I finish them I will sew them back together and rip another row. Oh Joy! i have 9 more buttons to sew on to finish the 2 rows.

total buttons to sew=105

I had to stop the walking the last 4 days because my cough was still bothering me. Tomorrow I will try again as the Cedar count has peaked so I will see if I can do it. I have to get with the healthy program because my new quilter is waiting for my quilts. I need to get the backs prepared. She uses her own batting which makes me happy. One less thing to do. I think I am just trying to get my productivity back. Yesterday I did some house work and today ran errands. Maybe the rest of January I will get to walk each day and change my attitude!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Nanette

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11 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 25 January 2022”

  1. Nice progress on the cross stitch! Those buttons are sooo cute.🥰 oh bother on having to do some rip out. I have a piece by my chair that I need to rip out tonight ,got some blocks flip around wrong.😑 take care,my friend🤗


  2. I have been well at least 10 days longer than you, and I have only walked consistently this week…well I shoveled yesterday, that is four days in a row. You’ll be back at it soon, just mind that cough and listen to your body. 10 buttons left on the left column! You are making good progress! See you in a bit!


    1. Hey Ms Kathy! Well, late on this one, but this morning 2-3-22 I have decided to just get moving in the Studio and vacuum each day for my exercise. The cold air really makes the cough come back. I can start walking again when I am over this mess. Enjoyed the FT yesterday – Finished my blocks! Hugs

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  3. Glad your IRS issue resolved quickly! I always forget how gorgeous Dresden Heaven is. Your cross stitch is looking great.
    Take care my friend and thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!


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