To-Do Tuesday – 29 June 2021

Warning – Status of Things to make you Depressed! June 2021 is almost over with and we are now 6 months and 2 days until 2022! Are you ready or that? Well, if not you should be, and in fact, you should be praying for 2024 to come FAST! Clay and I realized how dangerous this country is dangerously getting close to another 1929 Depression! Our first experience that gave us the first indicator was the visit to Durant Oklahoma when the Choctaw Nation had a job fair and was offering a $1,000.00 bonus to ACTUALLY ACCEPT a job with the Casino. WOW what an eye opener in April 2021 to see that they could not get people to take a job without paying them to come to work.

We had to come home early from Durant because of the Illegal Aliens who cross the border were being dropped off with 6 miles of our home and these Illegal Aliens who cross our border are not really nice people – they hurt US Citizens and break into our homes. One cannot enjoy a vacation knowing that this is going on so close to our home. Texas is just one of the border states for the Illegal Aliens to start living off solid American Citizens with our hard earned tax dollars. Do not be dismayed though if you live north of Texas and beyond, because we share and they are also headed throughout the US! This is compliments of the Democrats.

Now let’s fast forward to our day yesterday. If we thought that we had a shock in Durant, and the Illegals, nothing compared to what we experienced at the furniture store. We had decided to purchase a double recliner love seat and one single recliner. The first store we stopped at only had 7 recliners on the floor (when they used to have over 50)! Then we were advised it would be a YEAR if we placed an order with them! WHAT??? We had wanted to replace 360 feet of fence line last month but found out how the prices had tripled for materials, but never figured it had hit the furniture industry (DUH!).

Now on to the second store! We found a perfect (or at least we thought we did) Recliner Love Seat, BUT they did not have a matching single recliner we wanted. Another shock – this time they said it would be April 2022 before they would receive any orders placed now! We spent about one and a half hours to sit in the different chairs trying to decide if we wanted to pay close to $2,000 for the double recliner. I noticed that one side was a little higher than the other so I sat on one side, then the other, only to find out that one was softer! When I mentioned this to the Owner and asked him to do the same thing and let me know if it was me or the chair, he quickly stated that he did not need to because they were made by humans and one was different. Well, out of that store and it was a Lazy Boy Recliner that has poor workmanship!

Now you may not want to read something like this on my Blog as I know it is not quilting, but if you were not aware by now, this is not the time to purchase any big ticket items because the prices have tripled and most not available.

Now is the time to just sit and wait it out and pray for our country that our economy does not tank. I am surprised that it has not hit the Quilting World. Maybe it has but I am blessed and do not need any supplies for a long time.

OK enough of that depressing news – I have had enough of it by just trying to purchase a chair. Just let us stay on our 5 acres where we are well protected and make a short trip every now and then. No shopping because there is nothing available to purchase!

Goals from last week for To Do Tuesdays!

  • Continue with Personal Fitness and Attitude Goals
  • Continue with Dresden Heaven blocks
  • Continue with A Bountiful LIfe blocks
  • Make Block 4 (titled Snow) for Santa Fe Trail with Melva
  • Drag out Stonefields Pattern – Sections 7-10 need to be prepared.
  • Quilt my Autumn Leaves Quilt Top that was one of the first quilts I had made in 2000.

I had some life interruptions last week that took 2 days so I am a little behind. I will be quilting Autumn Leaves today. The backing is ready and I have taken the time to make sure that the quilt will not be out of square! I was a beginner when I made this quilt in 2000 timeframe.

First problem Identified!
Another well know beginner mistake found
I still have a problem trailing off from the seam line!

I understand that these are little errors, but they really can ruin a quilt top! It looks much better now. The border was done at 5 1/2″ but after quilting I plan on reducing it to 5 inches unfinished, 4 1/2″ finished! I am not sure exactly how it will turn out because of the button hole hand stitching, but I will do my best!

The top is looking much better and I love the backing that I picked. The green is Kona Bay fabric from 2000! I loved it at the time, but never could figure out what to do with it! Now it has a home on the back of Autumn Leaves quilt!

Autumn Leaves Corrected
Backing for Autumn Leaves

Santa Fe Trail Block 4 is completed. I am following Melva‘s Quilt Along!

Block 4

I am almost finished with Block 10 of 16 for A Bountiful Life. Just need to do the flowers and a few stems.

Block 10 of 16

Goals for 28 June thru 5 July 2021 are:

  • Finish Block 10 of A Bountiful Life
  • Work on Block 11 of A Bountiful Life
  • Finish Quilting Autumn Leaves and do the binding
  • Work on Stonefields
  • Tack on more Dresden Heaven plates to background fabric

I will make another attempt at Stonefields, but no promises hard and fast for me on this one. Depend if I can get excited about it again. We have Thursday and Friday filled with Doctor Appointments again, so that takes care of 2 days. If other days are peaceful and quiet, I just may reach my goals.

I hope everyone is looking forward to some celebrations for the 4th of July! Maybe next year our lives will be back in order and things won’t be so unpleasant. This one is difficult these days!

Hugs, Nanette and enjoy stitching! I AM!

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17 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – 29 June 2021”

    1. Thank you Joy! I debated as to either leave it in the post or delete. We no longer watch any news – we only watched either FOX before they turned against Trump but then went to OAN where they support my President Trump. But I firmly believe that the only sure things we can buy will be some food, some gas, some clothes, and pray that they do not mess with our medications.

      We never watched mainstream news who lies or newspapers who do the same. So we knew the Truth along with 74 million other Americans.

      But now we watch Gunsmoke and any movie we can find. The News angers me and I do not to want that anger in my life. I will patiently wait for 2022 and 2024 and hope we survive this disaster.

      I am hoping that those who voted against Trump because of his personality can realize that he loves this country and that he cared for all of us – not just some “groups”. I feel that they must suffer along with us since they are responsible for the disaster this Nation is suffering from. The idiots in charge now hate White people and our Constitution. I am disgusted with the Supreme Court!

      Yesterday brought back the anger for what the Swamp Creatures have done to our country and all those in the states that did the Election Coup. But I digress.

      We are blessed to have our health and retirement.

      Have a wonderful 4th!


  1. From an employer point of view… we run an overhead door company,.. it is a very difficult time for both the seller and buyer for in the last six month the price increase for us to buy doors to sell have gone up 60%. Try explaining that to a customer.I can’t blame a person when they say that they can’t afford it. Right now service work is keeping us afloat…
    That yellow flower definitely breaks up the wild leaves,it’s going to be lovely when finished.


    1. I am VERY concerned about all businesses. I know that the consumer will have to pay more because the businesses have to pay more. We were going to replace our front fence until we found out that the drill stems which sold for $9.00 for a 32 foot piece went up to $80.00 for a 32 foot piece! So sad. Then Biden pays people to stay home. There is a lot going wrong in this Country. I just hope the good people survive!

      I am glad that you have the service work. I feel for the people who are working and have to pay the horrible price for fuel just to get to a job to survive!

      It will be a miracle if the trucking industry survives.

      Thx on the yellow flower comment – have a great 4th!

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  2. I am looking forward to seeing this quilted, one of your earliest quilts! Seeing the stems and yellow on your appliqué already has toned down the wildness of the green. I think it will work great. I think we are 8n for some very tough times, but I’m not sure it would matter who is actually in the White House. The Federal Reserve is actually running the country, and they are taking orders from a very small group of powerful people whose only political affiliation is to themselves. They are neither democrat nor republican, and are a law unto themselves. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


    1. Thank you Kathy. I agree on the FR, but having worked for the Feds for 33 years, when administrations are changed (political) The Appointees start running the Departments and it trickles down to the lowest level. What concerns me is the policies that the current administration has un-done from Trump and the craziness that is going on with paying people to not work. Of course those who decide to accept that and not work must also carry the blame. We all suffer, and I have been praying that we can receive help from our God. Hugs!

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    1. Hey Ms Lori! Thank you! I have learned so much since I started quilting and it was by making quilts and trying to figure out why things did not work out. I learned that the straight pin would become my best friend to keep me from sewing a seam and one of the pieces slipping without me catching it.. LOL. Lots and Lots of playing with Jack the Ripper! Hugs


  3. Good luck with your quilting! I actually just finished a flimsy and want to get it sandwiched and quilted today and tomorrow before our son and family come late Friday. I trail off my seams too; I have to constantly fight it! That backing is just perfect for your quilt.

    I read parts of this to my hubby, and at the part where you had to return from your vacay because of illegal aliens, he said I hope they have firearms! We are with you all the way. I actually get nervous thinking about the next few years. Biden can’t even talk to the person sitting next to him without reading from a script, and he can’t even read very well. Kamala-lala is in way over her head and can’t do anything but giggle. And every. single. thing. is now racist. I was taught not to notice color, but all they want us to notice now is color. Ummm hello, that is actually being racist people! OK down off my soapbox. 😀

    Have a wonderful PATRIOTIC 4th of July Nanette!

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    1. We are well protected! I was trying to point out that very hard times are coming. We did not need the chairs because ours are in very good shape but we are not purchasing because of the inflated costs due to idiot’s policies that will kill the country! So we just added more foam to them and things are fine. I do believe that from now on people will to vote because they do not like a personality. What matters is how much the President of USA loves this Country and our Constitution. Idiot won’t make another 3 1/2 years, so hang on to your mind because Giggle Girl could become the President, although the Dems are smart enough to get rid of her before Idiot leaves. Going to be interesting. When the economy really gets bad by the end of the year Idiot will be useless! 2022 will be the biggest turnover of the House and Senate EVER!

      I am off my soap box now, it was just such another eye opener on Monday that I could not help myself from venting! LOL.

      Enjoy your family! Hugs

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  4. You are right on target about the availability of items that have never had waits or order ahead. Manufacturers cant get enough help thanks to the present in charge people. Idiots. It took us 6 mos to get a freezer and I would hate the thought of building a house the price of supplies and the waiting for the building and short crews etc. OMG drives one crazy. We haven’t seen it in our quilt stores but the trickle down is coming. I’m well covered for supplies at the moment but for future things who knows? I feel badly that your vacation cut short.
    I am busy quilting on my CWB quilt (it is coming along) and doing a lot of thinking. I hope all my quilting friends keep busy working on their UFO’s and PHD’s. Have a great day Nanette and thank you for sharing.

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    1. I feel for those whose air conditioning goes out, the computer breaks, the heater goes belly up, the car dies, and other things that are needed to continue on with the basics of life, Like gasoline, food, and clothing!

      Most quilters will survive with their stash, but I wonder if it will ever come that fabric yardage, etc is going to be rationed like our food has been.

      I did not believe that the shortages that we went through last year could ever happen! But China got back at us big time. It will only get worse, but we can pull out of it if all pull together and gain control of the House and Senate in 2022 and stop Idiot and Giggle Girl (nice nicknames for them).

      Your CWB is going to be a stunner when you finish! Enjoy the time you can catch to work on it! Life will get better – just hang on Jaydee! Love ya

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  5. I do worry about your well being there so close to that border. Desperate people are known to do desperate things. I think it is a good thing to not watch the news anymore…I don’t know who or what to believe. There just seems to be so much corruption. The less I know, the better for my mental health at this stage of life.
    Meanwhile, beautiful quilting as always, Nanette. Having such a hobby is a true blessing. You two take care!


  6. Hi Jocelyn, yes for our mental health it is best to stay from the day to day craziness. I do believe that is why Monday was such a shock. Never thought that much about the fact that delays in supplies affected ALL businesses. Lesson learned.

    We have accepted that it will be a tough few years and we do not need to add to it by shopping for things that we really do not need. The corruption is worse than ever in the Government and it was bad when I worked for them but not to this level! I love to watch Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith! They keep us relaxed and happy. Western movies (the old ones) really help us get through this mess.

    How is Ned doing. We thought about getting a Lab, but decided against it. For me I just do not need that responsibility. But I am happy for you and hubby to have Ned! He is a beautiful Chocolate Lab! Enjoy.

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