And the Hits Keep On Coming!

This is my 390 post since I started my Blog.  It should be double that, but life since 2014 has had just too many twists and turns.   The latest hit came when Clay’s Cardiologist called us at home on  Thursday evening at 9:14 and 10:00 and left a message to come to the office at noon the next day to discuss the results of the Echocardiogram that was done last Thursday and we were not scheduled to see him until 24 March.  Needless to say, it was a short night Thursday evening.

For the latest addition to our Social Calendar and hits in our Lives – Clay has Severe Aorta Stenosis.   The bottom line is this.  He will have a complete heart catheter procedure on 20 March to see if the arteries have blockages and if they can be opened with a stint, OR if they are completely blocked.  This is another 2 step process because he has to have his Aorta Valve replaced.  If the arteries are partially blocked and stints are used they can replace the valve through the arteries.  IF they are blocked, then he will have open heart surgery.

In the meantime, we have 5 more therapy sessions for his hand, 2 doctor appointments and I have 2 eye doctor appointments before the 20th.

This may sound weird, but we are still blessed – if Clay had not accidentally shot himself in the hand on New Years Eve, and BAMC being so worried about his heart murmer, along with the ER run with his heart issue a couple of weeks ago, he might have had a massive heart attack with a negative outcome.  All of this has led us to an excellent Cardiologist who is going to take care of the test on the 20th and then he will be referred to the Surgeons to do the Heart Valve replacement.

We are positive that all will be fine in the end and we keep on praying that it is.  In the meantime, we are focusing on his hand issue and hoping that by the 20th he will have a good progress report from the Doctors on therapy and the bone graft.

Have a wonderful weekend and next week!




14 Replies to “And the Hits Keep On Coming!”

  1. Hi Nanette! I will continue to hold you both in prayer. What a blessing to have found a wonderful cardiologist. Having confidence in him is half the battle. {{Hugs}} a bunch for both of you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. So glad that you have found great help, Nanette! I remember the stress we had when my hubby needed stints, and how comforting it was to know that we had a great health team for support! May God continue to bless you and Clay as He shows the needs and provides for you!


  3. Amazing how God works!! The negative – shooting his hand – turned into a positive – finding out about the heart problems…totally the way God works!! A friend had a car accident that broke her back…the x-rays they took to diagnose her back revealed early breast cancer that was easily taken care of!! God is totally in control, we just need to depend on Him and do our part. So glad you have a great medical team taking care of Clay!!!


  4. It’s a bump in the road, but how fortunate to have found out now, and how blessed to live in a time where it could be found and fixed. I’m so glad that things are proceeding quickly for both of you. It seems like a lot in a short time, but then it will all be done and you can relax and heal and make whatever changes have to be made for diet and exercise, and get back to the business of your hobbies and arts. =)


  5. Oh my goodness, what impeccable timing God has. My new sewing project is a reminder that He is enough-always-no matter what-He is enough. Praying you guys through this!


  6. Nanette, I was a cardiac RN in adults and pediatrics for 20 plus years. Please write me with ANY questions may have but it sounds like you have a good handle on his situation right now… email me directly at kathibc at yahoo dot com… Without finding this early it could have been a sad ending… he has a new lease on life once though this procedure now it seems! Congrats and God Bless you… I am writing these dates you mentioned on my calendar to keep y’all in my thoughts and prayers for peace and healing! Kathi


  7. God is good ! I know times have been tough for you and Clay with all that has been happening, and the thought of more surgeries,and Doctor visits is distressing,but it sounds like your in good hands. Praying for you both and the Docs.❤️


  8. Oh no! Praying that all goes well for your husband and that things can be taken care of in the easier method.


  9. My husband had the open heart surgery for a valve repair (rather than replacement) a couple of years ago, and then went back in to get a pacemaker/defibrillator put in. Recovery was arduous, but I’m with you — it is such a blessing to find out about these problems when there is still time for them to be addressed through surgery! I’ll be keeping you and Clay in my prayers.


  10. It always seems that things come in sets. But it is good that you discovered it before it was catastrophic. It’s much easier to recovery if they can repair it before extensive heart damage occurs. Hopefully they can repair via artery as that’s so much simpler with much less recovery time. Fingers crossed.


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