I have told all doctors that Clay has a fantastic immune System. The following pictures of x-rays shows before the 2 surgeries  and only after 73 days since the accident. Here is a miracle. The other picture is our beloved Major Wilson.

Doing a Happy Dance for Friday March 13, 2020

We are so blessed by the Excellent care given to Clay by our beloved military!

Now on to the next Blessing. Heart Fixes.

Have a blessed life. I am going to help Clay with therapy. We see Major Wilson on 24 April. He wants out of any cast and USE the hand.

Hugs, Nanette.

From my iPhone.

25 Replies to “SUCCESS!”

  1. The x-rays tell an interesting story! Just one screw, amazing. I’m so glad he’s gotten such excellent care. We start PT next week at the VA. I hope for good results, too. =)


  2. That’s fantastic!! Did you guys see the cardiologist this past Friday, or is that going to be this Friday coming up? Keeping you in my prayers for that as well.


    1. We have a scheduled heart cath on Friday morning. After that depending on the use of stints for blockages in 3 arteries, OR in hospital and open heart surgery and Aorta Valve Replacement – The Virus is nothing compared to what we are going through! Thx Rebecca!


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