One Down One More to Go!

Good morning all! This is a short note to let all know that I had a successful cataract surgery on the right eye yesterday! I am unable to use my glasses because of the right eye being fixed and the left not done until Tuesday! Clay is taking great care of me – so blessed to have him as I put him through a wringer with my anxiety before this procedure.

The eyes are really unique. One eye has clear vision while the left still is blurred when covering up the right eye! Clay gave me a pair of his peep overs at 1.25 and now I can really see and type this. But what is unique is how the brain works with the eyes. The corrected eye takes over both eyes and it makes the vision work well.

We opted for single vision correction and that corrects the distance! I will need corrective glasses for close up due to the astigmatism on my cornea!

I go for a checkup this morning and now really looking forward to next Tuesday (8 Oct) to finish removal of Cataracts. The drops do not bother me but I will be on them 4 times a day until 5 Nov! After then I will be able to get new glasses, but they will be nothing in strength like my current ones.

Take care and hoping to be able to get back to sewing soon I really miss it as working on quilting projects keeps my mind active and my creativity and inspiration to enjoy the challenge of making a new quilt! It has kept me a young 74!


13 Replies to “One Down One More to Go!”

  1. Glad everything went well. I have astigmatism as well. I didn’t consider that you would still have to wear glasses after cataract surgery. Makes sense.


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