A 2007 UFO BOM and Squared Away Coming Along

I have documented my 2018 goals, but before I start on my list, I am working on 3 UFO’s that need my attention.  I finished Margaret Potts quilt last week and it is waiting to be quilted, along with the others!  That leaves 2 UFO’s – A 2007 BOM and Stars Over Texas.

Today I made my 3 blocks for Squared Away BOM for RSC 2018.  The color this month is purple!  I am determined to keep up with this project.  Sometimes I enjoy making larger blocks.  The blocks are 10”.

RSC 2018 – Squared Away Blocks

In 2006 timeframe we were traveling to Sierra Vista Arizona for the winters.  I joined the Quilt Guild there and in 2007 they started a BOM.  I remember that I had made some of the blocks and then put the project away.  Since one of my 2018 goals is to finish all UFO’s I dug this one out!  I remember that there had been a few of the blocks (they were designed by individual Guild members) that I did not care for and drew some of my own.  Then the project went to the UFO stash!

2007 BOM from Sierra Vista Quilt Guild

This is January, February, March, April, June and July blocks.  When going through the patterns, I found that I had worked with my Electric Quilt 6 (EQ6) and had already selected some blocks to finish the quilt.  Yesterday I reviewed that set of remaining blocks that I had selected and decided to change them again.  I have the applique pieces ready and will be selecting the fabrics tomorrow.  I do believe that I will like this quilt when finished.

I am not sure when I will start on Stars Over Texas because it will take time in designing the setting!  All the embroidery blocks have been completed over 2 years now.  Hopefully I will feel like working on that soon.

Have a great week, until more stitching is finished!

21 Replies to “A 2007 UFO BOM and Squared Away Coming Along”

  1. Guilds don’t usually choose applique blocks for a block of the month. The blocks that you have done are quite nice. I am sure you will come up with enough blocks to fill in the missing and end up with a nice quilt.
    I am still working on cleaning and organizing the sewing room. I am donating a couple UFO’s to the local church thrift store and calling them done.


    1. This was a small guild, and it was easy to do. Today is a day to select the fabrics and start tracing on the background. If I stop and applique for 2 days I could probably get them completed. Thx for commenting, and loving the work you and Cathy are doing! So neat!


  2. Good Morning,
    Your purple blocks are very nice. Two of them have such deep purple that it almost looks black – at least in photos. I really love the rich colors you’ve chosen for them. It will be beautiful when you have it complete. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Good to get busy on a couple of UFO’s! Love your ‘squared away’ blocks, I don’t seem to have many purples in my stash.Thanks for sharing with ‘sew stitch snap SHARE’


  4. Your squared away sampler blocks are looking great. Nice applique blocks. I think my applique blocks are about that same age. Some day I will get back to them.


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