Boring Post – How to NOT Remodel Your Bathrooms – Patience Dear Jane

This story may not be interesting and really not a quilting story, but this is what has kept me (AGAIN) from just having a nice quiet retirement quilting life!  My close friends have heard this story but maybe others can get a few chuckles on me today.

Well, here we are again – in a mess – but soon it will be over.  All I wanted was to have new kitchen flooring and upgrade the bathroom vanities.  But as we all know now, nothing goes well and nothing is the same.  This idea started in the middle of March.  Such a small job – hire O’Krents to do the flooring (no problem there) contract out having the bathroom vanities taken out and re-installed!  But as I am finding out now that NOTHING in this country is as it was.  The contractor did not work out so Mr Clay decided to paint over the wall paper in each bathroom. So Clay decided to do the job – Easy you say – HA!

That decision caused us heartburn and a big mess.  We were told to put a primer over the wallpaper, smooth it out, and paint.  No big deal – Clay had done this before. The only problem was that Lowe’s gave us the wrong advise, told us to use latex primer instead of oil based and then the  big mistake was using Valspar paint!  But I get ahead of myself,  before the new flooring, Clay set up the new vanity in the Master Bath temporarily before the new floors were laid.  As soon as the new flooring was installed, he had already primed the Master Bath walls and had one wall painted so that things could be ready to move back in place with the help of the guys.  Then all was put back together permanently.  There were problems with the painting over wallpaper – neither of us were happy with it, but would just live with it.  Then for the next 10 days we discovered that the paint would not dry and was sticky and had a high chemical smell.  (Of course this does not include all the electrical work he had to do to accommodate the new lighting!)

OK, back to Lowe’s.  They should have advised us to use an oil based primer. We were in panic mode – how to get all this off our walls.   Lowe’s stood behind the information that they gave us and sent out a crew 2 weeks ago to remove the old wallpaper and new tacky paint.  Of course that meant that Clay had to undo his permanent placement of the Vanity and Medicine Cabinet – Oh so much fun! After the crew removed the mess  Clay spent 3 more days trying to finish preparing the walls for wallpaper.  Then we had to order wallpaper and of course you cannot buy any wallpaper at a store anymore –  one has to go select and order and wait for it to be shipped.  I ordered some on-line – BIG MISTAKE – but I was blessed – they were late in shipping it and we cancelled that order and went to Sherwin Williams and selected better paper (fewer rolls also) and saved about $350.00!

I think everyone is getting the drift – the story may not be exact, but since the decision to do this we have been in the following situation for 3 weeks – Shower in the Master Bath, Toilet in the other bathroom, and hand washing and brushing teeth in the Kitchen Sink!    Finally the paper comes today and we have hired a contractor to hang the wallpaper.  But he cannot come until Saturday.  To top this off, I have a house full of dust since my housekeeper did not need to come with all of the work going on.  My computer room and music room are in a mess.  One has all of the things Clay needed to work with and the other has a toilet, vanity, sink, and Medicine cabinet sitting in it.  Two weeks ago I told Clay to keep the door shut – I could not handle the mess.  Darla comes on Sunday – YEA I will not have to do the detailed cleaning!

But the fun and games continue…..Yesterday (Wednesday) we had 2 “easy” doctor checkups and we planned on it being a short day – HA to that one too.  It took us 2 hours to go 50 miles to the doctor and that wonderful traffic mess caused me to miss my appointment time.  It took 4 hours to get there, see my ear doctor, and hurry and get to our 1:00 PM dermatology appointment.  We were on a roll – we were in and out in 25 minutes – Love that Doctor!   But Murphy was not through with us yet.  I figured that the stupid black cat had run across my path and I just did not realize it.  Clay stills tells me to not blame that poor little kitty because he cannot help that he is all black!  LOL

When we got to the car, the keypad entry on the Town Car was non responsive – the key less entry button would not work!  JOY.  90 degrees and about 85% humidity!   The car started and everything worked with the exception I could not control my outside mirrors, the driver’s seat, or the door locks – Talk about 2 old people wanting to just run away ….. LOL.  We were able to run 2 more errands, make numerous calls trying to figure out the issue and decided to come home and this AM will take the car into the local mechanic for him to trouble shoot the problem.

A few days ago when the “fun” of remodeling the house (new furniture came on the 26th of April) became a “little” overwhelming,  I told Clay that I needed a “REAL” getaway and would he like to go to Durant, OK for a short Casino visit and stay at the Lodge (no RV this trip).  YEA he is ready!  So we will be leaving in a week or so for a 5 day casino trip and I told him I did not want to do anything but enjoy the Lodge visit and stay in the Casino.  All I want to hear is NOISE of the lovely machines where my brain cannot think about where we have been!  Assuming that the wallpaper hanging goes as planned this Saturday and the house is cleaned on Sunday and the he mows the yard we will be on the road.  ANY BETS?

Have a great day and hope you can find a good laugh on this story!   Now that it is almost over, I can begin to make lite of it.  I will post my quilting progress next post!  Poor Dear Jane – maybe in the Fall!

One Reply to “Boring Post – How to NOT Remodel Your Bathrooms – Patience Dear Jane”

  1. That’s how remodeling goes! It sure seems like it shouldn’t be that kind of headache, but it always happens. Enjoy your get-away. Blessings, Gretchen


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