Good News – Ms Potts – Churn Dash – and What Was I Thinking?

Greetings again!  Good news on the Town Car – New Battery fixed all the problems from yesterday!  YEA things are looking up!  We were told that the newer cars are so power-hungry that if the battery voltage is low things like alarms, door locks, etc will not work!  Worth every penny to have such an easy fix!

Now I can get back to the mess in the Studio and try to figure out where I was a week or two ago.  Calendar is cleared out for fun and more fun.

Tuesday we did a one day getaway from the “remodeling game” and with a friend in Schulenburg, Texas for a “ham radio equipment” pick up.  Clay will fix the equipment for John.  After a visit and a cup of coffee with John we took a side trip to two quilt stores in New Braunfels, Texas.  I called my friend Jan to see if she was interested in doing some fabric looking and shopping.  We met at Oak Leaf first and I found some batiks and a couple of reproduction fabrics that I know I will be using.  I had such a great time visiting with Jan and other quilters that I had known when I was involved in a Guild.

Here are the fabrics I just had to have (really?)  Jan told me that if I find any black reproduction fabrics to scoop them up as they are difficult to find.  I also found some batiks, border fabric that will be great for Hexagons, and some green with leaves reproduction fabric.  What fun it was to be able to take the time to feel the fabric and look through the “sales” table!   We visited Oak Leaf Quilts and The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels.

Green fabric with leaves

Border Fabric for Hexagons

Black Reproduction Fabric


I have also worked on my Churn Dash blocks that I started in late August before packing for the Arizona trip.   I finally had some time to finish the ones that I had cut out while in Arizona.  When I started making them I decided to make 4 of each color so I am not sure what the finished quilt will look like.   The smaller blocks are so much fun to make I remember when I started quilting it was BIG BIG BIG.  Nice to work with a more challenging block.

Group of Churn Dash Blocks
Group of Churn Dash Block

As all quilters, we try to save scraps and I always keep fabric scraps together that I use in each project.   When I cut four of the pink and shirting fabric, I realized I was short some of the fabric last week.  I searched high and low for the remaining fat quarter so I could finish the last 2 blocks the same.  I finally gave up and used a mixture.  I like the outcome, but wouldn’t you know the other day I was pulling some fabric and hidden (I know the little fairy’s did it at night) between some other fat quarters was the piece of fabric I needed.  I decided to keep two one way and 2 with the same fabrics!  No ripping on this project as they are to be fun blocks – not work!

Pink Block 1
Pink Block 1
Pink Block 2
Pink Block 2

And of course, cannot forget Ms Potts project.  Here are our (Jaydee and I) blocks for May – at least I am on time with this one.

Nanette's Ms Potts Block 12
Nanette’s Ms Potts Block 12
Jaydee's Ms Potts Block 12
Jaydee’s Ms Potts Block 12

Our CWB group is “progressing” slowly but surely!  Cathy has finished Block 3 and I am about half way through.  So hopefully next we will be posting that group of Blocks.  I will be doing a feature article in the Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) newsletter for June inviting all who would like to join us.  We tend to complete at least 1 or 2 blocks a month and hoping that June will provide us an avenue to do some catching up.  But if we don’t – the sky will not cave in!

Have a wonderful quilting day and I am praying my life gets back to normal by Monday!

6 Replies to “Good News – Ms Potts – Churn Dash – and What Was I Thinking?”

  1. Love your header project – Jacobean in Batiks I think from your My Pictures gallery – lovely. Nice additions to your stash. Glad an easy fix for your car – they can be a problem.


    1. Just to show you how time flies…… I upgraded my wordpress account but have had not one minute to sit down and update my Blog look! And here we are half-way through May!!! The Jacobean is a quilt that was needle turn appliqued and then I embroidered around each piece of that lovely quilt (we always have some cynical feelings when a project does not go well) I showed it and it did not even place in the San Antonio show, but did receive a 3rd in the Austin, Texas show. That made me feel better a it is hand quilted and took a long time to finish. Thank you for the compliment and comment. Yes, think the remainder of this year is going to start going good again and maybe I can get more completed than I have in the last 6 weeks.


  2. That first fabric piece you show looks like an older green fabric in a Judy Rothermel line. I liked it very much.


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