Happy Scrappy BOM Update

I have also been working on my Happy Scrappy BOM with Rosemary Youngs.  I have changed my borders and have purchased a lot of this fabric line to make an entire quilt because I do not have any orphan blocks.  I will make some different blocks that will fit with the measurements Rosemary has provided.  It will be a fun project as I love this fabric.  It is a 2008-2009 Moda line that had been set aside for an applique project that was never started.  I was lucky enough to find some on the Internet to build up a great stash.

For the last border, I decided to make little hexie flowers.  I thought I would just put a flower in each corner, but I did not like the look.  So I decided to do a vine and that has made the difference.  Just need to finish making the hexie flowers.

Happy Scrappy Final Border
Happy Scrappy Final Border – First Idea


Here is how I do stems for my applique projects.  I usually cut a 1/2″ bias strip, applique one side down, trim any excess and then applique the other side.  It is quick and easy.  I also use a 3/4″ bias strip if I think I may have problems with fraying.

Starting the Stem
Starting the Stem
Trimming the Stem
Trimming the Stem
Turning the Other Side of the Stem
Turning the Stem and Applique
Happy Scrappy Last Border
Happy Scrappy Last Border – Final Final!

I have made 8 more hexie flowers to fill in the border and think it will look better.  Just need to get with the program and finish sewing them together.

Have a great day and happy quilting!

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