Results of the Austin Area Quilt Show – 12-14 September 2014

This is the first time I have entered the Austin Area Quilt Guild Show.  I was so lucky to enter my 3 quilts in the show on the very last day!  This is unusual for me because I normally try to submit my entries at the very first of the entry time when I enter a Quilt Show.  But this year was different so I was very happy to be able to enter my work in the show at the last-minute.

Here are my entries with the Ribbons – I received 3 Honorable Mentions – a Ribbon for each quilt entered.  I was very pleased.   I was not sure if my Jacobean in Batiks and Floating Stars would yield any Ribbon as they did not fair well in the 2013 San Antonio Quilt Show.

My Lone Star now has a Blue Ribbon from San Antonio 2013 Quilt Show and an Honorable Mention from Austin.   I used Debbie Maddy’s HST pattern and changed the border to 52 Floating Stars – The stars are not paper pieced.  I also added another 5 inch light border to give the Lone Star the effect of floating.

Large Lone Star Over the Rainbow


My Jacobean in Batiks consists of different embroidery designs and inspiration came from Pat Campbell Jacobean works.  I designed the Setting.  Why in the world I decided to do 5 Medallions is a mystery, I just thought it would be pretty – did not think about all the hard work.  I needle turned all the pieces (no glue) and then went around each piece with embroidery thread – what a chore but it makes the applique really stand out.  I quilted this quilt after spending 8 days in the hospital with Cat Scratch Fever – YUP – Cat is G-0-N-E!  I had 6 weeks to finish it before the 2013 San Antonio show.  So needless to say I was thrilled with the Honorable Mention.  I am not sure where the wrinkle on the bottom left corner came from – Humm guess it happened while in the bag.   The quilt is hand quilted about with a 1/4″ spacing on the outside Medallions – not sure I will do that one again!

Large Jacobean In Batiks
Jacobean in Batiks


Floating Stars is a pattern from Far Flung Quilts.  I made this quilt in Batiks.  I had problems with the cutting directions and had to spend some time to do the math to correct them.  Again, I am thrilled that I received an Honorable Mention.

Large Floating Stars
Floating Stars in Batiks

Have a great day – and thank you for visiting my Blog.


2 Replies to “Results of the Austin Area Quilt Show – 12-14 September 2014”

  1. Hi! I came over from Esther’s link up and have really enjoyed browsing through your blog. I am sooo much in love with your Jacobean quilt. The colors are soothing and pleasing, the appliques make me smile, and the quilting is so nice for it.


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