To Do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

I decided to just lump them altogether! Here we are in the middle of the Deep Freeze for 4 days. But we are lucky, the wind is dying down and the sun is brightly shinning! We might hit 32 between now and 4 and then a nose dive in temps. I am enjoying the day of not keeping my schedule to walk each day. I have been walking and quilting since Monday and today is binding day and doing 3 pieces on the Domestic Husqvarna D1! Hopefully I will have all done by the time to head into the house. (You know me and goals – especially when we have weather extremes). It is hard to believe that about 6 months ago the Temperature was 115 – now it is 17…. That is a 98 degree change – What a weather change!!!!!

I started with Quilt Number of 13 that required long arm quilting. (I thought it was 10 – think they are growing in the other room). I first quilted a practice quilt on Sunday. Nothing to show on that one but I just need to add a border (to be done totally by machine)!

Quilt Number 1 was loaded on the long arm on Monday and I was very happy to get started! I had decided to stay with the Manual setting and get away from the Regulator and definitely will not be buying a new longarm! Things started well and after finishing the first row, I decided to check things out! In my pea brain I decided to slow the machine down to “50” instead of “60”. BIG BIG MISTAKE. It looked like this….

Until I looked at the back and the tension was a mess! So I ended up with this…..

And then this…..

It took over 2 hours to rip, clean threads off the top, batting, and back, and then prepared the quilt for re-quilting – this time I changed the speed back to “60”. Then I gave up for the day!

On Tuesday I started again and finished quilting it! I finished the binding Wednesday evening. I call it Floating 4th of July! I made the quilt with Lori’s Land of the Brave QAL! Check it out here. I love this block and called it Floating 4 July Quilt. I was trying to remember where I got the pattern and when I made it – October 2021! What would I do without my posts to refer back to where and when I made a quilt!!!!

Lessons Learned from quilting this quilt!. 1). Never end with piano key borders without doing a Stay Stitching, 2) Do not change the speed of the Manual mode unless you have checked the tensions. 3) Check back to see when I made the quilt top and 4) Do not try to “practice” on a quilt when one is not capable! (Top and bottom border)

Quilt Number 2 is one that I made in 2002 or 2003 or there about! It was from a Fons and Porter magazine. This time I learned to leave the Stitch at “60” and basted with smaller stitches at the top and sides. I knew it was about an inch off from being “squared” but did not worry about it. I know there are some Moda fabrics in it but not sure about the rest. I am calling it “The Bunny Quilt”. The quilt measures 53” x 63”.

I am getting better with the Manual Mode…

Quilt Number 3 is a smaller quilt that Jaydee and I were making together a few years back called Ms Potts. Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) was having a LONG quilt along and we decided to join in. We started in late 2015 and quit in 2016 where my blocks sat around for awhile. We both became bored with the quilt and decided to quit toward the end of 2016. About a year ago maybe 2 years ago I put the blocks together and it has been hanging there for me to hand quilt – won’t happen. So now I have 2 borders to add to the quilt and she will be loaded and quilted tomorrow. The quilt will end up approximately 53” or 54” Square! I will NOT try to quilt around the applique. I will quilt a meandering stitch. I am just not proficient in custom work. Maybe next year I will take some time to work on that. This is not a Show Quilt, just one that Jaydee and I made together. Ah the memories! I should be finished with this one by tomorrow evening! Great Christmas Eve present for me! 3 of 13 will be done!

Before I leave all, here are some pictures of our cold winter weather!

We got out to the Studio about 6:30 AM – it was 17 with wind chill of 6! This is ICE inside my windows, not outside!

Clay fed the birds and they are still eating. This is the bird bath! He was able to crack the ice in a small area so they could get some cold water! It is 3PM and still frozen!

I am wishing all a very Merry Christmas this year. I have made peace within myself about our neighbor Mark Crist’s passing, about the way our Government is killing America, and the Illegal Aliens taking over our Country. I have, and will continue to do so every day, to give it to God. There is absolutely nothing I can do about the people in Power who absolutely hate America. They will be judged by God at his time and place, not me!

Here is a saying that can help, although there is no forgiveness for what is happening, just turning it over to God. There are many times I refer to this saying.

I want to enjoy the days I have left in this world peacefully and the only way I know how is to just say “OK God, this one is yours, I do not want it anymore”. I have quit watching the news, but do keep up with it through the Internet. America will never be able to totally recoup from this disaster, but the majority of us are God fearing people and know that he has a plan and we need to just wait and let it play out!

Hugs to all


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18 Replies to “To Do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Floating Fourth of July is so cool. I’m sorry that you had issues at first – what were you thinking by changing the speed in mid quilt?!! Boy, your block looks so much different than the scrappy version from the QAL. This quilt only waited one year to be finished – it’s a mere babe. The Bunny Quilt’s stitching looks beautiful. Nice and even stitches – you don’t need a stinkin’ regulator, my friend. I am so impressed with you and three quilts! You’ve got it going on. Let go of the hate. It only leaves a mark on you – no one is worth it, and they don’t care. Have a Merry Christmas and keep that ice open for the birdies. They don’t know to be thankful for the two of you! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I’m happy to see you are getting back in the groove with your quilting. Having to rip out a meandering quilt pattern is absolutely no fun at all! It got down to 14 degrees here this morning and has not made it to 32 degrees yet.


    1. I am having some fun now with the long arm. The Manual tends to go faster, unless one stops to do something nuts like going around the applique work (won’t do that again)! It was better this morning, but I am finally feeling the chill! It was 21 this morning, 17 yesterday! Hugs and Merry Christmas


  3. You’ve got some nice quilts but that bunny quilt is the best! We had -9 this morning at 6 am, with the wind chill factor it was -39! I’ve stayed inside all day and sewed! Happy stitching and have a blessed Christmas.


    1. Thank you Gretchen. I am just about ready to delve into the 2016 + quilts now. Wait until you read the post I put out this morning! We had 17 yesterday morning and 21 this morning. Finally got to 32 yesterday and a little warmer today – at least we have the sun. I am just now feeling the chill and did not walk – I am waiting until tomorrow or Monday! Have a Blessed Christmas, enjoy your family and those grand boys! Hugs


  4. Your finishes look beautiful, Nanette!
    We have had below zero temps all week, but is supposed to warm up to day time highs in the 20’s next week…I look forward to that!
    A very merry Christmas to you and Clay! 🙂


    1. Thank you Laura – maybe next year I will try again to work with my ruler and try some custom work. We had 17 yesterday and 21 today in the mornings. The Sun comes out, but it is still cold – not yet to the 40’s during the day and then only after 3PM to 5 PM.
      Hugs and same to you!


  5. Nanette your quilts are so, so pretty! You did a great job quilting, n spite of your issues. Where would you “stay stitch” if you were going to do that on Floating 4th? Wow on the ice on your windows! I feel so sorry for birdies this time of year. 😦 What happened to your neighbor? Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. Well, I should have just done a loose stay stitching all around the quilt to keep the machine from break threads since there was not a full border, but all those seams for piano keys border. Will send you a separate email. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Your quilts are great. I’m so happy you are getting more comfortable with your machine. How frustrating that first stitching must have been, though. I had a few to take out back in the 90s when I had my little Gammill. I’ve not used the Lenni since my cancer diagnosis last year, but will get back to it in 2023. Congratulations on letting go of the political stress, too. That is a hard one, but so much healthier, if you do it. I know that kind of cold is unusual for you. This kind of cold is unusual for us, too! Thankfully, not enough wetness to have ice outside the last few days, let alone inside.


    1. Hey Susan – I have had phone issues and on the phone 2 days! Thank you for the nice kudos and things with the long arm are going great! The bunny quilt turned out absolutely perfect! Yes – cannot do anything about it. Hope all went well with the PET scan! Hugs


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