To Do Tuesday – 4 October 2022

Happy Wednesday (5 October 2022), OK I am a day late, but I have a good excuse I have been busy getting things finished for quilting, The weather is very very pleasant. Low 60’s in the mornings for my morning walk, and in the low 90’s but mostly in the 80’s. We have been besieged with the little butterflies that drive us nuts. They mess up your car and for some reason they are heavy here on the place! Now after complaining about that, what is great is that we have not had them for the last 3 years. I believe that this heavy migration will mean a cold, wet and damp winter. OH JOY for me! If the predictions are correct some will be happy, some will be sad, just like the change back to regular time! Only 30 more days and we will get our hour back!

I was hoping to have My Surprise Quilt finished by now, but that did not happen as I needed to stop working on it and finish the backs for the quilts that will be going to Rebecca in the next week. I will be sending 12 of my quilts.

Ready to be quilted!

This will leave me 7 Applique quilts to hand quilt, 1 pieced quilt to hand quilt (see below) and 13 quilts to quilt on my long arm! They are my smaller quilts.

More Work!

I would like to get my feathered star hand quilted and the RW&B will be done on the Domestic or on the long arm.

A couple more to do!
A Linda Ballard Quilt – to be hand quilted

I spent 3 days getting backs (VERY LARGE) ready for Rebecca. I changed the back for York Lodge to some Grunge fabric that was 108” x 108”. I am not sure which I dislike more, dealing with ironing the 108” backing which took be 2 hours to press and square, or the 3 1/2 hours spent on the last 2 backings which were pieced!

The backing for Stars In the Garden had to be pieced as I was just not going to purchase anymore fabric! I believe it will be just fine as I used 112” of a blue turquoise fabric on the sides with 1 strip down the middle and a lighter batik that blended well. It too me over 3 1/2 hours to do that one – lots and lots of measuring, squaring, sewing and pressing!

Then I changed the backing for Globetrotting to the same fabric on the border.

When it came to Sentimental Stitches backing, that one took about 4 hours to get together. First I had to decide on which fabric to use for the backing. Here were the 2 choices. (Fabric from Laundry Basket Quilts called Hope Chest).

The Loser!
The Winner

When I purchased the fabric I bought a large amount of “The Loser” that I thought would look good for the back. Of course when I received it I realized that I would have issues with Migraines due to the busy pattern, but I was going to be open to using it. The “Winner” fabric really blended in with the flower strips in the quilt top.

In order to provide Rebecca 10 extra inches all around the quilt backing I had to use Michael Millers Crystal (Reproduction fabric used in the quilt top) as the middle piece and the “Winner” fabric on the sides, BUT since I always chose to do things the hard way, I had to add about 25 inches on each outside panel. Talk about fun, but I am so very pleased with myself I just had to show off my hard work.

Matched the pattern – Can you see the seam?

This is how it looked on the wrong side.

Seam line on back side

An up close picture of the seamline.

Was I ever happy with this! Perfect match on both pieces!

It is a relief to have all backings completed. This next week I will be finishing up on My Surprise Quilt, and get the backing prepared for Rebecca. When this is complete the quilts will be mailed and I will have a big burden off my shoulders and transferred to Rebecca!

I have made one resolution for the remainder of the year! I am now going to stop making quilt tops this year. The only one that needs to be put in a setting are the Churn Dash blocks that I made with Chookyblue’s SAL. That needs to be done before the end of October! THEN, I am going to be working on hand quilting, applique, embroidery, cross stitch and quilt the 13 remaining quilt tops on my long arm. I figure that I can get up each hour and walk around and still get my steps in, but yet enjoy catching up on all hand work and quilting by New Year’s Eve. Anyone taking a bet on this goal? It is really easy, just need to get with the program.

These are the goals I have set for myself for October. We shall see what happens.

  1. Finish My Surprise Quilt
  2. Prepare the remaining 5 blocks for In My Garden
  3. Start a hand quilting project (have a few tops that are waiting in line patiently)
  4. Do more hand work, less piecing as it is time to catch up on those UFOs. 
  5. Send 12 quilts to Rebecca for quilting.
  6. FINALLY get back to my long arm and finish up the remainder of quilt tops.
  7. Complete my Churn Dash SAL project – I need to put the blocks together in a setting

COMPLAINT SECTION: It has been very quiet here on the place, a few idiots to deal with when placing an order through Amazon. Inflation complaints, my health insurance is going up $52.00 a month, BUT MEDICARE is going DOWN to $165.00 – WOW a $5.00 reduction. Only 33 days to find out if our Country will survive the idiots running the country and 26 days until I become a year older, but who is counting. Pray for the Hurricane victims and that Harris is put in a closet for 2 years – after making the statement that relief funds should be based on EQUITY,….. OK no more of her. OH yes – NEWS FLASH! OPEC is going to reduce their oil sells by 2 million barrels a day… Anyone for a bicycle? How about that new electric car for $75K – But there won’t be enough electricity to run it, so the Bicycle is sounding great! Sorry, but guess I did have some complaints, but the good news for all retirees is that the COLA will be close to 9%, but if the Government has any money left from the 31 TRILLION Debt we now have. I am off to play for the day!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy stitching and hopefully cooler weather for all.

Hugs, Nanette

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20 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 4 October 2022”

  1. Wow what a wonderful legacy of quiltmaking, Nanette. It must be such a feeling to see your work getting all finished off. It is quite an achievement just getting all the backings done. Still lots to creatively play with even if not quilt tops.


    1. Thank you JocelynI have been trying to find a Long arm quilter locally for 3 years, but that failed. I love Rebecca’s work, so she gets the prize! Yes I have so many hobbies and have really been behind on my applique, etc work. Hugs


  2. I love the backing you pieces, what an excellent matching job! I can’t wait to see the finished quilts Rebecca is quilting! You’ve got some real beauties in that bunch. Happy stitching!


    1. Thank you Gretchen, I was so excited when my idea worked out! I will be so relieved when I finish my blue quilt and get the backing finished – then I will mail them all to Rebecca! Bet I sleep well on that night.


  3. The backing for Sentimental Stitches is gorgeous! Kudos to you for matching the pattern. How do you send the quilts – in one big box? That is a lot of work getting everything ready. When you get them all back you’ll have to have a trunk show! Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


  4. I really respect your meticulous work, even on backs! You are getting a lot accomplished and that has to make you feel good. Thanks for sharing all you lovlies with us.


    1. Thank you Mary I guess I will be the ever Perfectionist no matter what I am working on. I do feel good to only see those small quilts to be quilted! Hope all is well with you and hubby! Hugs


  5. talk about late, lol, omgoodness Nanette, every time I see your quilts/work, That seam match, stars in the garden, your fabric choices….everything spectacular


  6. Wow! You really tackled all those backings! I’m just doing one at the moment and that’s miserable enough. On the bright side, you’ll have lots of finished projects soon.


  7. Nanette, that pattern matched backing seam is AMAZING! You are a rock star and a quilter after my own heart! Or maybe I’m a quilter after your own heart. ;-). I knew that Hope Chest fabric from Laundry Basket looked familiar so I did a little hunting through my stash. Sure enough, I’d bought a layer cake of that collection and that “migraine fabric” had been my first choice for the centers of my Frankenwhiggish Rose appliqué, but I had to choose something else because I didn’t have enough of it and couldn’t remember where it came from! As for your ambitious quilting goals, I believe you can do anything you put your mind to and woe unto anyone who gets in your way. I’m looking forward to getting that “burden” of quilts from you!


  8. Wow, what beautiful quilts! I loved seeing them all. Wonderful seam matching. I feel your political pain, too. I’ll have to think hard about how to spend that “extra” $5 that will go back into the budget! Maybe add it to the payments on my medical bills. =P


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