OMIGOSH and The Arrowhead Project

I am thinking about my 2021 New Years Resolution – Number 1 is to quit bitching complaining just because every company I deal with has a problem that falls on me to fix. (this one will be difficult).  Number 2 – Attempt to catch up with 2020 projects (probably some 2019 holdovers also).

WARNING:  Bitch Complaint paragraph:  I lost 5 days as far as quilting went this week (see already ending the year with a bitching statement complaint!   Apple was the choice of dealing with idiots. We purchased Mini iPads (love them) and upgraded my Apple Watch to the 6 and upgraded to the 12 Pro MAX iPhones – easy huh – not for me.  I traded in my 10XSMAX and some sweet idiot person evidently decided to take my phone and put theirs in my return box when they received it.  They want to dock me $70 on the return because they said I sent in the wrong phone.  Well, this will not happen – I have all the documents and the original box that the iPhone came in when we purchased them in 2018.  In 2019 Apple had to replace my original phone due to their stupid software that still has issues.  But of course the Trade In Department does not answer their phone, and after a 10 minute hold they disconnect.  Darn wish I worked for a company like that during my career when phones did not need to be answered (add my local Post Office to that complaint)!  (I will say that the upgraded Watch is OK (still has problems) and we do love the Mini iPads!  My Medicare problem is still not resolved – they still owe me corrected paperwork.   Other than this all is fine in the Cook Household!

Now yesterday was a lovely day for me – so peaceful and quiet.  Clay and I worked on getting ID Theft Protection – all went very smoothly!

I have completed 2 more blocks for OMIGOSH! – They are an olive green.

Here are the blocks I have completed so far…..

I started to cut strips for more blocks, but became distracted when I read Gretchen’s post on a new block she was trying out, I just could not help myself today from making a couple of the blocks to see if I would enjoy making a quilt using The Arrowhead Block pattern that she used. Susie did a great job in coming up with a different way to make the block (and easier),

Do you think that turned out great?  Well, I love the block, but Susie did not provide a critical step in making the blocks (you make 2 at a time) and that cost me time in figuring that problem out.  I am going to share with all on how I overcame that nice hiccup.   So here we go!

These are the fabrics I will be using to make the quilt.  They are Jenny Beyer fabrics that did not work well for the project I was making at the time.

I made 4 blocks using the Reds.   There are 2 ways to set the blocks for a Quilt. Here are they are – notice that the 4 patches sit 2 different ways!

I wanted to see how it would look if I kept the 4 Matches going in the same direction and came up with this setting.

I think this project will be fun to make.  Please go to The Arrowhead Block post for the basic information.  (Note:  I squared the blocks at 8 1/2″ to clean up the corners before I started Step 3 and 4). When you get to Step 4  (this was left off Susies post) here are the pictures and directions to have the 4 patch in the middle of the block.

This is how your blocks should look after Step 3.

Notice there is no 4 patch in the center at this step.  You have to cut each block again to make the 4 patch!  Susie indicates, “repeat this step to the other two diagonals”.  That statement left me scratching my head.  Hope this helps.

To get to this point, check the pictures below.

This is where I had to really study this part – maybe I was brain dead but it took me a little time to study her picture of the finished block to figure out what the next step would be.


I do hope that what I have posted makes sense.  Please let me know if it does.  I am a visual person – you know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Well, I am tired now, all in all it was a good day and I was able to stay focused which is my Number 3 New Years Goal for 2021 – STAY FOCUSED – DO NOT STRAY!

Have a great Sunday – Santa is coming soon!

Hugs, Nanette

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26 Replies to “OMIGOSH and The Arrowhead Project”

  1. Best of luck with your new 2021 plan. It is difficult when people are so obtuse and you are trying to fix what should be a simple problem. Today, I wound up giving up and letting the grocery charge me less than something should have been. I like the first set of blocks and the colors. The arrowhead blocks look really cool. With your pictures, I think it becomes understandable.


    1. Hey Susan – are we still hanging in there for 20 Jan? We are! Thank you for the nice comments. Yes it seems that we now have 2 generations of idiots who do not care about their work ethics. I am praying that 2021 brings everyone relief from where we have been in 2020. Hugs


    1. Thank you Mary – I know they will, my body has just fallen apart from the last 15 months. It will get better, it always does, but during the time it isn’t it can be difficult – HUM. did this make sense? LOL. have a great week.


  2. You’ve done a good job on the tutorial. I had to think awhile when I read Susie’s directions. I like both the block settings and the fabrics you used are very pretty. Happy stitching!


    1. I was absolutely dumbfounded on the next step. It took me looking at the finished block and reading her sentence to repeat. Thank you on the tutorial. I miss teaching other classes. Applique and Basic Quilting are my favorite. I think the colors and fabric will look good together. I have border fabric to match also. Hugs and thank you for the great comments.


    1. I love Anita Grossman Solomon patterns. I did not do a lot of research looking for this block, so thank you so much for the link and info. That is great that the link came up in the remarks. Thank you. Somehow this looks familiar. AH. it is in a quilt maker magazine. I gave all of mine away about 3 years ago when I had the urge to really clean out clutter! Hugs!


  3. Oh boy do we understand iPhone (and everyone else!) issues. It’s like you have to deal with a completely different person every minute and explain things 100 times. Hope it gets better!
    I love that Arrowhead pattern so much and I appreciate Nancy adding the link! I love the fabrics you are using.
    Have a Merry Christmas Nanette!


  4. Nanette, you just make me smile! It’s OK to wear your snarky hat on occasion, we all do it. I am wishing you JOY, JOY, JOY for Christmas and the New Year, and I do hope we can manage to work on a quilt together sometime in 2021, though I am not pushing for it to start in January! 😍
    Now for these blocks, those arrowhead blocks are pretty cool, I am partial to the second setting. I love those OMG blocks, how many are you planning to do? I am hoping to see my BOM quilt blocks today, we’ll see if that happens. I’m looking forward to two weeks off, the rest will be good for me, and I’m looking forward to lots of time in my sewing room.


    1. Well, another late reply. I am beginning to settle down – if only the sleeping would get consistent again~. The Arrowhead blocks are cool and I am going to make more. I am not sure how many blocks I will make on OMIGOSH, but I love making them! A challenge and then a feeling of productivity. I know by now that you are caught up! We do need to do a FaceTime – maybe Monday or Tuesday? Let me know. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG on OMG – love it….like the Arrowhead block. You did a great job with the directions but I’ll be stating away from this one 🙂 – you know me – I’ll admire and fall in love with yours –


    1. Why thank you Sharon – so sorry for the late reply….. who am I anyway?
      You can admire from a distance that is fine! I always admire your cross stitching. I have debated on getting an easy kit, but now doing some hand quilting. Really need to get organized and move around more during the day – I am concerned that with all the sitting done here in the last 15 months may slow me down and I do not want to give in – those chairs feel so great…… but….. Hugs


  6. I’ve not commented on your blog before but couldn’t help myself because I jumped down the rabbit hole and started making them! So far I’ve made 14! Thank you for the extra instructions cuz I bogged down a little until I read yours.


    1. WOW! 14. They are very easy aren’t they. I have 2 projects going on now and trying to get organized with them. One of them is to be an Arrowhead quilt made with the same fabrics in blue, red, and black. Should be interesting!


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