Celebrating Mary Brown – Slow Sunday Stitching and HQAL

Good morning all!  South Texas has returned to summer – 103 yesterday and today will be hotter!  What is happening to Fall.  Maybe it is an indicator we will have a cold winter as it seems as though we have be HOT for 7 months!

I have been working on my Stars Around the Garden quilt and have one more block to finish!  YEA.  Beginning to meet my goals inspire of Medicare, BAMC, Eye Doctors, and now Ear Doctors – I am still trucking!  LOL.

For HQAL, I have (finally) finished Block 15 for Celebrating Mary Brown.

Here are the blocks that I have completed since I started late last year.  I chose to do the corners first as they will need to be sew together before I will do the vines that connect these blocks.  (Looking at the blocks I have completed it seems like another lifetime ago that I completed them!)

The missing block is the 2nd Sun Flower – I do not like this block!  Funny how we can procrastinate on finishing something when we just do not want to do it!  I am determined it will be finished in a few days!  I will probably not prepare anymore blocks until November as I will be working on the last block for Sweet Stitches (the October block) and the Medallion for my Stars Around the Garden quilt!

On WordPress.  I have found that if I do my posts on my iMAC that I can easily use the Classic and not the Block.  I guess I will learn the Block for when I use my iPhone or iPad for posts (if we ever get to travel again).  This took a big load off of me for the time being!  Life is beginning to get boring here – I LOVE IT!

I do hope all are well and doing fine – other than missing our freedom and life as it was in 2019.  BUT all things happen for a reason and we must accept that saying.  I really miss a trip to the Casino where I can tune out the world.  Have a great week and happy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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30 Replies to “Celebrating Mary Brown – Slow Sunday Stitching and HQAL”

  1. All the blocks Nanette are beautiful, funny, I love the sunflower block but I also love the bluebird too. Always bumps in the road – ugh – and boy you sure have had some hot weather there. Hope it cools down again and soon 🙂 Hugs


    1. Thank you Sharon. The bird and Vase blocks are my favorite. Those speed bumps are getting further and further down the road. Today we are having a mild front that will lower the humidity but another hot day. Hugs


  2. Gorgeous applique. I have been procrastinating on a few blocks too. They are even prepped, and I have a roadblock! Happy stitching, and hope you get some cooler weather too . Finally after our 6-7 months of hot weather, we are getting some 70’s and 80s, but I think we will be back up in the 90’s late next week. The rain we had forecast for Friday never came to pass.


    1. Thank you Karen. Those roadblocks really keep us from keeping up the enthusiasm for those more difficult applique patterns. It has not been cool here since April. The 103 yesterday was a record. I have seen 91 in January 1991, maybe snow this winter. We have no rain in the future. Hugs. PS I love your embroidery – makes me want to go visit Kathy Schmitz site again.


  3. A mini happy dance is coming, let’s celebrate! I’ll email you. The cooler weather arrived here this am, but we are still going to have Master Class outdoors tomorrow, with hot apple cider. I bet you are looking forward to doing a little vine work in the near future. 😘


      1. Master Class is when instead of private lessons, the kids play for each other, usually about a dozen at a time. Today we were out on the front lawn so we could have plenty of space between families. It was great!


  4. Cool nights and warm (not hot) days here; wonderful autumn weather!

    I am enjoying your applique, Nanette! You are inspiring me to start a new traditional applique project, but I must somehow resist for a season. 🙂


    1. OH for the 30’s and 50’s – I an live with that!!! Thank you Laura. You are wise to resist at this time. I am slowly getting my hand projects (UFOs) caught up and/or finished. Quilting is creative and with all the things going on in 2020, creavitity can be stymied . Hugs and stay safe!

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  5. Isn’t this weather awful? The cold front is supposed to go through here this morning, and I can’t wait. We thought we would have more fall weather when we moved north – hah!
    Your applique is so, so pretty. I haven’t really done any since I started quilting, although I used to do it with craft sewing. You are inspiring me to try it again, but I’ll have to re-train these old hands to do it!


    1. HORRIBLE west’s her! It is not hard. I do traditional applique (hand) and no glue, etc. Or precut pattern kits. I like the challenge. The front has brought me a horrible Meniere’s attack. I am so glad that I had planned to do some hand work today as I have finished all the SAG blocks (new post coming when the brain fog is gone!). Hugs – Let’s hope we do not have a hot winter.


  6. By the way, I had to comment using my WordPress account, which is pretty much non-existent. I have never figured out how to use it! It will direct you to Ruby Rose Quilts, which was my attempt at a blog on WordPress, but just so you know I’m Texas Quilt Gal. 🙂


    1. I received both of your comments! I want to learn the block look – but not today – A Meniere’s attack gives me brain fog – I hate it! The Barometric Pressure went crazy this morning! Still have not received the front yet – once it gets here I will feel better. Hugs


  7. Your Mary Brown blocks are wonderful! I love the pineapple and your most recent block, especially! Was this a public/blog-driven BOM? Your applique work is stunning! Have a great week!! 🙂


    1. The pattern is an Australian pattern called Celebrating Mary Brown. It is a large quilt. There is a group of us that are making the quilt – a block a month. Thank you for the very nice comment on my applique. I love embroidery, applique, piecing – all traditional style. Your work is beautiful! Hugs


  8. The sunflower block is really pretty, but I can see it would be a pain with all those points on the flowers. Block 15 looks great, though!


  9. I think your Celebrating Mary Brown looks spectacular so far. I wish I could see this sunflower block that you so dislike! Could you alter it or swap it out for something that you like better?


  10. Hi Nanette! Your CMB is really coming along nicely. It won’t be long and you’ll have it finished. Can’t you substitute a different block for the one you don’t like? No one but you will really know, and you are the one that really cares. Good luck with your plans for the week and thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. There are 60 blocks with 2 side borders that are flowers, leaves and vines. This is a long project – We are doing 1 block a month and there are some that will be changed. I wanted to do the corners (16 blocks) so I could sew them together to put the connecting vines on all 4 corners. Hugs and thank you! I missed To-Do – but things will be back on schedule this next week!


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