Introducing Pukeko Swamp Quilt

Greetings from South Texas where it is beginning to cool off and we are back to walking at 6AM!  Still a little warm and very humid, but only 3 more days of that and a cool front comes into town!  Supposed to be in the high 50’s and low 60’d Thursday and Friday morning – looks like we will now get into the 80’s during the day by the end of the week.  Think I will still walk in my night shirt with that cool front while hubby will have a coat on!  What can I say?

I had set my weekly goals and was determined to have 2 quilts finished by Friday, then Saturday, and here it is Sunday! But alas, Amazon treadmill return issue and Doctor Billing issues kept that goal from being reached!  Again,  What can I say?

Saturday was a banner sewing day and if I had not had to stop and eat at 4:30, I would have finished both quilts!  I have completed Pukeko Swamp Quilt and Tuis and Pohutakawa with T&P on the design wall ready to be sewn together tomorrow.  I am very surprised at how they have turned out and especially and enjoying the new names!  I used the block pattern from Bonnie Hunters Easy Breezy pattern for her leaders and enders project for the year.  Gretchen told me about the block,  so I decided this would be a great little project to get my quilting life back in order.  I only have 3 months now to produce some of my 2020 goals.  These quilts were  just the right ones for me to do to start my quilting year!  They were fun, easy, and has made me a quilter again!  What more could I want from life in 2020 (besides having Clay healthy and here with me)!

I did have to laugh at myself as I put the first border on because 8 months away from quilting tends to make a Quilter rusty in the quilting brain!  When I put the border on Pukeko, rather than start with the sides, I started with the top and bottom.  I do believe my brain was thinking “binding” when I started putting the strips together and realized – WHOA Nellie – these are BORDERS!

I am very happy with my first quilt for 2020 so with that, I give you Pukeko Swamp.  It will go to the “to be quilted” rack and hopefully I will start working on them in November.  But for now, I am happy!

And here is Tuis and Pohutakawa on the Design Wall! I am so excited to get the quilt to this point and can hardly wait to see how the border that I have selected for this quilt will make it really pop.

I will complete this puppy tomorrow because all business that cause me problems will be closed!  LOL!  I love 3 day week-ends – even in retirement!

Have a great Labor Day and a great week!

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22 Replies to “Introducing Pukeko Swamp Quilt”

  1. They both look great! Congratulations on two great tops – even if one still has borders to go. You have done an amazing job since you jumped back on the quilt bus.


    1. Thank you Susan – you doing OK? As you can see I have had my face in my quilting 100%. I hope that the rest of the year is as quiet and calming and that I can get more projects finished! I am behind on the goal for hand work, but that is OK – been there awhile so a few more weeks won’t hurt! LOL. Have a great week! Hugs


  2. I love both quilts! The colors and patterns are so pretty. Is the second one a kind of bird print? Looking forward to seeing your border.
    Here in SE Texas I was looking forward to cooler weather with a little frontal passage, but now the forecaster has walked back the “cooler” part – ugh. We are moving to north Texas at the end of the month, and I can’t wait for a different weather pattern.


    1. Thank you! The fabrics are from New Zealand and are their birds. Naming the quits for the names of the birds.
      I am so disappointed if we do not cool off! I just cannot walk with the 75 degrees and 94% humidity! Just wipes me out. I was so hoping for cooler weather. I only made 17 minutes this morning and just gave up!
      Hope the move is starting to go well. Hugs


  3. Both quilts are looking lovely and how fabulous are those names! Yes, I suppose all you Texans are wanting the cooler weather to arrive. I see it has been terribly hot there of late.


    1. Thx Sharon! I think the birds do represent something like that. Wait until you see the borders! Yup – tired today but been walking in the heat at 6 AM each morning. If it is as bad as it was today I will not be walking tomorrow. Send SNOW! LOL


  4. Wow, these are both incredible pieces! Really eye catchers! Glad you’re getting some cooler temps! I was excited to have our overnight temps dip down into the low 60s this past week! Hope your Monday “off” was all that you’d hoped it would be!! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Think I spoke too soon – Panhandle of Texas is 47 – We are 92 with 58% humidity it was horrible on the walk today – I did 17 minutes and told Clay I AM DONE! That was at 6AM! Hugs


  5. Why Jocelyn, thank you so much for the beautiful compliment! I love to make quilts and now I really need to get one loaded on the long arm and get in shape (caught up???) and get some tops quilted! Again thank you, you touched my heart!


    1. Well, business problems, Amazon, BAMC, and Eye Doctor not billing like they should are still hanging – it worth over $11,000 in insurance reimbursements! Long story about BAMC but when Medicare screwed up my 250 page submission for Part B I turned it over to our Senator and Congressman to have them deal with the idiots! Amazon is just really upsetting me they owe us for a refund problem… The eye doctor is just another piece of paperwork on the pile.
      I have left all alone and gone forward with quilting but every now and then I have to check on things. It takes away my relaxation and fun! Darn – Pity party here! LOL


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