I am a Quilter Again!!!

Greetings from our Happy Little 5 acres in burning up South Texas – Yesterday the thermometer hit 108 on the back porch!  OUCH – Bet it hits 110 today!  We might have a break in this horrible heat on Monday and Tuesday with changes of “rain”.  We are hoping.

For the remainder of August – 16 days – I want to work on the following.

  1.  Remaining 2 blocks to finish the corner sections.
  2.  Complete the last 3 blocks of Sweet Stitches (embroidery)
  3.  Continue on with OMIGOSH!
  4.  Reproduction quilt designed on my EQ8 last August.
  5. Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy –  Gretchen got me started on this one and so happy that she did.  I needed an easy project just to get back to my quilting life!  I had some fabric that my friends Wanda gave me years ago when she visited her daughter in New Zealand and I had no idea how to use the fabric, but I loved it anyway!


Easy Breezy is a Bonnie Hunter project.  I have never done the sewing technique that Bonnie uses, although I do have 2 of her books in case I decide to go there.  I made one 4” block and one 6” block.  I really enjoyed the 6” block more because I make working with small blocks with OMIGOSH and wanted to do something different.

I am making 2 quilts at the same time.  One with black and one with red.  I have 4 of the 6” blocks completed, all the 2” strips cut out, and 1 of the 4” block using the black with the bird fabric.  Not sure how large the quilts will be at this time or the setting, it is just so great to be hurrying to the Studio after exercise each morning and sew!

Here is the 4” Block.  The  neutral  fabric  is a P&B Apple Cider fabric.  After making this block, I realized that the fabric is not as tightly woven as the focus fabric and the Moda so I have changed it going forward.

Now for the 6” block.  Here are the 4 blocks together.

I have a nice stack of 2” strips cut and ready for sub cutting and sewing today!


Clay is doing great and I am de-stressing and my eye surgery was a resounding success!  Still healing, but it is great to be able to have my peripheral vision back!  It REALLY feels great to be back to a life that Clay and I have both missed so much in the last 7 months.  I am de-stressing through my quilting.  YEA!

Have a wonderful week-end!

Hugs, Nanette

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45 Replies to “I am a Quilter Again!!!”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you and Clay are both doing well and that you are quilting again! Those sure are fabulous fabrics you’re cutting into!


  2. Your top New Zealand fabric features pukeko, and the bottom one is full of tui, known in the early settler days as the parson bird because of the white feathers at the throat. They are enjoying sitting in a pohutukawa tree, also called the New Zealand Christmas Tree as it flowers over our summer December to February.


  3. I really enjoyed reading Jenny’s comment; especially since I am partial to the red and white version that you are making!

    So glad that you are happy again! 🙂


  4. So glad to see you just cut those fabrics into 2″ strips and sewed!!!!! I have a couple of new fabrics that I need to do that too…. thanks for the push…….


  5. Welcome back to Quiltland! Your New Zealand fabrics are so vibrant and unusual!!! Neat blocks. Glad to hear everyone is on the upbeat, health-wise!


  6. I love your New Zealand fabrics. In case you didn’t know: the birds with red beaks are pukeko, a marsh duck, and the red flowers are on the pohutukawa tree (known in NZ as the Christmas tree as they flower at Christmas and look like a tree dressed with red fairy lights). The birds on the pohutukawa are tuis. The tui is also called the Parson Bird because the white feather tab at his neck is like a Vicar’s white tabs.


  7. That’s a great project, looks good. I’m not into 4″ blocks, but the 6″ look pretty together. Love the reds. That’s gorgeous fabric from New Zealand, too. Great memories, I’m sure.


  8. ‘Tis wonderful you and Clay are on the ‘up and up’….great news indeed! Those New Zealand fabrics are fabulous. Love the way you are incorporating them into your new quilt. Texas just sound just a wee bit hot. =) You could send some of that lovely heat down to me.


  9. So far we’ve missed out on the 100+ days, but the humidity has been really bad this summer. So 90+ days are just miserable. Those are beautiful fabrics. Enjoy your new projects and the return to normality.


    1. Well Kathy, do not know how I missed this one too! Thank you on the fabrics! Life is getting back to normal this week – long time. We hit 110 yesterday – high humidity in the morning and then it goes down, but oh so hot! Hugs


  10. Hi Nan,
    I have been a lurker for a while but have wished you and Clay well and good thoughts from SC. I am sew glad to see you getting back to what you love to do and I am absolutely in love with the Sweet Stitches Santa BOM you are doing. Where can I obtain these? I looked online, but evidently I am missing them somewhere. Sure would appreciate the information. Bet it is my luck, they are no longer available….LOL
    Sending good thoughts from SC.


  11. Love the fabrics – and your blocks are always gorgeous, excited to see how this comes together. The best news was reading that both you and Clay are doing so wonderful 🙂


    1. Hi Ms Sharon – so glad to be back! He is doing great – does his outside work or whatever and then around 1 he is ready to come in to the Studio and relax doing something inside. It takes time, but he is doing great!. Thank you for the nice comments. I have a couple of ideas for settings. We shall see where it goes! Hugs


    1. Thank you Lori. That is OK I will try to get you going this week – Hell week is over with – now they can all play with my HELL letters to the Senator and Congressman and the idiot billing system at the doc ofc. LOL. Hugs


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