RSC 2018 is a Flimsy!

Good evening from South Texas where we have not seen the sun since Sunday!!  We are now in a rainy spell, or just overcast skies!  This type of weather does not bother me, especially if it stays in the 50’s and 60’s during the day!  So much better than the 100’s.  Life is good!  The first part of the week I was wearing sweats.  Today I wore my shorts and walked in the rain!

Today I have completed RSC 2018 Sampler quilt!  I would like to also thank Mari for providing block suggestions each month – that was a lot of work on her part!  I must say that I really enjoyed making this quilt making 3 blocks a month and catching up last week with August, September and October.  Gretchen suggested to me to set the blocks on point and I am so glad I took her advice.  It really made this quilt pop!   I love the white background fabric I used in making the blocks and thought about using the dark blue/violet 1” border with a white border, but I am not a favorite of a lot of white in my quilts.  So I used the light complementary blue!  I am a happy Quilter!

Next, I finished Block 7 of A Bountiful Life!  I am on a Roll.  This week 2 flimsy’s and one more BL block – I am closer to my goal of finishing prior UFO’s from the last couple of years!  I can now start on Block 8 tonight or tomorrow night!

For my day projects now I am going to finish making the 1/2” hexagon flowers for the border on Mountmellick and then the remainder of the quilt will be pieced blocks!  I also want to work on sewing the corner hexagons on the Center Medallion for Brinton Hall.  Once that is complete I will applique it to a background fabric and I believe I may have to make some more hexagons to complete the Medallion.  But the bottom line is that I will be doing hand work on both of the quilts concurrently in order to get to the point where I will be piecing blocks!  I am hoping to finish them by the end of the year or sooner!


The next border has a vine and hexagon flowers with leaves! I just need to finish the flowers.


Brinton Hall Medallion – Corners need to be sewn together

I am also behind in quilting some of my quilts, so in between I will try to load a quilt and attempt to quilt all my finished flimsy’s.  I counted 4 tops that will be hand quilted and about 10 that need to be quilted on a long arm.  I have 3 that will be custom quilted and entered in local Quilt Shows.

Have a great week-end.


46 Replies to “RSC 2018 is a Flimsy!”

  1. The blue border is perfect! Such a bright happy quilt. She’ll bring some cheer into your life during the sunless dreary days of winter. Congrats on another finish!


    1. It is a happy one isn’t it! I think I am beginning to add light and airy colors to my quilts! YEA! I think I will do another RSC for 2018 but will select my own blocks. May do something in Repro.
      I am down to hand work on MM and BH so I can get to piecing! Thank you for the nice comments.


  2. I can tell you are feeling so much better these days, and enjoying the weather too. I can’t keep up with you! Today I am going to do some ripping then choose fabrics for my last Let’s Go Camping block. Not much sewing this weekend, as I have a recital to prep for tomorrow, and choir music to locate for next week, but it is all good!


    1. Yes I am Kathy, as upset as I was with my NP, I am so blessed to find this out now because I am not eating like I was before! Only carbs are 1 piece of rice bread and a serving of cashews for an afternoon treat – Cutting down on potatoes.

      Oh ripping doesn’t sound like fun at all!

      Piano time sounds fun! better than ripping.

      Enjoy! Hugs

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      1. I did the ripping first thing this am, so everything is back together and facing up instead of sideways! Only one potential wreck for tomorrow’s recital, and two pumpkins in the dehydrator, so I am ready to enjoy my afternoon!


  3. Nanette you are on fire with your projects. You have been working hard and it shows. Lovely, lovely work. I’m working on my stash too. One day see the light of finish.


  4. So much loveliness, Nanette! Your RSC flimsy is beautiful and I adore that birdie applique block! Good luck on all of your projects.


  5. I love what you did for your RSC2018….I may use yours for inspiration, if you don’t mind! I just have to get around to doing the last month’s blocks. What size blocks did you do?


    1. It is a lot of hand work and my hands do not like it but too bad for them!!!
      I am starting to plan a trip for us!!!!! I cannot wait to get out of here! No travel since April and I hate it. I love breaks from doing the same thing all the time. Guess I traveled too much with the Feds. Hope you week is going to be better! Hugs

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    1. Thank you Linda. RSC was quick and easy compared to BH. The carpel tunnel surgeries really put me behind last year on all of my hand work. Getting caught up slowly but surely!
      Have a great day and thank you for commenting.


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