Hand Quilt Along for March and a Simple 2007 BOM is Finished!

Greeting from South Texas where Spring is here and the weather is wonderful – just right for a hot natured Quilter!  I do not know when I will learn that medication that is good for most people is just not good for me!  But I digress away from my quilting!  Doing a 100% better and back to normal, thank you very much!  I started about a week ago on finishing my un-named 2007 BOM – Cannot believe that I started this in Arizona in 2007…and left it sit all these years.  I had 6 blocks to either design or to use EQ6 and EQ7 and 1 that had to be redone because of a discoloration on the background fabric.  I chose the EQ way.  Thinking of naming it Nanette’s 2007 Flower Quilt, but that may change.

But that did not make it easier.  The March Block (shamrocks) had issues with the background fabric – so one more to do!  Then I appliqued a single Sunflower (did not work – that is in the trash can).  Another one to redo.  Monday night I was down to the Oak Leaves for November – did one leaf and decided – ‘not going there’!  Decision time – it is going to be a Turkey.   Yesterday I had to design a Turkey of my own.

Now it is Wednesday and I am finished with all the blocks.  It would be sewn together this morning, but we have to go to San Antonio today so it will be later this evening or tomorrow and it will be sewn together.  I am going to take it to the quilt rack in the house and it will stay there until I make a decision on the border.  Besides, I am very tired of applique for a while!

Nanette’s 2007 Flower Quilt

You can see that in 2007, the BOM’s were quiet different.  This is a mixture of blocks that were provided by the Sierra Vista Quilt Guild each month and then the last 6 blocks I designed (well OK the Turkey) and then EQ6/7 did the rest.  The last block is a beautiful Red Poinsettia.  Not a good picture, may update the picture later.

Have a great day – I need to get going for Wednesday.  Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner.

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19 Replies to “Hand Quilt Along for March and a Simple 2007 BOM is Finished!”

  1. I like all the colors you used with the white background. Well, my husband is going to have carpal tunnel surgery to both hands/wrist. Alot of pain that you are aware of. Glad to see Spring.


  2. Hi Nanette,
    Great job on the turkey, and all the blocks. I have a project hanging around from 2007 or possibly before that . . . I can’t really recall exactly how old it is. It would be hard to chose a border for this – something that would play nice with all the blocks and seasons. Good for you for getting it this far! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Oh, I am totally with you on the medicine thing. I try everything they give me for every little thing & I always – sooner or later – feel like I have been poisoned. Cold medicines, anti-inflammatories, MRI injections. My one doctor said I was a “sensitive” – so maybe that’s a thing.
    Anyway – I stopped by because Lori showed your beautiful quilt top and loved you so much for it. i figured you must be something special. : )


    1. Well, This afternoon I had a light bulb come on and have started on a border! This puppy will be done tomorrow – except for quilting it. The next and last UFO will be the Texas Quilt. I will enjoy figuring out the setting on this one – so tired of applique at this time! Thx for stopping by!

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  4. The Dresden style turkey feathers was a good choice. I would have to do some thinking about a border too. Nothing jumps into my mind about where to go with it.


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