More Eye Candy and I am Back!

Evening! We in South Texas are now getting a cold front that will bring cooler temperatures and the ‘promise’ of some rain (will believe it when I see it here). Tomorrow it will be in the 40’s. My kind of weather! The colder the better!

The depression from the lovely steroid eye drops is G-O-N-E! I am back 100% and today was the 2nd day of happy! I am behind 2 months in my UFOs and new projects, but I now have high hopes that I will be caught up in the next week or something and back on schedule!

I have clocked 18 days straight walking my 1.5 miles each morning. Boy those first 3 days were hard after the Cataract vacation, but I just kept pushing. Before the “C” mess, I had just achieved my 20 minute mile goal, and finally I am getting there again! As you can tell, I am back to normal!

I have achieved over 13,000 steps the last 2 days – ironing really adds to those steps along with going back and forth from the House to the Studio and washing all the fabrics that I purchased for my Reproduction stash!

The fabrics below are from the Temecula fabric line. They are absolutely what I needed for Mary Brown and other quilts in the que!

This is a beautiful yellow that I found and will be using in Mary Brown. I did not have a lot of yellows.

I purchased fat quarters of Abigail Blues that are absolute beautiful. I ordered 3 sets of the fat quarters and then ordered some more of the light fabric (2nd one from the left). I will wait and hand wash these because even though all the other fat quarters were washed in a laundry bag in the machine, I have never seen so many threads!

Today I finished the majority of the ironing after a marathon day of 6 hours of pressing fat quarters and yardage! I will finish it all tomorrow after going to the “get together group” at the Mesquite Bean Quilt Shop in San Antonio.

Sharon asked me to provide her the links to the shops where I purchase my fabrics on-line and then thought that maybe others would be interested. I did a search for fabrics on Etsy and found great fabrics from the following 3 shops:

Bellatique Fabrics

This Old Fabric Store

Boston Fabric Stash.

Web Fabrics. I have been dealing with Carly since 2003 when she started her business or at least it was when I found her. Sign up for her newsletter as she has a weekly special each week. I have almost every color of Moda Marbles and all were purchased from Carly. If you purchase a certain amount of fabrics you will always get a discount

Hancock’s of Paducah – Sign up for their newsletter for daily specials and good sales.

I will admit that I do comparison shopping. If I find a fabric line I like, I will check all of my sources or google the fabric line. Amazon is beginning to sell fabrics but sometimes the price is too high and I can find it cheaper on other on-line quilt sites.

Hopefully by Sunday I will have some progress on Mary Brown and Sweet Stitches to show for our HQAL!

Have a great week-end and holiday on Monday if you still are in the working world.


A Year of Flowers and Holidays Quilt! It is a Flimsy!!!

Greetings again from South Texas where the weather is still nice!  I had set some intense goals for March!  I have now finished the 2007 BOM that was started in 2007 while wintering in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  In my previous post I had posted a picture of the completion of the last 6 blocks!  I do believe that I will take a break from applique for a few days and NOW load the Regatta quilt tomorrow.

I had thought on Tuesday that I would just get the blocks sewn together and hang it until I could figure out a border!  Well, the color purple spoke to me and here is the finished quilt top (or better known as a Flimsy!)   What a relief to have this quilt top finished.  I really never though I would complete it because it would require me to come up with 6 blocks that were not provided by the group that was doing a monthly BOM in 2007.

I am now 2/3’s caught up with my UFO’s that were ready to be put together!  Next quilt top will be the Texas Quilt!  And TaDa – here is A Year of Flowers and Holidays!  It was difficult to get a good picture and you can see the seams where I had to piece the outside border, but they will be covered up when quilted!  Another one for my Z44 hand quilting frame.  Clay is going to be painting the house this summer and I do believe that is when I will load quilts for hand quilting.  In the meantime, I am going to take a little break and quilt some tops!  I had selected 3 to do this month and will try to accomplish that goal!

The sashings are a beautiful violet batik and the border is a Moda Marble that was absolutely made for it!   I wanted to use a batik border, but did not have enough fabric but I will now though, as I re-ordered some from Web Fabrics.  I have dealt with Carly since the early 2000’s when she started her business.  Great place to purchase on-line fabrics.

May God be with the families of those who lost their lives in Florida when the bridge collapsed at Florida International University, and with those who were injured.

Have a blessed evening and I am going to relax and watch a movie and know I am slowly but surely catching up on my projects!

A Love Affair With Fabric and Australian Quilt Patterns

OK – how many Quilters out there REALLY need more fabric.  Why is it that we do not run to our “stash” to make all the new projects even when fabric is so expensive now?  My excuse is that I am still building on my stash. (Hum – after 15 years of starting this Hobby – still building?)   When I received my Stonefields Quilt Pattern, I knew that I would try to use my stash, but not sure on the background fabric.  I had purchased Prairie Rose last year while I was building my Reproduction Stash.  Now I have decided to use that fabric line to make Stonefields.  About 2 weeks ago on a quick outing to a local quilt store I found some P&B Apple Cider 13 fabrics that was the perfect background for Stonefields.  I purchased what they had and then went cruising on the Internet.  First stop was Web Fabrics (Carly) ( in Purcellville, VA.  I decided that I wanted the same design but a lighter color to add to the background to prevent it from becoming “boring”.  Here are the two colorways of the Apple Cider 13.


Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt
Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt


I have been purchasing fabric from Carly since the early 2000 when she first started her on-line business.  She is wonderful to do business with.    (At that time I was in love with Patrick Lose’s Moda Marbles and Marble Mates.)  Last week Carly sent out a newsletter offering some Dutch fabrics at a great price.  The fabric line is Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman  Well, the temptation was too great –  I just could not help myself.  I ordered a yard each of 3 pieces of the line.  I received that fabric within a few days and I really like it because it can be washed as it does not have the “glazed” look of the Den Haan & Wagenmakers BeHeer Dutch Chintz from Happiness is Quilting in Plano, Texas.   I was really good to me last year because I purchased a nice stash of the Den Haan and Wagemakers for the Di Ford Mystery Quilt of 2014.  Here is a picture of the fabrics:

Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)
Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)


Dutch Chintz Happiness is Quilting
Dutch Chintz (from Happiness is Quilting)


The Dutch Chintz is a glazed cotton (polished cotton) and sells for $39.00 a yard.  The Dutch fabric from Web Fabrics sells for $21.00 a yard and is not glazed (or polished cotton).  I have really loved myself this past year haven’t I?  I blame Quiltmania, Australian Quilt Patterns, and getting hooked on Reproduction Fabrics!

I am now preparing  to really dig in and catch up on my quilting.  I plan on working on Dear Jane, Stonefields, Dutch Treat, Di Ford’s project, and probably 2 other projects when we travel to Arizona this winter.  Of course, I need to get out of the “planning” stage and get into the “working stage”!  I have now finished ironing my additional Enduring Legacy, Prairie Rose, and P&B Apple Cider and hoping that I quit purchasing and start quilting!   Poor Capt Aust is still hanging around and am sure he will go with me to Arizona (LOL).

Have a great day and enjoy your quilting projects.  I hope that I have added something to your quilting world and inspired a Quilter.  Quilting keeps Quilters sane – I am convinced!