Life in 2021 and an Interesting History Lesson!

Greetings to all! We are home from our getaway and do I have a story to tell! But first, I forgot to post a picture of the block for Santa Fe SAL! So here it is! I am using Elija’s Indigo fabric line by Betsy Chutchian for this project. The block is 12 inches square! Now for Block Number 2 (tomorrow – still catching up on emails so no sewing today!)

OK here we go on our trip to Durant OK and what an eye opener it was. We stayed in the Grand Hotel which is located in the middle of the 3 hotels. The one on the far right will open up in August! We left early Sunday morning, it is a 7 hour drive (with 3 quick stops) from the East of San Antonio, Texas to Durant OK. We were very blessed because the traffic through Dallas was very easy and no stopping because of backlog or wrecks (at least going North). I will say that the Hotel facilities and Casino was extremely clean and we had no worries about that. In fact there were not a lot of visitors Monday and Tuesday, but it was packed when we arrived on Sunday! The Valet Service, Housekeeping, Players Club personnel, and the Front Desk personnel were fantastic! Evidently, like all other businesses, they are hurting for Service help. In fact on Tuesday, they were having a job fair and offering $1,000.00 sign up bonus if you accepted a position with the Choctaws.

Who would have ever THOUGHT that our Government would pay people more money than they were making while working. The current people (?) in the Government has established a policy to just give out money like it was candy to entice people to NOT work! We saw the effects of it first hand. We applaud each and everyone of the young people who were college students and working at the facilities. They will be the leaders of tomorrow. Not the ones who chose to let the Government take care of them!

Here is a little history about President Andrew Jackson who was the benefactor of the establishment of the Democratic Party in 1828. I will share with you what happened to the Five Civilized Tribes based on President Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1829 below. I firmly believe that if the current Democrats remain unchecked, that bad things will continue to get worse – have you ever thought that maybe the Government could take your land or take your property and spread it around to others who are too lazy to work? Read on!

Clay is a member of the Choctaw Tribe and a 7th generation grandson of Chief MoShuLaTubbe one of the original Choctaw Chiefs. He is also a member of the First Families of the Twin Terrorities of Oklahoma. MoShuLaTubbe fought in the Creek War of 1813–14 and at the Battle of New Orleans with Andrew Jackson, who eventually became a traitor to him and his people when Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act of 1829. MoShuLaTubbe was a very influential Chief and one of three Choctaw Chiefs who signed the Dancing Rabbit Treaty. President Jackson broke the treaty with the Choctaws along with Cherokees, Creeks, Chickasaws, and Seminoles and (The Five Civilized Tribes) and sent them on the Trail of Tears where many of the Indians died. They forced them to leave on 26 December 1832 in the dead of winter. The total of deaths from each tribe were: Cherokee (4,000), Creek, Seminole (3,000 in Second Seminole War – 1835–1842), Chickasaw (3,500), Choctaw (2,500–6,000), Ponca (200)

OK enough history! We were scheduled to come home on Friday, BUT, on Tuesday while Clay took a nap, I decided to call our local County Commissioner and discuss some road issues. From that conversation I was advised that last Saturday evening, a Van dropped off a group of ILLEGAL ALIENS close to his daughter’s home. The ILLEGAL ALIENS came to her door and knocked. Scary! Then he advised me that in La Vernia area a van dropped off another group of ILLEGAL ALIENS. We live in a rural county and do not need this type of problem. San Antonio is having issues with home break in’s along with the Hill Country area and of course the Law cannot arrest them thanks to the current administration’s DOJ. Within the year we will all be in the same boat as they have now started to put the ILLEGAL ALIENS rights ahead of American Citizens.

Back to my story! When I was advised about the above news if I had been 10 years younger, I would have had our suitcases packed and on the road by 5PM heading home, but we waited until Wednesday morning. Our home is on 5 acres and we have our buildings alarmed ( getting things ready to add more alarms) but we needed to get home to prevent anyone coming on the property. I do not believe we will be taking anymore week long trips until President Trump is back in office – this country is not safe enough for us to travel other than a short day trip!

So now I can really whip out all my UFOs, quit complaining because we have not gone on a trip, etc! Never again because I do not like doing all that packing and unpacking anymore and not have the comforts of our home. OH how I miss our RV! We could go anywhere and only have to stop for fuel and I could cook my special food. But at our age, we must accept that we are past that phase. We had 16 wonderful years of traveling and now it is time for day trips and maybe someday more Quilt Shows to attend.

Have a wonderful week-end and happy stitching! Enjoy your home and stay vigilant as the ILLEGAL ALIENS will be coming your way too!

Hugs, Nanette

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