Wild and Wooly Colors for Threads of Memory – Lancaster Star – Whoops – Jacksonville Star

CORRECTION:  Well, where was my brain – out to lunch I guess – Block 8 is the Jacksonville Star – NOT the Lancaster Star.  So I have made the corrections below:   Guess I was having just too much fun yesterday!  The colorway in this block would have fit the Lancaster Star perfectly.  Will see what the day brings.


Greetings from Summer Time in South Texas – Here it is 30 September and we are in the 90’s again!  They say only until Friday and then we will feel some Fall weather – Yup – for 2 days………Oh well.

I finished Block 8 from Threads of Memory – the Jacksonville Star.  The templates that were provided had an issue so I put the block diagram into EQ7 and printed out the templates.  It took some time, but here is what I came up with.   I guess my mood today was “over the top” bright and cherry because I really picked out some LOUD colors for this block!

I hope I do not get in a more mellow mood tomorrow, as I do not want to have to remake this block.  But if I do, I think I could make in 1/2 the time it took to make this one.   Maybe I will get some comments that will either tell me to ditch this one and make another one, or keep it!  We will see.  The fabrics look like Christmas, but they are Reproductions.


Threads of Memory – Block 8 – Jacksonville Star


Any bets that in the next few days I will make another one…. Guess this looks like a Reproduction Block – not sure.

Have a great day and happy quilting!

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