Hello Applique Projects!

First I want to take a moment to state the following.   We have lost one of the most respected Jurist that this country has ever known, at least in my time.  I offer a prayer of healing for his wife, 9 children, and 36 grandchildren.  May Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rest in peace with God.

Here is a shout out to those who are in the middle of a snow storm and freezing weather.  South Texas is the new Florida for Snow Birds!  Looks like this year South Texas is going into a drought again and forget winter – We are in the mid-80’s during the day and I completely hate this when it is only February.  We will either go straight into a very hot and humid summer – bypassing Spring, or we will have a very cool March……….only time will tell.  So on with the air conditioners so I can pretend it is 68 degrees!

Here is the status of where I am on my projects.   I have finished with putting the basket blocks together and I was going to add them to the “stack” of applique that I already have patiently waiting for me to finish what I have started in the last month.  I have 7 Stonefield Blocks (Segment 3) to finish;  18 Basket handles;  2 Christmas place mats and one Christmas table runner “yelling” at me.  I could start another project, but have decided that I need a change from machine sewing to hand sewing.  So here is my “stack” to start working on this week.

Stonefields Blocks (Seg 3)
Four Finished Blocks Segment 3 of Stonefields (7 more to go)


A Lot of Applique - WIPs
The Applique Projects Patiently Waiting!

I will also be working on Civil War Bride (CWB) blocks.  I need to have at least 5 blocks prepared and ready to applique by 1 March and that will have to include a decision on whether or not to use Batiks or Civil War fabrics and then select the fabrics – oh Joy!  I am really leaning toward Batiks.   I am going not do the Australian version – I will be working on the Lost Boy Quilt.  Not sure but think I will be changing some of the blocks, but time will tell as I approach the blocks that I really do not care for.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful day – I have already walked 5600 steps by walking my 30 minutes, cooking breakfast, and cleaning the floors (a weekly endeavor that I am beginning to wonder why!)  It is terrible to be such the perfectionist.  I should be sitting in a chair just reading books!!! HA  never happen until I can no longer move this old body!    Enjoy the day – we are not promised anything!

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