Dresden Plates and Sadness for Our Country

It is a very warm week down here in South Texas. Today I have ZIP, NADDA, for energy. This is what happens when I try to be normal in the eating area. Take Philadephia Cream Cheese and Dill Relish off the menu please. Heck, I do better eating a pizza or 2 flour tacos.

But I guess I needed a day to do nothing that I should be doing besides feeling bad, I am very upset with the Afghanistan debacle. There is always tomorrow to catch up – at least for Americans!

I have finished all of the Mini Dresden Plates as far as appliquéing them to the background squares.

The next step was to cut them into separate blocks.

Then I will sew the buttons to the center rather than the lovely circles. I did 5 of them this morning before I realized that I needed to square each of the lovely 105 blocks to 5″. Of course, since this is a dumb day for me today, so I put buttons on 5 blocks, THEN squared them to the 5″. Made a decision to stop for the day as it was a little difficult to square the block with a button in the center.

A day off is also good because I have stirred up my carpel tunnel with all the hand work and have an issue with my left shoulder. Doing something different will be good – Nothing!

Now to the Disaster for our Country. My heart bleeds for the 13 Fallen Soldiers and their families. To watch the “Heartless Commander-in-Chief” look at his watch after each coffin was taken off the plane at Dover just adds one more of the many reasons that this man should be given the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution on a silver platter!

,When he spoke with the families of the Fallen he had the gall to just talk about his son who died! The Audacity of the man! The sooner he is gone the better for this Nation even if we are stuck with an equal air head VP as President. At the age of 76 I have never seen anything like this in my life, nor in the 33 years of working for the US Government. I can just image how the 20,000 Service Men and Women who were injured, the 2,600+ who gave their lives, to give the Afghan people a taste of freedom, feel, now that the CIC gave the Country back to the Terrorist that we were killing for 20 years. I do wonder if anyone who voted for this person last November has any regrets? IF NOT THEY SHOULD.

I agree with the Mother of one of the soldiers who was killed – EVERY WORD! Blood on his hands forever. I believe that one of the Sisters of one of the Serviceman killed was heard saying to Biden that, “I hope YOU rot in HELL”! I am sure that there is a place for him there.

You won’t hear this on the Mainstream Media – they are still covering up for the person they put in office!

This disaster and the fallout is not over with. Remember Afghanistan in 2022 Elections!

Hugs and enjoy living in a FREE Nation, or at least until the Democrats screw that up too!


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