Success on Robin’s Nest!

It took some time, but I have mastered this pattern (at least the Medallion part).  Hubby fixed a neat set up to guide the fabric on my Designer 1.  I have always used the foot with the metal guide,but then I would have the “trail off problem”.  Start with a 1/4″ seam and end up with an 1/8″.   He took one of my old creative grid rulers, removed all the markings and cut a 1″ x 2 3/4″ piece from it.  Then he taped it on with painter’s tape.  I use painter’s tape on my featherweight for a guide and it works well, but this is absolutely wonderful!

The plastic is under the tape.  He has added a marker on the right side because I will have to move the guide each time I change the bobbin but who cares since I get such beautiful seams now!

Perfect 1/4″ seam allowance!

Now for the real accomplish – TaDa – Robin’s Nest Medallion on the Design Wall.

It is hard to believe that it took 2 weeks to make this – TWICE – When I was ready to sew the center Hexagon on – I found out that it was off at least 1/8″ off on 3 sides – not good.  So that problem was corrected and I appliqued it to the first ring.

Now on to the 2nd ring of Blue stars.  Yesterday and today I finished them and here they are on the Design Wall.  I will probably take a day off tomorrow from quilting and may do some hand quilting, or maybe just applique, OR we may do a day trip just to get out of the house!

I made 4 dark blues, 4 medium blues, and 4 light blues and the setting triangles are black with a wheat design.   I did not have one problem making these stars since I discovered Jenny Beyer’s video on cutting the Flying Geese background by cutting a square and then cut it in diagonally twice.  NO MORE BIAS PROBLEMS!  Each star would come out just perfect at 3 1/2″!  I also want to thank Clay for taking the time to help me with the guide for my machine!  Great to have an Engineer around.

A lot of frustrating and hard work, but it will be a beautiful quilt and I plan on showing it next year.

I hope your day went well and that you have plenty of time to sew this week.

Spring is Here – at least in South Texas along with Margaret Potts Quilt BAS BOM

Ready or not – Spring is here and in South Texas I think a hot summer is right around the corner!

It has felt like a month since I did a post, but checking back, I am only 8 days behind my schedule – self-imposed of course – but enough to drive me to the brink of “oh no” another applique project!!!!

Earlier today I was reading a Blog and saw 2 of Karen Styles quilt patterns.  I looked at Robin’s Nest and thought – “should I”, then a little birdie said – CHECK OUT THE PATTERN STASH – and there it was!  Nestled in with Mrs Billings quilt pattern from Karen (heck I thought I had down away with Mrs Billings).  My friend Jan and I talked yesterday and she reminded me that after an “unplanned” absence from quilting that she was working on the Dear Mrs Billings quilt again!  Darn – There is no way I can start the Mrs. until at least mid 2017.  But Robin’s Nest is a striking pattern.  Isn’t it beautiful?

No, this is just a picture – I have not resorted to quilting 18 hours a day yet – need to talk with my hand doctor to see if he wants to add to his bank account!  I will try to do this one next year also.  (LOL)  What a 71 year old dreamer I am today!!

Well, here we go with Ms Margaret Potts!  Jaydee and I are working on this one together.  We figure – what the heck – one block a month for 7 years?  We can do that easy peasy (as Jaydee would say) – a no stress project – finally!!   Anyone who is already a member of BAS is welcome to send me your pictures and each month I will post them on my Blog – if you are not a member of BAS and a dyed in the wool appliquer consider joining.  Each month BAS provides the pattern for the Potts BOM as a way to reach out to the “far away” members to join in the fun.

I finally finished my blocks last night – or at least I thought I had.  I revamped the basket on Block 32 and added some embroidery for Block 31.  So here we go.  I will start with Jaydee’s Blocks  She is using a lot of Kona Cotton and pulling from her stash!  We are now awaiting for the April Block which should be coming in the next week or so.  (I am hoping for “or so”)

Jaydee's Block 11
Jaydee’s Block 11
Jaydee's Block 30
Jaydee’s Block 30


Jaydee's Block 31
Jaydee’s Block 31
Jaydee's Block 32
Jaydee’s Block 32


I started using my 1930’s fabrics, but quickly decided I did not like the fabric for needle turn applique, so I switched to some Kona’s.  They are not my favorite, although I know that they are best used in the Baltimore Style Reproduction quilts.  I finally settled for “let’s play with the stash” choice and now I am using whatever strikes me.  In the first 4 blocks I have used a batik and a lot of Moda’s.  These are fun and easy blocks.  The finished size will be 8 or 8 1/2″ and the quilt is set On-Point.  I took pictures on point – guess I should have done what Jaydee did, but now I am too lazy to retake the pictures today!

Potts Block 11
Nanette’s Potts Block 11
Potts Block 30
Potts Block 30 – The original leaves were too close together, so I re-drew them.



Potts Block 31
Potts Block 31 – I added French Knots in the Center and outlined the flowers.
Potts Block 32
Potts Block 32 – I played with some fussy cutting on this one and did away with the basket handles!





Potts 1st 4 Blocks
4 Blocks On-Point

Well, now that WordPress and I have spent about 30 minutes trying to get these pictures downloaded, I have had all the fun I want for this posting!

I will be posting the CWB BOM group progress and my Stonefield’s progress on another post.  Have a great day!

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